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December 12, 2002

Dr. Rosemarie Hamon


Independence Heights, Inc.

1950 Heights Blvd. via regular mail and

Houston, Texas 77008 via CMRRR # 7000 0600 0024 3065 9257

Re: Independence Heights, Inc. Diane Springer Contribution

Your letter of October 9, 2002


I am writing to inform you that the $5,000.00 contribution from Ms. Diane Springer on October 8, 2002, to Independence Heights, Inc. was not authorized by the session nor the congregation of the Heights Presbyterian Church. There was also no authorization from the Presbytery of New Covenant.

Consequently, you are put on notice that there is no obligation by Heights Presbyterian Church at this time to sponsor the Independence Heights Project. If there is any liability due to this lack of authorization on the part of Diane Springer then the Independence Heights, Inc. will need to seek damages from Diane Springer, who I understand is now residing in Cameroon, Africa.

If you have any questions on this matter please call me.





John WorldPeace



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