Now Sanchez sends in his boy

As per usual, WorldPeace speaks and Tony Sanchez reacts. I made statements yesterday about the fact that if Tony debates he will destroy his childrens' chances of going into politics. 

Now he sends his pampered son to speak for him. What a joke. 

Tony Sanchez schedules his campaign so that he can personally speak to friendly audiences where he can read his speeches while he sends his children and his lackeys to the events that require interaction. He sends his children to spread his lies. That is unfortunate.

And for Mr. Gromers information, there are no debates scheduled for Sanchez and Morales. But there are two debates (one in Laredo and one in Beaumont) set for all the candidates. However, Tony has said that he will attend neither. As soon as a Hispanic only debate is announced, I will be in court with a Temporary Restraining Order. The lawsuit has already been filed.

John WorldPeace
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February 15, 2002


Another Sanchez shows up 
Morales, opponent's son talk at Garland Democrats' meeting 


By GROMER JEFFERS JR. / The Dallas Morning News 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Morales has sought to discuss the issues with his primary rival, Laredo businessman Tony Sanchez. At a meeting of the Garland Area Democratic Club on Thursday night, he had to settle for Eduardo Sanchez, the candidate's son. 

"I really didn't like it," Mr. Morales said after his remarks. "I want to debate the issues with my opponent, not his son. How old is he?" 

Eduardo Sanchez listens to Dan Morales on Thursday. 

Eduardo Sanchez, 22, is nine credit hours short of a business degree at Babson College in Boston. He left school more than a year ago to work on his father's campaign. 

"I'm not used to this public speaking," he told the Democrats after reading a prepared speech. 

Although the gubernatorial candidates have jointly appeared, Mr. Morales has criticized Tony Sanchez for not agreeing to a series of debates. So far, they have only a single debate scheduled. 

On Thursday, Mr. Morales said he didn't employ his usual tactic of contrasting his stands on the issues because the younger Sanchez is a political novice. 

It was only the second time Eduardo Sanchez has stood in for his father, and it was his first encounter with Mr. Morales. 

Dad was campaigning in San Antonio on Thursday, his son said. Earlier in the day, he attended a University of Texas Board of Regents meeting there. 

Comparing his father's ideals to those of Barbara Jordan, the younger Sanchez did not mention Mr. Morales in his remarks. He instead took aim at Gov. Rick Perry. 

"Rick Perry's loyalty is to special-interest groups," he said. "My father will stand up for the public good." 

Mr. Morales, although generally restrained, lobbed one broadside at the Sanchez campaign. 

As Eduardo listened a few feet away, Mr. Morales told the roomful of Democrats that he supported the Gore/Lieberman presidential ticket during the tumultuous campaign of 2000, while Tony Sanchez supported George W. Bush and gave $100,000 to the Republican National Committee. 

"They used the money to hire lawyers to fight the recount in Florida," Mr. Morales said. "Not only was he not with us in Florida for that guts and blood fight, but he was actively supporting the other side." 

Outside the meeting, Eduardo Sanchez said Mr. Morales distorted his father's support of Mr. Bush. 

"He wasn't trying to fight the Florida recount," Mr. Sanchez said. "He supported Bush [in his race for governor] against Ann Richards. He stayed with Bush through the years because of loyalty." 

Democrats in attendance said they were happy to hear Mr. Morales and Eduardo Sanchez but had hoped for more fireworks. 

"His [Eduardo Sanchez's] prepared remarks were good," Mesquite Democrat Charles Munoz said. "But there was really no competition." 

Derrick Morgan, a Dallas Democrat, said Mr. Morales seemed distracted. "He could have had a little more edge," Mr. Morgan said. "We're all in politics, so he could have given us a little more."