RIP Sanchez and Morales

The old adage "You can run but you can't hide" ruled the day yesterday when gubernatorial debates were set in Laredo on KGNS-TV for next Thursday, February 21.

Tony Sanchez, the Democratic Party bosses, the press, Ben Barnes and others thought that they could keep Tony's inability to put two coherent sentences together in a public forum under cover. For the last fourteen months Tony has dodged virtually every single forum that would put him in the same place as one of his opponents. He avoided virtually every single rank and file Democratic event and only attended friendly events where he could deliver a prepared script. He even had his goons, hotel security and the League City Police stop WorldPeace from attending a Neighborhood Democratic event last year where he was speaking. 

He had his stable of surrogates, including Dwana Dukes and Glenn Maxey and Glenn Smith and others of lesser fame and ability, speak for him. Time and again the people were told that Tony had to be somewhere else. Time and again Tony begged off events that would require him to answer even basic questions. He also wanted to hide the fact that he is only 5' 3". Tony could be compared to Dan Quayle but with more money and less intellect. 

But Dwana Dukes and many other elected state reps know from personal observation that even the strongest of surrogates can't hold a candle to WorldPeace. Dwana, who I respect despite her backing of Tony and who is an above average orator, was put in her place at a UT forum last week when she went head to head with the Peaceman. 

Tony should have been going head to head with me last year. He should have used last year to learn how to communicate. He should have used last year to learn the issues. He should have used last year to practice debating WorldPeace in small arenas. But he didn't. And he didn't because money always has an arrogance attached to it and big money has "delusions of grandure" attached to it. 

And Tony didn't do these things because the Democratic Party sought him out. They made him all kinds of ridiculous promises. They said they would let him be king. And the press covered for him and Texas Monthly wrote four major articles on Tony last year trying to make a wooden head into Texas governor material. And all the Democratic Chairs got behind Tony and froze out WorldPeace and Akins and later tried to freeze out Morales. Everyone ignored the fact that few people appreciate things that are given to them as opposed to the things they work to achieve on their own.

And in return, Tony would not even declare his candidacy until September 4, 2001. Then a week later, Tony used 911 as an excuse to do nothing until January 2002. Ben Barnes seeing that Tony "would not hunt, would not run" brought in Dan Morales to give him the spurs with a promise from little George that the Federal Investigation would be dropped against him. The Republicans, of which Tony is one and which Dan Morales smells like one, needed a Hispanic to run for governor in the Democratic Party to insure that the other wooden head, Rick Perry, could hold onto Texas for little George.

Well, alas, the best laid plans of mice and men usually go awry, especially when they are based on corruption. Now Tony has seven days to learn how to be a politician. It ain't going to happen. 

The agreements that the candidates had to sign with KGNS-TV had to be amended yesterday because Tony was trying to send in another surrogate. Can you imagine the arrogance of thinking that you do not have to debate in your own hometown? In a governor's race? But the truth is that Tony could not win "dogcatcher" in Laredo and that is why he does not want to debate there. The second contract had one amendment and it referenced "NO SURROGATES". Nice try Tony. It does seem that there are some things that money cannot buy.

So here is the solution. Tony withdraws from the governor's race and he will not have to embarrass himself, his family and the whole of Laredo and all the Democratic bosses and press who have mindlessly and corruptly backed him. For the good of the Party, Tony needs to pack his "Dog and Pony Show" and go back to the ranch where he can be king. Otherwise, the path ahead will show us a Tony who will look like a deer caught in the headlights. Then "good night", not just to Tony but to his children who will never live down the embarrassment of their father and so will never be able to run for office in this state. There is a lot at stake here.

If Tony gets out, I will give his daughter a significant position in my administration because I think she has potential. 

In regard to Dan Morales, here is another stick of dynamite with a lighted fuse that the Party is playing with. Dan has his tobacco problems and his Hopwood anti-Hispanic problems but they are nothing compared to his ex-stripper wife problem. In the end, it all blows up in everyone's face. 

I personally cannot understand why a man would want to make his wife the butt of endless jokes. To my knowledge, Dan has not taken his wife to one single political event since he joined the governor's race. Maybe he will bring her to the Black/Tejano event this Saturday. I think the first public appearance for Diva with Dan will be her last. Within 48 hours of that first appearance, Dan will withdraw for the good of the Party. (Not to mention the everlasting branding his children are going to have to deal with at school if he does not withdraw. Like Tony's children, Dan's children will also suffer due to his exposure of their mother.)

Dan Morales needs to withdraw from the governor's race for the good of the Party.

The Democratic Party closed ranks behind Tony and against WorldPeace. But I fought, kicked and stomped my way over Marty Akins and now I am about to finish off Sanchez and Morales. I have worked hard for the last fourteen months. I have never laid down even against all odds and the contempt of the Party and the press. If Tony had a teaspoon of my tenaciousness, the Party would be riding high right now instead of headed 190 miles per hour into a brick wall.

As the Bible says, "the stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone". And what better cornerstone for the Democratic Party than WorldPeace?

"Now go run and tell that."

Welcome to 21st century politics!

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 14, 2002