Access to the Democratic Process

Texas Republicans "seek the immediate repeal of the 'Motor Voter' law and urge re-registering voters every four years and requiring first-time registrants to produce photo identification, proof of residency, and citizenship along with voter registration.

Texas Democrats "reaffirm our support for the Voting Rights Act; the protection of the right of minority groups to participate fully in the political process" and "encourage full voter participation in all elections, including continued selection of Party nominees through primary elections."

John WorldPeace believes that in this day and age of computers and the federal social security data base which already exists, that state driver's licenses and state identification cards should include a social security number and that all persons eligible to vote should thereby be automatically registered to vote. John believes that in order to vote, a citizen should produce a state driver's license or identification card which includes a photograph of that person. John believes that driver's licenses and identification cards should be renewed every time a person moves and every four years on their birthday.