So where are the gubernatorial polls?

Isn't it strange that we are just one week from the Democratic Primary and 
there are no polls on the gubernatorial race? 

Nearly always after a debate there are polls as to who is ahead and what 
effect the debate had. But here it is Monday, March 4th, and there are no 
polls of any kind.

The reason there are no polls is simple. WorldPeace is leading and Sanchez 
and Morales after their debate fiasco lost as much as 25% of the vote. They 
were never leading in the first place and the push polls that were done 
around February 9th were a total farce. When you have three polls within 
days of each other and the undecided vote varies from 18% to 52%, then you 
know you have push polls.

Those February polls came out after I filed suit to stop the Hispanic 
debates. The polls were needed in order to try to prove that the "Hispanic 
only" debates were not racially motivated. But the polls were so obviously 
skewed that they could not be used by the promoters of the "Hispanic only" 

Now even though I was unable to get a restraining order to stop the "Hispanic 
only" debates, the lawsuit continues on. In the end, we are going to get to 
the truth. But for now we are going to watch the next 8 days and see if any 
polls appear.

My bet is that there will not be a poll. If there is a truthful poll, it is 
going to show me leading, and leading by a lot. Where is that Scripps Howard 
poll that the Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth 
Star-Telegram subscribe to and comes out every quarter? 

Last year I made 20 million automated telephone calls in which I accused Mr. 
Sanchez of almost everything that Mr. Morales took off my web page. The 
press who would not print these accusations when I said them, happily printed 
them when Mr. Morales said them. So all those accusations that I made last 
year and Tony did not rebut have been verified in the voters' minds by Mr. 
Sanchez and the press. And they remember WorldPeace said it first; last 
year. All those slick ads are not working are they Tony?

Dan Morales being under investigation by the feds for the tobacco settlement 
matter bothers all the voters; being anti-affirmative action has all the 
people of color turned off; and having an ex-stripper wife (I wonder why the 
press has not interviewed Christi Morales and then reported on it? What is 
being hidden there? We all know her past.) is definitely a voter turnoff to 
the Christians who still dominate this state.

In the last 14 months there has not been a word on how the Whites and Blacks 
are reacting to the alleged Hispanic take over in Texas. (Interesting how 
20% of the voter base can take over anything in a democracy.) The reason no 
one is interviewing the Whites and the Blacks voters (especially the Spanish 
illiterate ones) is because everyone knows they are thinking: "We ain't going 
to Mexico." 

And those White and Black voters have their champion in WorldPeace who filed 
suit to stop the debates. Of course reporting the fact that I filed suit was 
the biggest mistake the press made. That lawsuit moved a huge block of 
voters to me and the press knows it. That is why they have refused to report 
anything more about the lawsuit which will continue on March 25th in Federal 

The Whites who vote for Victor Morales or Ron Kirk in the Senate race are not 
going to turn around and vote Sanchez or Morales in the gubernatorial race. 
Two rainbow tickets in one Party is too much especially when we can look at 
America and find that there are no Black of Hispanic governors or U S 

Here is the way the vote is going to break down next week.

Morales 8%; Lyon 12%; Sanchez 20%; WorldPeace 60%.

And here is why.

1) I started my campaign on January 1, 2001, 14 months ago. I have been on 
the campaign trail the longest.
2) Last year, I made 20 million automated telephone calls getting my name 
out and pointing out Sanchez's corruption which he did not deny and which has 
been confirmed over and over again in the last two months.
3) Sanchez refused to attend any rank and file Party functions and virtually 
all the Democratic Chairs hate his guts and feel stupid for ever supporting 
him. They have a taste of what he will do against Perry: nothing until 
September when he starts running "say nothing" ads again. 
4) I filed suit to stop the Hispanic debates which got cheers from Blacks and 
Whites and reminded them that there was a White guy running. And the suit 
legitimized my campaign and ended whatever thoughts there were about me being 
a liberal pacifist.
5) I have written daily epistles for the last 14 months and have had a 
tremendous amount of hits to my web pages. People have been considering John 
WorldPeace for a very long time.
6) I have an agenda which is unbeatable: 1) true equality and justice for 
everyone ( especially half the population who are women) and the dignity of 
first class citizenship. (Does anyone think that the revolt last week at 
KGNS-TV among the lesser paid Hispanics had anything to do with my speaking 
there? Duh!) 2) $2,500 raise for teachers along with a concrete plan to pay 
for it with casino gambling on the Indian Reservations. 3) Return God to the 
7) No evidence of corruption with regard to WorldPeace.
8) Changing my name is no longer looked upon by potential voters as weird but 
as an absolute and positive commitment to equality and justice for 75% of the 
disenfranchise population who are second class citizens.
9) A women in Collin County summed it up last Saturday; "He (WorldPeace) is 
10) The debates in Beaumont and Laredo radiated out from East and West Texas 
that WorldPeace was a contender. The forums in New Boston, Denton, Collin, 
Tarrant, and Anderson Counties let people see and hear WorldPeace. TV in 
McAllen and Radio and forums in Corpus Christi covered South Texas. Houston 
is my home town and Sanchez has a name problem there because a Republican 
Sanchez just ran for mayor. Articles in the alternative press: Dallas 
Observer and Houston Press supplemented the telephone calls. The telephone 
calls and PUC controversy in Austin about the phone calls solidified that 
market in addition to KLBJ's continuous running of the "Yo quierro Taco Bell" 
quote from WorldPeace. 
11) Tony is a Republican.
12) And then there is that name: "WorldPeace". When people actually get into 
the voter booth and get ready to vote, they are going to have a hard time 
voting against WorldPeace; especially in terroristic times and especially 
where the Hispanic candidates are poster boys for corruption. As I said in 
the beginning of my campaign: "Who is going to vote against WorldPeace?"

The fallout from the Democratic Primary is going to be devastating to many. 
When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. A victory for WorldPeace is 
going to be a mandate to flush the toilet. On the way to a Caldwell County 
event in January, I saw a cellular tower with a least one hundred buzzards on 
it. I found that very interesting. I thought: truly they know a feast is 

In the end, WorldPeace.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas.

March 4, 2002