The press ignores the gubernatorial debates

About a month ago, right after Dan Morales filed in the governor's race, Telemundo and ten others tried to set up a Hispanic only debate. I filed suit and the press immediately quit reporting the proposed debates. That lawsuit is still on hold waiting for the first official announcement that a Hispanic debate will take place. As soon as the dates and times are announced, I will immediately obtain a Temporary Restraining Order and stop them. 

Several weeks ago KBMT-TV (ABC) Beaumont set gubernatorial debates for February 22, 2002. Since all the candidates were invited as opposed to just the Hispanics, the press did not report it. They also refused to report that Tony Sanchez said that he would not attend. All the other candidates have said they would attend.

Two days ago KGNS-TV (NBC) Laredo set up a gubernatorial debate for February 21, 2002. Tony Sanchez has said that he would not attend that debate either. All the other candidates have said they would attend.

The press hyped the Hispanic debates intensely for days until I filed suit to stop them do to their racial prejudice. Now they refuse to report the legal debates.

After I shut down the Hispanic debates, the press tried to come out with polls showing that WorldPeace and Lyon had virtually no support among the voters and that is why they should be excluded from the Hispanic only debates. But the polls were all over the water front reporting anywhere from 17% to 52% undecided. And none of the polls had any real legitimacy because most of the pollsters have no presence on the Internet and in addition all but the Houston Chronicle refused to publish the polls underlying data; which they would have to do in court. The Chronicle poll was skewed 33% to South Texas where the majority of the Hispanic Democrats reside; just to mention the most glaring defect.

After WorldPeace pointed out these flaws, the press quit running polls.

Now there are two legal debates set and the press is refusing to report them. 


Time will tell. But the evidence seems to be pointing toward a statewide conspiracy to throw the Democratic Primary to Tony Sanchez whose campaign will be trashed as soon as he sets foot on camera and opens his mouth; thus ending the other $40 million he is willing to spend to buy the governor's office; a lot of said monies going to the major newspapers.

Mr. Gromer Jeffers Jr. of the Dallas Morning News in his article this morning indicated that there was a March 1, 2002 debate agreed to between Morales and Sanchez. Dallas Morning News is a defendant in my lawsuit. I will have to write their attorney today and see if a Hispanic only debate has in fact been scheduled or if Mr. Jeffers is just talking out of school.

Yes, I feel a really big lawsuit coming on. One that will probably go a long long way to severely restricting the press in future campaigns. A lawsuit that will probably take 15 or 20 years to run through the state and federal courts. But a lawsuit that will level the political landscape with regard to hyping one candidate over another.

Oh well. I am a lawyer. That is what I do.

In the end, WorldPeace!

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 15, 2002