WorldPeace to the Democratic Party leadership

We are now in the final countdown to the Primary and we can look back and see a few things more clearly now.

1) Sanchez is corrupt. Sanchez refuses to mingle with the rank and file Democrats. Sanchez refuses to campaign other than by television. Sanchez always sends lackeys with excuses to Party events. Sanchez and company have lied and lied and lied to the Party Chairs. Sanchez does not have enough money to buy the governor's office. Sanchez can't speak well in unscripted events (The debates were scripted; he was given the questions.) He is arrogant. He lacks enthusiasm and charisma. He is a Republican. He doesn't have IT.

2) Morales is under federal investigation. Morales is for more taxes. Morales is anti-affirmative action (anti Democratic). Morales is married to an ex-stripper that will keep him out of the governor's mansion. When the Party was in trouble in 1998, Morales quit politics and hastened the Party's decline.

Last week, Morales and Sanchez participated in "Hispanic only" debates which emphasized their commitment to exclusiveness which is un-American. As a result, the debates were a disaster.

Neither Sanchez nor Morales really began to campaign until January. Neither has served in the military. Both have corrupt histories. Both are arrogant. Neither have any real commitment to equality for women. Neither can beat Perry.


I changed my name to John WorldPeace 14 years ago as a commitment to equality and justice for every one. I began my campaign for governor 14 months ago on January 1, 2001. I have never quit fighting for the Democratic agenda even as the Party and press have never stipped trying to shut me down. The Hispanics have tried to take my agenda because my agenda has struck a cord not only in Democrats but in Republicans as well. I am the first Democrat in a long time to say out loud that I believe in God and that the Republicans are not the only Christians in Texas. I can beat Perry. As John WorldPeace, I am the premier Democrat.

Sanchez has not honored his commitment to the Party. Therefore, I declare all commitments to him null and void.

It is time to wake up to the reality that Sanchez and Morales are bad for the Party. It is time to get on the WorldPeace train. No agenda is more powerful than equality and justice for everyone. No agenda is more powerful than the dignity that comes with first class citizenship for everyone. No one is more committed to the Democratic agenda than I am.

The Party can retake the state with WorldPeace. The Party cannot carry the negative baggage that comes with Morales and Sanchez. They are both lighted sticks of dynamite about to blow. 

Compare gubernatorial web pages. Ask yourself if the Republicans can beat a Party united behind WorldPeace; equality and justice for everyone and the dignity of first class citizenship for all.

The Democratic Party is in desperate need of a dedicated leader free of the corruption that comes with Morales and Sanchez. The Democratic Party is in need of a new birth of enthusiasm. The Democratic Party is in need of leadership that Sanchez has not been able to produce in 15 months with the complete backing of the Party. The Democratic Party is the hope of Texas. The Democratic Party is about America; not about Mexico.

It is time to get on the WorldPeace train and get back to the roots of the Democratic Party. It is time to be Democrats again. It is time to win. It is time for the Democrats to lead Texas and for Texas to lead the nation.

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

March 5, 2002