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February 17, 2003

M. Douglas Harper, Jr., Chair                                                    via email with attachment by fax
Administrative Commission, Presbytery of New Covenant

Re:  The administrative commission's "dog and pony show" at Heights Presbyterian Church on Sunday, February 16, 2003.

1) The Reverend Louise Raw made an announcement to the church membership that the members would be interrogated by two different panels of four members of the commission on Thursday, February 20th and 27th between five and seven pm.  In response to the demand that meetings be held at the church premises so that the older members could attend, Rev. Raw said they would consider a third meeting at a different time but still at Presbytery.

2) The sign up sheet allows ten minutes for each member to speak but if both husband and wife attended the same time slot only one would be able to speak.  This seems stupid and another attempt to control the inquisition.  It is an attempt to separate husbands and wives for the purpose of control.  This is an often used tactic by Presbytery.  It also reduces the ability of participants to testify that certain things were definitely said during the 600 seconds.

3) The list of times was left at the church.  Interesting, that after WorldPeace finished his weekly informal meeting with about thirty of the concerned members, it was discovered that the signup list of times and names was left in the foyer of the church.  The members of the administrative commission did not even bother to take it with them nor did the preacher take it as he, as per usual, left the church premises as fast as his little legs could carry him after he finished his morning service which included a longer than normal eight minute and fifteen second sermon.  The implication seems to be that the administrative commission cares little about the process it has set up to interrogate the church members.

4) At the end of the worship service and as the meeting of concerned members began their meeting, the Right Worshipful Reverend Louise Raw stood for about fifteen minutes listening in great agitation at the fact that she was subordinated to WorldPeace presentation.  Ms. Raw left the meeting after about fifteen minutes probably because she like Art Greer the Sunday before had a bowl of soup waiting on her somewhere.  The apathy of these illegally appointed members of the administrative commission is obvious.  They are there to put on a charade and little more.  The determination to support the self confessed corrupt minister is obvious.

5) In her five minute presentation to the congregation, no effort was made by Rev. Raw to speak to the issue that the administrative commission was illegal because it did not conform with Rule G-9.0502, G-9.0503, G-11.0103 of the Book of Order which Art Greer said was the Bible.  The Rev. Raw believes herself to be  above reproach and that the congregation is going to allow her to ignore the Book of Order as she tries to foist the mischief of the administrative commission on the congregation.  I think she will find that the congregation is not as stupid as she and the other members of the administrative commission and Presbytery think they are.

6) Being an attorney and an experienced advocate and politician, I am well aware of the fact that ten minutes is virtually nothing in regards to presenting any position to anyone.  The administrative commission knows this and is fully aware that people who are generally not adept at presenting their ideas to others will probably say very little to the commission.  For this reason each member who desires to do so will come to the meeting with a document that will list the majority of their grievances and one to which they will be able to add their own comments.  This will be set up in an official format so that if the commission does not speak to those particular issues, the matter will be forced to go up to the Synod.  It will also assure each person that he or she will be able to communicate all their thoughts to the commission and will only be required to speak to the issues of most concern as they face the inquisition panel.

7) There have been five meetings of the concerned members of the church over the last five weeks.  The minister has not attended a single one.  I guess he has a free meal waiting at the same soup kitchen as Art Greer.  The Right Reverend and disceitful Joe Delgatto has determined to allow the administrative commission to build the skewed facts necessary to pronounce Joe the salt of the earth and an exemplary example of what every minister should aspire to.  Of course all these ministers on the commission want to find out from Joe how they too can be  paid more than the total annual contributions to the church.  I have no doubt that Joe is a true legend at Presbytery.  Not to mention all this with six to eight minute sermons.  Life is good in the preacher's union.

8) In the end, there will be a vote of confidence on the Right Reverend Joe Delgatto.  And I would remind the administrative commission and the Presbytery that a mongrel by any other name is still a dog.  And unwanted dogs still end up at the pound or the SPCA to be retired if not adopted.

9) The illegal performance of the administrative commission to date is rated as virtually worthless, apathetic and pretty much what was expected.  The administrative commission is not aware that a significant number of the present membership have come from other churches in the area that have been disassembled by Presbytery.  It is not going to happen at Heights Presbyterian Church because the members are rapidly coming to the conclusion that the enemy is not each other but the minister and the Presbytery.  

10) I still believe that the true mandate of the Right Reverend Delgatto has always been to reduce the membership to such a size and disharmony that Presbytery could come in and take over and sell off the church to increase the retirement account of the preacher's union.

11) And lastly, there is a general continued refusal by Joe to invite new members into the church and a determination to block my membership in specific.  This is a rejection of Christ and a scandal on the gospel per the Book of Order.  But I am sure that this is a part of Art Greer's Bible that has been redacted (marked out) by this administrative commission and by Presbytery.  Maybe its good that I am not a member.  If I were a member, the administrative commission could shut the church down for my disrespect for their dictatorial fiats and apathetic and condescending ways.

"Those who had arrested Jesus took him to Caiaphas, the high priest, where the teachers of the law and the elders had assembled...The chief priests and the whole Sanhedrin were looking for false evidence against Jesus so they could put him to death.  Matthew 26:57.

And as he taught them, he said, "Is it not written: 'My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations?' But you have made it a den of thieves'  The chief priests and the teacher of the law heard this and began looking for a way to kill him, for they feared him."  Mark 11:17

Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear.

In the name of Jesus,


Attachment:  The list of names and times for members to appear before the fascist administrative committee.




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