Apocalypse, Texas, WorldPeace

On June 9, 2001, a flood hit Houston, Harris County, Texas and closed down all the 100 plus courts. Recovery is still incomplete as the new Criminal Justice building is still not functional.

In June 20, 2001, Andrea Yates, under Satan's influence murdered her five children.

On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers in New York were leveled by Osama bin Laden. A strike at America and its financial center.

In November 2001, the Ken Lay/Enron corruption began to come to light.

Today, March 10, 2002, Ariel Sharon, who on September 28, 2000, ignited a peaceful Jerusalem by deliberately visiting the Wailing Wall as tension filled peace talks proceeded, has almost achieved a critical mass in his determination to bring Holy War to the Middle East and in his mind end the Palestinian problem once and for all.

Let those who have eyes see!


On Tuesday in the Democratic Primary in Texas, there exists two candidates for governor who mirror the juncture at which the world presently finds itself.

On the one hand, there is the Republican turncoat Tony Sanchez, a $600 million corrupt drug money laundering Hispanic, who like Ken Lay was a Bush Pioneer. (Someone who contributed $300,000 to Bush). Mr. Sanchez represents everything that Ken Lay's Enron represents through his International Banc of Commerce. Mr. Sanchez is a Vietnam Era draft dodger.

On the other hand, there is John WorldPeace, a Houston attorney, who changed his name 14 years ago as a commitment to equality and justice for everyone. A man who has no assets. A man who has committed to allocate half his appointments as governor to women and a percentage to people of color in which they vote in the November general election. A man who is determined to give first class citizenship to women and people of color. A man who sees the Middle East crisis and 911 as a demand for equality and justice on a global scale while at the same time condemning the methods being employed. WorldPeace, a man who went to Palestine, Texas in support of Prayer in the Schools on December 17, 2001, (an event in which Mr. Sanchez and the incumbent Governor Perry refused to attend: in essence turning their back on God in these terroristic can chaotic times.) A man who served in the U. S. Army from 1970 to 1972 as an infantry sergeant and whose three sons have honorably served in the U. S. Marines Corps. A man who advocates peace but who is not a pacifist.

Thus the vote on Tuesday in Texas will be one between: 1) money and corruption vs. faith 2) a social status quo vs. equality and justice for all.

On Tuesday, March 12, 2002, the Democrats and Republicans who support WorldPeace will vote in the Democratic Primary for either a continuation of corruption and chaos in society and continued second class citizenship for women and people of color by voting for Sanchez OR for a new beginning, for equality and justice for all by voting for WorldPeace.

So goes Texas. So goes the World.

In the end, WorldPeace

John WorldPeace
The next governor of Texas
No more corruption. No more Monicas.
God Bless us all

March 10, 2002