KNGS-TV, KBMT-TV host Texas gubernatorial debates

KGNS-TV (ABC) in Laredo (Richard Rocha @ 956-727-8888) has joined KBMT-TV (ABC) Beaumont (Miles Resnick @ 409-838-1212) in hosting gubernatorial debates. The KGNS-TV debate will be held on February 20 or 21 and the KBMT-TV debate will be held on February 22. 

Both Mr. Rocha and Mr. Resnick have stated that Tony Sanchez is balking at debating. However, both have said that the debates will go forward with or without Mr. Sanchez.

The KGNS-TV debate will also air in San Antonio.

It is obvious that there is a race to set up the debates among all the candidates. It is also obvious that it will not be long before all the cities have set their debates. All the debates will have to be set by the week of February 18th if they are going to precede early voting which begins on February 25th. 

It is now clear that the Hispanic only debates are not going to happen because the state will be saturated with debates before these racially biased stations listed in my lawsuit can overcome my injunction stopping them. 

KRGV-TV (ABC) in McAllen (Evelyn Castellanos 956-968-5555 has also scheduled the gubernatorial candidates for interviews that will be edited and broadcast.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 8, 2002