January 28, 2003

From:  John WorldPeace, Attorney at Law
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Houston, Texas 77057
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To:      Presbytery of New Covenant
Synod of the Sun
General Assembly, Presbyterian Church, USA

Re: Heights Presbyterian Church
Resident Evil

1)  If the Presbyterian Church does not immediately investigate the following matter, I intend to take the following to the press as an example of the corruption of the Presbyterian Church, USA.  I will also take it to the Christian community at large as an example of how the church bureaucracy is choking off the message of Jesus in favor of corrupt pastors whose actions undeniably demonstrate a rejection of Christ and an embracing of Satan.

2)  The center of darkness at Heights Presbyterian Church is its pastor, Joe Delgatto, and his alter ego Patty Ellis.  He is also supported in the church by Barbara Puckett, Kelly Puckett, Bennie Grabel, Charlie Windham, James McClain, Terry Myers, Jack Benson and others.  He is supported by the Presbytery through Chuck Johnson, Belinda Windham, Art Greer and Lynn Johnson.  These people have conspired to turn Heights Presbyterian Church into a private association of darkness for the purpose of embezzling the church assets and thwarting the mission of the Presbyterian Church, USA to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.

3) The following is a chronology of events for the last 21 months.

May 2001 Charlie Windham, a trustee of Heights Presbyterian Church, without authority from the session, congregation or Presbytery and in collusion with Patty Ellis and Joe Delgatto, committed HPC to the Independence Heights Project, a HUD low income retirement home in one of Houston’s ghettos.  The commitment was for $4.7 million dollars and the project was to be built on property that is listed on the tax rolls at $ 37 thousand but was to be purchased for $230 thousand.  The project is a sham designed to siphon monies from the project into the pocket of the conspirators.

February 2002 the session is told for the first time of the commitment to the Independence Project.

March 2002 Joe Delgatto, James McClain, and Walter Ellis, and five others form the Independence Heights, Inc. without authority from the session nor knowledge of the congregation or Presbytery for the purposes of obligating HPC to the Project.

May 2002, WorldPeace, Attorney at Law, had a meeting with Windham, Delgatto, Tom Lord (a non church member promoter of the Project) and Bob Casey, Jr., Lord’s attorney, for the purpose of investigating the Project.  WorldPeace found that only HPC was committed to the project, not four churches as was being told to the members of the church by Delgatto, Windham and Ellis.  WorldPeace found that the commitment to the church was unlimited with regards to the construction of the Project and unlimited with regards to the monthly shortfall of operating expenses for the next forty years under the HUD agreement.  Delgatto, Ellis and Windham told the congregation that the church had no financial liability.

WorldPeace filed suit on Delgatto on behalf of Joyce Wolter as trustee of HPC after WorldPeace met with Delgatto and Delgatto tried to further the Project without authority from the session, the Presbytery or the congregation.

October 2002 without approval or knowledge of the session or Presbytery per the Book of Order, or the congregation, Diane Springer, a church member wrote a personal check to Independence Heights, Inc. for the purposes of obligating the HPC to the Project.  This was done so that Ellis, Windham and Delgatto could say that the church had not spent any money on the Project.  They would not have been able to say this if Springer had given the money to the church and then the session would have had to vote to contribute the money to the project.

October 2002, WorldPeace attended the monthly HPC session meeting with Joyce Wolter, his mother, member of HPC for 62 years, session member and trustee of HPC.  Delgatto intended to have the Project approved at that meeting of the session but changed his mind when WorldPeace attended.  Belinda Windham who I understand was terminated as minister of St. Giles Presbyterian Church and was attending the meeting in order to advance the agenda of Delgatto, demanded WorldPeace leave.  WorldPeace refused and the police were called.  The police refused to remove WorldPeace and Delgatto terminated the session meeting.

November 25, 2002, the session meeting was moved off the church premises to the home of Barbara Puckett to prevent WorldPeace’s attendance.  At that meeting, Diane Feiler McGehee, attorney and wife of the ex minister of St. Phillip Presbyterian Church, Dr. Feiler, until he was terminated for alleged sexual indiscretions with a member of the congregation, was approved by the session as the church attorney.  McGehee was a close friend of Patty Ellis at St. Phillip. 

The discussion regarding hiring McGehee was 4 minutes, two of which were spent reading her resume.  WorldPeace has a tape recording of the discussion.  No one was authorized to sign a contract hiring McGehee.  McGehee immediately filed a motion to stop WorldPeace deposition of Delgatto on the church premises.  In court, McGehee said she was authorized to represent the church.  McGehee also represented Patty Ellis who had been added to the lawsuit.  Fifteen days after she was hired and after one court appearance, McGehee withdrew as church attorney under questionable circumstances. 

The court issued an order stopping any further discussion of the Independence Heights Project until Delgatto gave a deposition and prevented Feiler and Max Tribble, the attorney for Delgatto, from attending any HPC functions.

Joyce Wolter and Irma Jenke demanded a copy of the McGehee contract from Delgatto and Barbara Puckett, the clerk of the session, who said they had not seen the contract and did not sign it.  When McGehee refused to produce a contract, WorldPeace added her to the lawsuit.

December 5, 2002 Wolter and Jenke give a formal request to Delgatto to hold a special session meeting to discuss hiring a church attorney and another formal request to consider adding WorldPeace to the church membership.  Delgatto has refused to do either during the last six weeks.

WorldPeace was baptized at HPC and was a member and reaffirmed his faith per the Book of Order.  Delgatto has closed off the membership of the church and refuses to allow WorldPeace or his wife to join.  To stop WorldPeace’s membership is to reject Christ and is a scandal on the gospel per the Book of Order.

No session meeting was held in December 2002.

December 2002 Joe cancels the Christmas Eve service after consulting with the worship committee who are Patty Ellis, Barbara Puckett, Joe and Madeline Delgatto and Charlie Windham.  Carol Parker who is also on the committee but not aligned with Delgatto and Ellis was not told of the meeting.

January 2003  the January session meeting was held at the home of Patty Ellis again in order to keep WorldPeace out.  That session meeting was attended by Art Greer from Presbytery.  Little was accomplished.  The church secretaries had quit and no effort was being made to replace them.  There has been no one to answer the phone for over a month.  Further, the location of the meeting was dangerous because of the neighborhood and because Wolter and Jenke were required to park a block away from Ellis’s home and walk in the dark to attend.

January 13, 2003  WorldPeace wrote a letter to the congregation stating that an informal meeting would be held of concerned members of the congregation in the sanctuary after church on January 19, 2003.  That Sunday, Delgatto announced from the pulpit that the meeting was prohibited by him.  WorldPeace proceeded to the opposing pulpit and challenged Delgatto, said there would be a meeting and stepped down.  Delgatto tried to get the organist to play over WorldPeace speaking.  One of the main reasons for the meeting was to discuss the fact that a $193 thousand budget had been passed by the session when only $107 was projected as income.  Further, no audit had been performed in five years since Delgatto was hired.  Further, about $600,000 of a $1 million bequest the year before Delgatto arrived was gone. 

An informal meeting was attended after church by 90% of the members.  Delgatto refused to attend and left the church premises.  Some of Delgatto henchmen turned up the music to try to disrupt the meeting.  The meeting was loud and combative but no physical violence occurred.  About 45 minutes later, the supporters of Delgatto left and about 30 concerned members held a meeting for another hour.  The regular Sunday attendance is about 65 members.

On Monday, January 20, 2003, Delgatto called for a special session to take place on Thursday, January 23, 2003, at the church.  WorldPeace contacted all members to attend the session meeting.  Delgatto had declared all session meetings to be executive meetings back in March 2002 after he formed the Independence Heights Inc. to develop the Project.  Delgatto is the registered agent of the corporation.  Delgatto wanted all session meetings to be executive meetings in order to stop the congregation from learning of his mischief and from witnessing the fact that the minutes were not reflecting the events at the session meeting.

WorldPeace sent word to the congregation that if Delgatto moved the session meeting off premises or cancelled it, that he would be finished as minister.  In a word, it would be the last straw in a series of acts to take over and shut down the church. 

Delgatto then changed the meeting to the home of Amy Grabel whose brother in law, John Blanco, had assaulted Irma Jenke (in her mid seventies) in the sanctuary in January 2003, as she tried to deliver a document to his wife Chris Blanco who is also on the session.  Terry Myers, Bennie Grabel and John Blanco had tried to start a fight with WorldPeace in the sanctuary back in September 2002, after worship service.  One of the Grabel daughters had tried to knock down WorldPeace wife as they approached each other outside the church.  She was carrying a baby and rammed into WorldPeace wife.

The session was moved to Amy Grabel’s home where John Blanco lives in order to discourage Wolter (also in her mid seventies) and Jenke from attending.

At the meeting, the congregational meeting required by the church bylaws and which was set for January 26, 2003, was cancelled along with the annual dinner.  No reset date was set and no reason was given.  Lynn Johnson was there and gave his blessing to the off premises meeting and the cancellation of the annual meeting.  He also informed the session that the by-laws of HPC could be suspended.

The next day, WorldPeace called for a second informal meeting of the concerned members in the fellowship hall after worship service and organized a dinner during the meeting. 

At the worship service on January 26, 2003, WorldPeace was prepared to confront Delgatto if he tried to stop the informal meeting or the dinner as he had the week before.  Delgatto did not mention the meeting.  But the reason he did not is because WorldPeace and one of his associates brought their video cameras to record the service.  Chuck Johnson from Presbytery attended the service.  Further, what was interesting is that Delgatto did not inform the membership that the congregational meeting and dinner that was set for that day had been cancelled.

After the service, WorldPeace and about 30 members moved to the fellowship hall for an informal meeting and dinner that lasted about an hour and a half.

Delgatto, Ellis, Barbara Puckett and Kelly Puckett, Terry Myers, and Bennie Grabel and others had prepared to start a fight in the sanctuary as evidenced by the fact that Kelly Puckett, Grabel and Myers wore blue jeans to church, which they never do, and when the filming began Barbara Puckett left the choir loft to avoid being filmed.  Further and more importantly, the grandchildren of Ellis, the children of Kelly Puckett and the grand children of Terry Myers who attend worship service virtually every Sunday were not in attendance.  Nor were there any other children in the sanctuary.  The reason was that the rogue members were prepared to physically fight WorldPeace in the sanctuary if he stood up to challenge Delgatto and they did not want their children involved or witnessing their criminal acts. 

Delgatto was privy to the fact that a fight would take place if WorldPeace attempted to take the podium.  WorldPeace believes that the video cameras thwarted the plans of Delgatto and his rogue gang of members of HPC.  Delgatto was not going to start a fight by trying to stop the informal meeting and dinner with the cameras recording his mischief.

Also, last week Delgatto and Walter Ellis had been to the local police station to try to stop WorldPeace from attending events at the church.  They were told that the police do no enforce house rules and they would not appear unless there was violence.  Further, they were told that no officer from that office would be allowed to work off duty at the premises. 

Delgatto and Ellis then determined to use force to stop WorldPeace as there was no police presence in the church on Sunday.  Further, WorldPeace’s son is an Houston Police Officer who escorted Wolter and Jenke to the session meeting at Amy Grabel’s home because of their fear of being assaulted by John Blanco.  Barbara Puckett’s husband is also a police officer and she left the choir loft so as not to be a part of the video.  She left the choir loft and reentered the church at the back where she remained during the service.

4) There was a Satanic Pentagram painted on the outside wall of the church about two months ago.  Patty Ellis who is head of the building and grounds committee refused to remove it.  There is little doubt in my mind that Pentagram was evidence of the resident evil that has taken hold of some of the members of the congregation and is attempting to take over the church.  The only reason that Patty Ellis would refuse to remove the Pentagram would be the fact that she was involved in having it placed there.

Further, Patty Ellis has destroyed many of the church memorials with Joe’s approval.

Joe Delgatto has refused to open the membership of the church to new members, has begun holding all session meetings off premises, cancelled the Christmas Eve service, has refused to produce documents required by the courts, has moved the majority of the church records to his home, has cancelled the congregation meeting, has given plotted and given his blessing to a physical confrontation with WorldPeace in the church sanctuary, has thwarted an audit of the church records for the last five years, has illegally committed the church to the Project without authority, has refused to replace the church secretaries, and has gone out of his way to shut the church down.

In his dark mischief, Delgatto has been aided by Lynn Johnson, Art Greer, Chuck Johnson and Belinda Windham from Presbytery.  There can be little doubt that the Presbytery of the New Covenant has a corrupt element.  Art Greer said at the session meeting at Patty Ellis’ home that it was OK to keep WorldPeace off the membership roles because he was suing the church.  This is contrary to the Book of Order which says that such a statement is a rejection of Christ and a scandal on the gospel.

There is presently a hearing set for February 10, 2003, in the 280th District Court for the purpose of appointing an auditor to audit the books for the last five years and to require all session meetings: to be open to the congregation, to be held on the church premises, that all meetings be recorded by audio and video tape and that all future meetings have a police officer present.

There is a darkness that has taken over HPC and that darkness comes from where all darkness resides and that is with Satan.  Delgatto and Ellis have essentially closed down the church. Closing off the membership, canceling Christmas Eve service, trying to stop the congregation from meeting in the church, having closed session meetings, canceling the annual congregational meeting required by the by laws of HPC, spending three times more than the church income, destroying memorials, encouraging gang violence are all things that Satan would do if he were in charge of closing the church doors.

I am giving the church bureaucracy until Friday, January 31, 2003, to involve itself in this matter or I intend to go to the press.  I ran for governor of Texas last year and I know how to get the press involved.  The question is how far up into the bureaucratic pyramid does the corruption go?  There has already been one article in the Houston Chronicle and WorldPeace received a call from the Houston Chronicle after he returned home after church on Sunday.  The reported wanted to know if he had taken over the church.

Several members of HPC have gone to Presbytery with detailed complaints and Lynn Johnson and Art Greer and Belinda Williams have covered up the corruption and bad acts of Delgatto.  Patty Ellis brought Lynn Johnson to the last special session meeting.  There is little doubt in my mind that Patty Ellis and Joe Delgatto and members of Presbytery have conspired to shut down HPC.

The reason is money.  In part the $450,000 in the church treasury and more importantly the $3 million church property and most importantly the $7 million value of the Heights Tower and Heights House retirement homes that will be sold within ten years as the HUD commitment expires.  The total value is $28 million. 

If I have to bring in the District Court to run the church to whatever extent possible, if I have to create tension in the church bureaucracy and if I have to alert the national and local press and if I have to sue the Presbyterian Church, USA that I will do to stop the corruption at HPC.

I suggest that the church bureaucracy step in and immediately suspend Joe Delgatto until such time as this matter can be resolved.  In the alternative, Presbytery needs a neutral presence at every church event.  The members of  the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly have all been placed on notice.  If violence breaks out in the sanctuary then it will make national news. 

Delgatto’s approval of potential violence in the church last Sunday, in fact his mobilizing a gang to stop me from speaking the truth about his corruption and his unnatural relationship with Patty Ellis, is enough to have him removed as minister not to mention his rejection of Christ through his shutting down the addition of new members to the church rolls.

Make no mistake, the corruption at HPC will end and the resident evil will be purged from HPC as God is my witness.  Let those who have ears hear.




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