John WorldPeace believes that life begins at conception and that human life is precious. That being said, John also believes in the right of choice up until the end of the fourth month of pregnancy and the right to life beginning at the fifth month of pregnancy. Further, John believes that the father of the child should have the right to life for his child if it does not present a danger to the health of the mother. John does not believe that a father has the right to insist on the birth of a child by a woman who he has impregnated against her will within or outside a marriage.

John believes that the choice to take a  human life is in the end a matter to be resolved between an individual and his or her God. John believes that those who are not willing to personally adopt an unwanted child or cannot find another person who will adopt that child should stay out of any pro-life demonstrations. John also believes that anyone who takes a pro-life stand must simultaneously be committed to expanding governmental welfare systems to take care of those unwanted children.

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