Tony can't speak, can't write. Can he read?

Now how much did Tony have to pay the teacher's to endorse him when he has promised them nothing?

There is so much money being paid out by Tony that it is laughable. The next thing we'll see is the Black leadership joining the Klan as they elevate Tony to Grand Dragon of the Texas KKK.

Mene Tekel Peres

The end is near. And in the end, WorldPeace.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas.

February 22, 2002


Sanchez campaign letter full of errors 
Message to teachers marred by spelling, grammatical mistakes 


By WAYNE SLATER / The Dallas Morning News 

AUSTIN Gubernatorial hopeful Tony Sanchez is lucky he isn't being graded on a written campaign appeal to Texas teachers. He probably would have flunked. 

In a letter on campaign stationery, Mr. Sanchez thanks the Texas State Teachers Association for its endorsement and outlines his support of public education. 

But to the classroom veterans on his mailing list, the message is marred by grammatical miscues. 

The letterhead touts him as "Tony Sanchez for Texas Gonernor." 

The Democrat also got the name of the organization wrong, inserting an apostrophe where there isn't one. 

Scattered among enthusiastic paragraphs in praise of education are enough errors to fill an English teacher's list of do's and don'ts a run-on sentence, a subject-verb agreement problem and a dangling modifier. 

"I believe that curing our problems in education is a matter of priorities, for example, only half of the staff of Texas' schools are teachers and only half the school budgets are spent on instruction," says one sentence that should be two and is missing a comma after "teachers." 

Mr. Sanchez also writes that Texas needs a "system which holds our school boards and administrations to task," apparently meaning that school boards should be held accountable. 

At one point, the letter dips into the grammatically treacherous area of noun-verb agreement, attributing plural status when many grammarians would counsel singular. 

For instance, the letter says the problem is "the staff that work with children." 

Less debatable is a dangling modifier that opens a sentence with a reference to the teachers who use the TAAS test when Mr. Sanchez means to refer to the test itself. 

Glenn Smith, the Sanchez campaign manager, said he hopes teachers won't grade his candidate harshly. 

"The letter was written by committee, and," he said in jest, "the committee are to blame."