John believes strongly in the saying: "Think global, act local"  John believes that as the world becomes  increasingly interconnected through the internet and through economic interdependence, one must embrace a global view.  As time goes on, the world will become more economically interdependent and there will consequently be a need for a global system of law which secures international economic transactions.  John believes that economics will eventually unite the world, not religion.  John believes that the desire of every human being on the planet to provide for himself/herself and his/her family will bring the world together and eventually eliminate war and provide all human beings, regardless of where they are born, an opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

From personal experience, John knows that the vast majority of people think WorldPeace is a pipe dream; something that is unobtainable.  But John believes that the problem is in the definition of WorldPeace.  John believes that WorldPeace is a journey and not a destination.  The nature of the world  and the universe is diversity and change and therefore there will always be tension and sometimes open conflict as diverse views interact on all levels within the human society.  

John does not advocate some unobtainable perfect peace.  John advocates a position that WorldPeace already exists and the objective is to simply increase that peace which already exists.  When one sets for himself or herself a goal of simply increasing the peace within his or her life, then the level of peace within the whole of the human society increases albeit incrementally.

John is a practical man who everyday deals with the personal conflicts that culminate in the judicial system.  John daily participates in the resolution of the turmoil and chaos that constantly manifests in families and between individuals, businesses and governmental entities.  And yet, in spite of daily working in a combative vocation, of advocating peace while not always embracing pacifism, John maintains his vision of WorldPeace and his belief in God.