Petty Press ignores RACE in the big race

It is 11:00 pm on Sunday night and I am tired as hell. I was in Laredo Thursday, as most of you know for the KGNS-TV gubernatorial debates. Of course you missed the Beaumont televised KBMT-TV debates on Friday and you were not at the 700 plus Saturday night New Boston rally where I was the only gubernatorial candidate on the podium. That was about 2000 miles in 3 days.

But as I sit here, I am wondering why the dozen or so top reporters in this state are ignoring the major racial under current in the governor's race.

No one has reported much about anything but the Hispanics for 15 months.

No one has mentioned the fact that virtually every Party event that I have attended outside the South West Border and San Antonio is made up of 90% white seniors and 8% Blacks and 2% Hispanics.

No one has mentioned the miserably low turnout of the Latina PAC in Houston, the Mexican American Democrats in San Antonio, and the Black Colalition/ Tejano Democrats in San Antonio. In a word, no Hispanic fire. Just a rich little guy going around with the press salivating in tow. 

The reality is that the White and Blacks are about to say "Remember the Alamo' and "No way Jose" and remind the press who really runs this state. Tony and Dan are Hispanic. Strike one. Both are corrupt. Strike two. Tony is about as exciting as a loaf of bread and as communicative as a broken record. Strike three. And Dan has the Hopwood anti-people of color banner. Strike three. And "Diva". Strike four through twenty.

Who has asked old Whites about San Jacinto Day and Cinco de Mayo?

And then there is WorldPeace who is so egalitarian and committed to equality and justice that he changed his name to WorldPeace fourteen years ago. And the press is silent. 

And now he is fighting the biggest law firm in the state over blatant racial discrimination in the "Hispanic only" debates. And the press is silent.

But at the Beaumont debates, WorldPeace asked Dan Morales, (A Harvard ex attorney general) what he thought about WorldPeace having to file suit to stop the "Hispanic only" debate? Morales answer was equal to: Hispanics Rule.

All Dan talked about in Laredo was South Texas. All he talked about in San Antonio in the little WorldPeace v. Morales forum in which the screaming meme Gabe Quintanilla lost all his good senses was that it was time to elect a Hispanic. But Gabe is another story. (All his nonsensical raving really boosted my web page hits. Thanks Gabe. And told the whole world about Diva. Twice thanks Gabe.) 

The whole undercurrent of the governor's race and the senate race has been about RACE. But it is not being reported. No one is talking to the Whites and the Blacks about the Browns. No one is talking to WorldPeace who is the sort of the all-knowing one in this area.

So the biggest story of the 2002 Democratic Primary lays untouched due to a lack of guts to tell the truth. Or is it just an absolute determination to make sure that WorldPeace gets the absolute minimum of press.

You ladies and gentlemen of the press just keeping on reporting that same old tired Morales/Sanchez moronic C R A P which for the most part came from my Web Page; while letting the real RACE story go untold.

No Hispanic or Black governors or U S Senators in the U S of A. Not a word from the press.

In the sixties, civil rights was King. Then it died. Then along came WorldPeace and the people began to reawaken to equality and justice (as the press sleeps). Just like today in Brazoria County when one of the White senior members of the Texas Legislature said "Run John Run"; just like when I spoke in San Antonio at the Black/Brown thing (Sam remembers but didn't report), thrice hugged my wife and twice shook the hand of my good friend Kurtyce Cole (who is Black) and whispered "Let's do it again!"

Its equality and justice, and civil rights, stupid. The revolution will not be televised. But I thought it would be reported.

In the end, WorldPeace.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 24, 2002