Public Education

The Texas Republicans "call upon our next governor to fulfill in 2001 Gov. George W. Bush's 1994 pledge to abolish the regulatory authority of the Texas Education Agency and to transfer their authority to the elected State Board of Education."

[Texas Republicans] call for the abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education.

The Texas Republican Party "opposes [federally-controlled] programs such as Early Childhood Development" Texas Republicans "strongly oppose a system of education such as School-to-Work."

Texas Democrats "have led the fight to improve public education while others have sought to weaken or destroy it. The Democratic Party of Texas believes public education is the key to economic opportunity and effective participation in our democracy. We believe that family, school, and community share responsibility for providing every child with a quality public education in a safe, secure school."

The Texas Democratic Party supports the commitment of "the necessary resources to early intervention programs so that every child can read at [his or her] grade level."

John WorldPeace is committed to public education. John also believes that those who have the financial ability to afford private schooling for their children should be allowed to send their children to state sanctioned private schools. However, those parents who have the financial ability to send their children to private schooling must still be required to fully support public education.