The Perry Sanchez connection


Well, isn't it interesting that Tricky Rick Perry would pick Tony Sanchez's IBC bank as the recipient for a volunteerism award last April. Who knew about this?

If any real Democrat believes that Tony Sanchez is not a Republican, then they need to have their head examined.

Maybe someone can figure out why Tony refused to declare his candidacy until September 4, 2001, when all the Democrats were behind him since September 2000. Maybe someone can figure out why he has refused to campaign in rank and file Democratic events? Maybe someone can figure out why he did nothing regarding campaigning for governor until Dan Morales stepped into the race? Maybe someone can figure out why he refuses to debate?

Tony Sanchez is nothing but a Republican. Always was. Always will be.

Perry and Sanchez and Ken Lay are three Republican crooks.

How many of you Democratic Party County Chairs are going to continue to support Tony the Republican?

The Republicans are laughing their backsides off at the Democratic Party bosses and their gullibility.

The question is: "What is Tony getting to betray the Democratic Party?" Drilling rights in the state parks? The Banking Commission to continue to ignore Tony's money laundering which is the basis of IBC's tremendous growth? The state bailing him out of his IBC's negative investment in the Camino Columbia Toll Road in Laredo to the tune of $13 million.

So if the Democratic Party bosses are successful in making Tony the Democratic Party nominee for governor and Tony refuses to run a real campaign against Perry, then I guess we will all know the truth won't we. I guess we can then begin to ask whether those who supported Tony took their thirty pieces of silver to destroy the Party.

No one who knows anything about what has been going on in the Democratic Party in the last 15 months can make any real sense of it unless they follow the money; unless they demand to know why those Tony promoters are behind such a worthless and corrupt candidate who has been too good to attend any real grass roots Party functions in the last 15 months.

It is time to flush the Republicans out of the Democratic Party. It is time to get behind a real Democrat who has been on the campaign trail for 14 months. (Forget the other Republican, Dan Morales who joined the race 6 weeks ago.) It is time to get behind WorldPeace.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 24, 2002

FROM: The Laredo Morning Times
May 7, 2001

Perry presents IBC with 2001 Governorís Volunteer AwardPerry presents IBC with 
2001 GovernorísVolunteer Award 

Times Staff Reports 

The Texas Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service selected 
International Bancshares Corporation as the winner of the 2001 Governor's 
Volunteer Award in the corporate-business category. 

April 23 Governor Rick Perry recognized IBC during a ceremony at the Governor's 
Mansion, as part of National Volunteer Week. In addition, $1,000 will be donated 
to the National Hispanic Institute on behalf of IBC. 

"This award belongs to all our employees and bank officers who donate incredible 
amounts of time week after week to help schools, organizations and individuals," 
said Dennis E. Nixon, chairman and CEO of IBC. "It shows that our motto, 'We Do 
More,' is not just a slogan but a true commitment." 

IBC was honored for the collective efforts of its employees in all 30 Texas 
cities it serves, including Laredo, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, 
McAllen, Brownsville, Port Lavaca and Zapata. In 2000, IBC employees donated 
approximately 20,000 hours of time to a variety of non-profit and community 
service organizations in those cities. 

The monetary value of this time is more than $296,000, based on calculations 
using a wage standard provided by the national Points of Light Foundation. 
Employees and bank officers took part in more than 300 events and projects. 
In all, there were 250 nominees in the 10 categories of the Governor's Volunteer 
Awards. In the corporate-business category, IBC's efforts were judged against 
those of approximately 40 other Texas companies. The TxCVCS evaluated the 
nominations based on accomplishments, impact, motivation and the challenges in 
rendering community service. 

IBC's outreach included everything from clothing drives and mentoring and 
tutoring school children to participating in trash clean-ups and providing bank 
facilities for gatherings of educational and community organizations. 
Some of the beneficiaries of IBC's community involvement include the March of 
Dimes, Optimist Club, local school districts, Special Olympics, Make-a-Wish 
Foundation, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, American 
Heart Association, Junior Achievement, Rotary International, Arthritis 
Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, United Way, Crime Stoppers, HOSTS 
organization, Project Head Start, and the VAMOS scholarship organization. 
The Texas Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service is a 
governor-appointed body charged with fostering volunteer participation and 
community service as a means of state problem solving.