"Remember the Alamo - Remember Ken Lay"

The Scripps Howard poll, part of which was reported below, shows that in the governor's race, 41% of the vote is undecided.

It shows that 41% of the loyalist Democrats (Whites, Blacks and a lot of Hispanics) after considering the corrupt choices that the Party has foisted on them, are balking at voting for either Sanchez or Morales. THESE ARE THE PARTY ACTIVIST. The alleged indecision is not about voting for the least corrupt of Sanchez or Morales but whether to vote for WorldPeace.

In the Primary on Tuesday, the rank and file Democrats are going to make their presence known. If the Democratic Party has had a hard time selling Sanchez to the Party loyalist, in that 41% are undecided just three days before the election, then you can bet that almost all the rank and file Democrats are saying "Hell No." 

The Party loyalist follow the Party. But the rank and file, unlike the loyalist, are not going to vote for the corruption that is Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales. The rank and file Whites and Blacks are going to have a hard enough time voting for a Hispanic for governor, much less a corrupt one.

I have told my number two campaign manager, Kurtyce Cole - who is Black, over and over again that the vote for WorldPeace is going to be an angry Black and White vote. It is going to reflect anger over the Party trying to choke a corrupt Tony Sanchez down their throats. They are also going to show the Party bosses that they are sick of 15 months of nothing but Hispanic this and Hispanic that. They are going to show the TV stations and Tony and Dan what they think about exclusive Hispanic only debates. They are going to react to the Spanish debate. They are going to react to the "rainbow dream ticket". They are going to send a message to the Party that Whites and Blacks are still in control.

These White and Black Democrats know that a Hispanic is not going to beat Rick Perry no matter how much money he has. And these moderate Democrats know they are going to cross Party lines in the governor's race and vote for Perry if Sanchez or Morales is the Democratic Party choice.

The Democratic Party has forced the reality of race to surface. It has brought us back to the sixties when King tried to force too much social change on the Whites too fast. The Whites are not ready to turn over control of the Democratic Party to what they consider an over population of "illegal aliens".

This 41% of the White loyalist Democrats and 90% of the rank and file Democrats are considering why they should force themselves to vote for Perry in November by voting for Sanchez or Morales in the Primary. All this reality is going to manifest on Tuesday when the Whites and Blacks actually enter the voting booth and cast their votes.

The press refused to report the RACE story for the last 15 months and therefore none of the Black and White anger has been relieved. Not a single story was written by any of the major press asking Black and White voters what they thought about all this Hispanic emphasis. Therefore none of the Black and White anger was vented. In fact, it was intensified with the Hispanic debates which the media fostered.

The race story is going to be written after the election and the repercussion is going to be significant. There are many Blacks and Whites who still believe that there will be a race war. (A carry over from the sixties.) There are still a lot of Whites who are mad that San Jacinto Day is no longer a Texas holiday.

The Democratic Party and the media have been playing with a live bomb for the last 15 months and on March 12, 2002, I believe it is going to go off.

The funny thing is that Tony Sanchez does not understand that when you say you are going to spend $30 million and later indicate that maybe you will spend $70 million to be governor, all the media is your best friend. Hey Tony it is about money, stupid. All those push polls are bought and paid for. The White Republicans who run the media are laughing their guts out at you.

There are some things that almost everyone knows are not for sale to certain people no matter how much is offered. I am reminded of the sixties when Blacks first tried to buy into White neighborhoods. Of course Tony would not know that because a smaller percentage of non-Hispanic Blacks live in Laredo where he grew up than do in Vidor.

Tony, the joke is on you. The Republicans will never let you take the governor's office. There is just something about a turncoat. but turncoat or not, that does not mean you can't take his money.

The thing that I object to the most in this matter is that the Party bosses and the press have increased the racial tension to a level it has not been in decades. And the people are not happy at having to deal with the race issue.

In the end, WorldPeace

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless Texas

March 9, 2002


Posted on Sat, Mar. 09, 2002 

Sanchez leads Morales, poll says
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Democratic gubernatorial candidates Tony Sanchez and Dan Morales crisscrossed the state Friday, with Morales' campaign staff pledging to prove wrong new poll findings that show Sanchez ahead in Tuesday's primary race.

The Texas Poll, conducted for the Star-Telegram and other news media outlets, showed Sanchez leading 31 percent to Morales' 23 percent, with 41 percent undecided.

The poll indicated that the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Phil Gramm is in a statistical dead heat going into the final weekend of campaigning. U.S. Rep. Ken Bentsen of Houston was favored by 17 percent of those polled, compared with 16 percent for high school teacher Victor Morales and 13 percent for former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk. The undecided vote stood at 44 percent in the Senate race.

The poll, designed by the Scripps Howard Data Center, was conducted Feb. 11-March 4 and included 241 Texans who said they are likely to vote in Tuesday's Democratic primary. The margin of error for that part of the poll was plus or minus 6.3 percentage points.

Morales' senior campaign adviser, Jim Moore, said the numbers show that the former Texas attorney general can still overtake Sanchez. "With 41 percent still undecided, we believe they're going to break in our way in a profoundly and overwhelming fashion," Moore said.

"The undecided voter is always the most informed, because they get every piece of information they reasonably can," he added. "And when it comes to gathering information, we're going to win ... because they're going to like what they know about us."

At a fish fry in Houston, Sanchez questioned the accuracy of several survey findings, noting that while the Texas Poll gave him an 8 percentage-point lead, another news media poll being released this weekend indicated that he had double that lead.

Nevertheless, the Laredo businessman, in his first bid for elected office, said he feels good about being the front-runner, saying: "It doesn't matter how much I beat him, as long as I beat him."

The contest has been acrimonious, with Sanchez suggesting that Morales is ashamed of being Hispanic, and Morales accusing Sanchez of running a "race-based" campaign that pits Anglos against Mexican-Americans.

There was no indication Friday that Morales was letting up as he traveled through the Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg and Eagle Pass. Moore said Morales described his wealthy opponent as someone similar to a "throwback politician" from Mexico - "someone who owns the businesses and buys whatever he wants, and uses political patronage in any way that he wants."

In Houston, however, Sanchez predicted that once the primary is over, he and Morales will make up. "These last five days are going to be very intense for him and for me," he said, adding that he believes that the loser will ultimately endorse the winning Democrat in the race against Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, in the Nov. 5 general elections.

Sanchez, hoarse from a cold, said at a child development center in Houston that he would not hesitate ordering special sessions of the Legislature to push through reforms in public education and health care benefits for children.

Also on the Democratic governor's primary ballot are Waxahachie investor Bill Lyon and Houston lawyer John WorldPeace. Lyon was favored by 2 percent of the voters in the Texas Poll, and WorldPeace by 1 percent.

In the Senate race, Kirk agreed with the findings indicating that the race is "a dead heat," and predicted more "good news" for his campaign as his ads appear on television this weekend. Kirk made a campaign swing through South Texas on Friday.

Victor Morales was attending a track meet in Maypearl and could not be reached to comment, his wife said.

Bentsen, stumping in Huntsville, said he was encouraged by his showing in the Texas Poll, and by another news media poll that had him leading.

"I'm sensing that our message is beginning to take hold," Bentsen said, attributing his lead to his performance on March 1 in a televised debate in Dallas.

"The feedback I have gotten, and not just from my consultants, is that I demonstrated a clear understanding of the issues," Bentsen said.

Among the other Democratic contenders for Senate, Gene Kelly was favored by 5 percent of the respondents in the Texas Poll, and Austin lawyer Ed Cunningham by 3 percent. Cunningham has left the campaign trail and endorsed Kirk.

Staff writers Jay Root, Mary McKee and John Moritz contributed to this report

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