The RACIST debates

Hey press! Did anyone ever consider that Dan Morales and Tony Sanchez, who want to be governor of this state, are planning to openly participate in an exclusive Hispanic only debate? They have the power to demand that eveyone participate. Seems like the thing a governor of ALL of Texas would do. Dan is an ex-Attorney General of this state. Will he selectively apply the law?; Hispanics Rule! 

I guess when I accuse Morales and Sanchez of running for governor of South Texas, I am right on the mark.

And then there is always that flip side of the Hispanic Debate argument that it helps people who speak Spanish to feel part of the system. The flip side being that it sends a message to the citizens of Texas who do not speak Spanish that Morales and Sanchez have no trouble excluding them from the conversation. Nothing makes Black and White non Spanish speaking people more furious than to have two Hispanics, expecially if they look like illegal aliens, speak Spanish in front of them. 

And all you White senior reporters at all the major newspapers know exactly what I am talking about. Are you afraid to go there because of your Whiteness? I am not afraid and I am White. But oh yeah, I am John WorldPeace, the undeniable premier egalitarian. So I can talk about RACE and not be called a RACIST.

The story of the 2002 governor's race is RACE. It is every bit as big as the corruption story of Morales and Sanchez. (Looks like Ken Herman found another Ken Lay, Tony Sanchez wannabe in Dan Morales' tax returns.) And on the RACIAL side of the Morales money issue is that Morales and Sanchez are trying to get the vote of the majority of the Hispanic population that can't even begin to think in terms of income in the millions of dollars. 

Isn't it funny that Morales would show his tax returns that proves he is not as rich as Sanchez: and at the same time that he is way richer than his Hispanic constituents. How can anyone be so out of touch? And now we have another Ken Lay, Tony Sanhcez program of: "I can't show you all the truth or I will have to kill you."

And oh yeah, if Sanchez and Morales refuse to debate if WorldPeace is allowed to participate, or if the debates are cancelled altogether because KERA refuses to let the White guy speak, what does that say to Black and White Texans? And how are they going to respond at the polls.

It was just a matter of time before all this Hispanic rah rah blew up in everyone's face. What do you expect when you try to foist two of the worst examples of Hispanic corruption on the people of Texas? What an embarrassment to the Hispanic population are these two guys. (Of course Morales chose to go to the premier White school, Harvard, and married that White woman, and expanded Hopwood. Hum!? Does Dan have a problem being Hispanic?) 

Fortunately, there are two weeks to go before the vote. Fortunately there is time to make sure that only Sanchez and Morales hit the wall and not the entire Democratic Party.

In the end, WorldPeace

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

February 22, 2002