The Environment and Public Property

Texas Republicans "support the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency," and "believe the environment is best served by individuals working in their own best interest."

The Texas Republican Party opposes the "acquisition of Texas land by conservancy groups" and "understands government ownership of land to be a cornerstone of socialism."

The Texas Democratic party "believes a clean environment is part of a safe neighborhood."

Texas Democrats pledge to "provide opportunities and incentives for businesses to employ energy-efficient and environmentally sound technologies, and enforce environmental compliance standards so that non-complying businesses do not get a competitive advantage over responsible businesses."

Texas Democrats "support the protection of public lands and national parks, support the expansion of the state park system, and oppose indiscriminate clear-cutting, leasing, development and commercial exploitation of park lands."

John WorldPeace believes that present policies that are detrimental to the state, national and global environment should be intelligently abolished. Intelligently abolished means that we should not eliminate jobs in a rapid and wholesale fashion in order to reverse decades of environmental abuse.

John believes that a period of up to twenty-five years should be allowed governments and businesses and individuals to stop raping the environment. John WorldPeace believes that each and every abuser of the environment should be required to publish a plan of action whereby their abuse of the environment would be eliminated within twenty-five years and along with that plan the annual evidence that they are measurably moving toward their objectives.

John believes that all future endeavors both public and private must include an environmental impact statement.