I believe that science is a wonderful thing but I believe that science which ignores and rejects anything that cannot be proved is arrogant and can be potentially fatal to all of humanity.  Science declares that the vast majority of human DNA is junk.  This is an ignorant and dangerous attitude.  We have undeniably come to a place in human evolution where we have the ability to play God and create new life forms by the manipulation of DNA.  However, the problem with playing God is thinking that we are God.

We can create viruses that could wipe out all of humanity or destroy our ability to produce food by genetically altering our grains.  We can reproduce body parts and we can clone human beings.  The question is whether clones will become the new outcasts in our society.  Will clones take their place among the racial outcasts of the world.  

Will the clones be considered the children of man and the rest of us children of God? Politically, I will support equal rights for cloned human beings.  I will not support any attempt to create a new class of disenfranchised human beings.

As governor, I will also push for strict controls on genetic manipulation of our food supply and the labeling of genetically altered food.  I will adopt a go slow position in all areas of genetic manipulation.  It is my position that no human being and no government, business or other entity has the right to, without oversight, gamble with the future of all humanity.