Ah, the fresh air of a real reporter

Well, there is hope for us all. Mr. Griffing of the San Antonio Lightning has reported more truth in one article on WorldPeace than all the other big city newspapers have reported since I entered the governor's race on January 1, 2001, a year ago.

The following story and its source, the Internet, is proof positive that the citizens of Texas and the world will no longer be subjected to the skewing of the truth that big city newspapers indulge in for the sake of money. And Tony Sanchez is the fattest hog the press in this state has seen in a lot of years.

There is hope. The window of truth has been opened. On Thursday and Friday in Laredo and Beaumont the "Tony Sanchez $10 million dog and pony show" will crash and burn on television and the beginning of the end of twentieth century politics will have begun.

In the future, political campaigns will be won or lost on the Internet; not in the press, not in slick ads, not in biased reporting from the traditional press. In the future, all a candidate will have to do is show a web presence, travel the state and shake some hands and have a debate or two. Campaign finance becomes moot. On a web site a candidate can challenge an opponent, respond to an opponent, respond to questions from anyone and everyone and refute the press when they lie or tell half truths.

This is the 21st century and the 3rd millennium. A new day has dawned for democracy as the choke-hold of that the traditional press has had on the public has been broken.

"Now go run and tell that!"

In the end, WorldPeace

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 19, 2002

John WorldPeace; Democrat For Texas Governor
The Democrat That Some Democrats Don't Want Other Democrats To Have Anything To Do With

RG Griffing, San Antonio Lightning Staff

As Democratic gubernatorial candidates Sanchez and Morales throw stones at each other, and with the on again, off again debates, and as the general fracturing of the party through infighting and backbiting increases, one dark horse maverick is pushing ahead, even as his brethren in San Antonio are threatening to jail him if he shows up at local Democratic headquarters.

His name, these days, is John WorldPeace. It used to be Kenneth Wolter. He changed it on April fools day-Easter Sunday,1988. It was a year after his divorce and just before he turned forty. It was an acknowledgement, in his words, that he was "on a different life path."

WorldPeace is a Houston attorney, and he's running for Texas Governor.

On Monday, Bexar County Democratic Chairman Gabe Quintanilla announced that he had banned candidate WorldPeace from Demo offices, under threat of arrest. Quintanilla charges that WorldPeace is distributing "libelous' literature which smears both Sanchez and Morales.

"I have served notice on Mr. WorldPeace," Quintanilla told KTSA radio.

But during an interview with the Lightning WorldPeace said he had not heard of the "ban."

Even so, he said he stands by his literature, which to say the least, is unflattering to his opponents.

Though Quintanilla wouldn't discuss exactly what the offensive flyers said, the Lightning has obtained a copy, excerpted here.

Tony Sanchez: 

1) He is a Republican who gave George Bush $350,000. 

2) He laundered $25 million in drug money through his Tesoro S & L before he bankrupted it and cost the taxpayer $161 million in a bail out. He paid $1 million to settle a potential lawsuit by the government regarding his management of Tesoro. Essentially he made loans of $250 thousand to his friends on property that was only worth $50 thousand. The friends defaulted on the loans and the taxpayers picked up the FSLIC guarantees. 

3) He called the Secretary of State Henry Cuellar a homosexual. 

4) His best friend Tony Canales defends Mafia drug lords like Juan Abrego who brought 16 tons of cocaine into the US. 

5) He made money on Enron stock which is going to be the next S & L type scandal. 

6) He has Mafia connections through his deceased friend Morris Jaffe who caused Jim Wright's downfall and who also funneled money to Henry Cisneros' mistress and was connected to Carlos Marcello of the New Orleans Mafia. 

7) He helped defeat legislation that would require banks to look into the backgrounds of very large depositors. 

8) He was an intern for the corrupt Ben Barnes who was connected to Frank Sharp and his banking and stock fraud. Sort of like Tony's International Bank of Commerce which 12 years after the Tesoro fiasco is worth $6 billion. 

9) He refuses to release the supporting schedules for his tax returns so we can see how much money he made on the Enron stock which has left thousands of pensioners destitute. 

10) He has used illegal drugs, hired illegal aliens and is a Vietnam era draft dodger. If you loved Ken Lay and Enron; Tony Sanchez and the International Banc of Commerce is coming soon! 

Dan Morales: 

1) As Attorney General tried to steal over $250 million of the $17 billion tobacco settlement by allocating fees to his friend Marc Murr. He is under federal investigation for those acts. Dan Morales through his over zealous application of the Hopwood case when he was Attorney General effectively ended affirmative action at state universities to the disadvantage of thousands of children of color. 

2) Dan's wife is an ex stripper who danced under the name of "Diva." Dan wants to move his ex-stripper wife into the governor's mansion. If Dan is elected, then you can bet that you will see pictures of "Diva" on the front page of all the tabloids and in Hustler magazine. Ms. Morales said she had to resort to stripping to support her kids. If you want to strip, "one excuse is as good as another." Strip joints are havens for prostitution. I do not judge Ms. Morales, but it is not appropriate that the children of this state be forced to look up to an ex-stripper as First Lady. We all make choices in our lives and then we have to live with them. 

WorldPeace will keep using his flyers, because they are the truth, he says. Some other Democrats see him as whacky and a loose cannon.

WorldPeace took legal action to block the spanish only debates that were proposed, but have apparently been discarded.

WorldPeace is scheduled to debate the other candidates in Laredo and Beaumont, on Thursday and Friday of this week, and says he will show even if the others don't.

He Promises plenty of fireworks.

WorldPeace For Governor Web Page