The Sanchez Money Trail

As I travel the state, I accumulate more and more evidence, both tangible and circumstantial, of the many many Sanchez payoffs that have taken place in the last 15 months.

First, let me say that those who have taken Sanchez's money are becoming more and more nervous about the extent of his corruption. They are concerned about how blatant the corruption is. They have sold themselves to the devil.

Let us look at the Black leadership. Now why would they support a racist like Tony who lives in Laredo, the Vidor of South Texas? A town in which they still fly the Confederate Battle Flag at the Laredo International Airport. A town which has less than 200 nonHispanic Blacks out of a population of 200,000.

WorldPeace has committed to taking down the Confederate Flag in publicly funded places (not including Confederate war memorials) and committed to allocating to Blacks a percentage of his appointments as governor in which they vote in the November general election.

Yet virtually all the Black leadership has lined up behind Sanchez. The reality is that every Black leader who has endorsed Sanchez has literally taken Sanchez's money and by so doing not only sold out their people but have sold themselves back into the slavery that comes with being second class citizens 138 years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Dr. King is throwing up in his grave.

WorldPeace has committed his life to equality and justice for all and yet these Black Judases have endorsed Tony Sanchez for their personal benefit. There is no greater act of betrayal than to sell out an entire race of people for personal gain.

The Austin and Houston gays and lesbians leaders have also sold out to Sanchez, a man who is an undeniably homophobic and who is no doubt laughing in contempt for the gays and lesbians as well as the Blacks. Glenn Maxey sold out the gays and lesbians by speaking for Sanchez at the Austin Stonewall Democrats last week. Sanchez's support for the gays and lesbians is virtually nonexistent.

WorldPeace has committed his life to equality and justice for everyone including gays and lesbians and yet the Houston and Austin gays and lesbians endorsed Sanchez even though WorldPeace attended their meeting and committed to most of their agenda.

The Austin and Houston gays and lesbians should just disband their political organizations. Their leaders have no desire to bring about and real equality and justice but simply want to perpetuate their bureaucracies in order to maintain their little domains of authority. 

Like the Black leaders, the gay and lesbian leaders have sold out their own kind for 30 pieces of silver. They have given up their chance of being first class citizens and the dignity that goes with it for a hand full of dollars.

For this reason, Whites laugh at the Black leaders and give them little respect. And everyone verifies their contempt for gays and lesbians who blindly follow such blatently corrupt leaders. 

And let me speak also to Jerri Stone of the Texas Classroom Teachers Association who refused to let WorldPeace speak at the TCTA convention two weekends ago because there was allegedly no time. Yet WorldPeace was on his way to the convention which was to last until 5:00 pm on Saturday when Jerri Stone abruptly adjourned the meeting at 2:00 pm in order to prevent WorldPeace from connecting with the attendees.

Stone also sold out to Sanchez. Why else would she object to WorldPeace who has a large concrete agenda to improve education including committing to a $2,500 raise for teachers.

Any person of color, teacher, woman, gay or lesbian leader that endorses Tony Sanchez over WorldPeace is a traitor to the cause of his or her constituents. These leaders are corrupt and are cursed.

If I am lying then let one of these Judases come forth with any tangible proof that Tony Sanchez has committed to do anything concrete for people of color, teachers, women or homosexuals. All traitors of the people shall suffer a traitor's condemnation. So says history and now more so in the 21st Century. The time is soon coming when you will look in vain for these traitors who will have gone to their Judas's fate.

As it is written, so let it be done.

In the end, WorldPeace

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 19, 2002