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February 23, 2003

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: Response to Joe’s letter to the congregation of February 20, 2003

I find it interesting that over the twelve pages that Joe wrote, he did not one time in anyway talk about the fact that for two years he lied to the congregation about the status of the Independence Heights Project. No where on those twelve pages is a shred of an excuse for his lies and his deception. No where did he explain why it was necessary to attempt to obligate the church to the project. No where did he explain his arrogance in court when he testified under oath that he did everything he could to obligate the church to the project without approval from the session, the congregation or Presbytery in undeniable violation of the Book of Order.

My first point is that Joe is a liar and nothing that he says can be believed. He was a man of God, ordained by the Presbyterian Church and he has betrayed his mandate from the church and has used his trusted position as a minister of the gospel to further his own self interest. Joe Delgatto has betrayed the congregation and his robe and made no public apology to the congregation regarding his wrongful acts.

As a minister of the gospel, Joe is held to a higher standard than the rest of us. As a minister of the gospel, Joe is mandated to uphold and live the Ten Commandments; one of which says, Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor. Yet Joe has done this. Joe has lied and nothing that he can do will erase his deceit.

As in the children’s nursery rhyme; all the kings horses and all the king’s men cannot put Joe’s credibility back together again.

At the end of this chaos and trauma, Joe will be forced to face a vote of confidence from the congregation. And no matter what anyone thinks of Joe, no one can deny that he is a liar and in his lying he betrayed every trust of every member of this church. Even if Joe reimburses the church for whatever it is that he has wrongly obligated it for, he can never be trusted again. No matter what he does, no person can look to Joe in their final moments for strength or comfort because where ever he goes he has branded himself a liar. There is no demand for a lying minister in the Presbyterian Church.

It is time for Joe to rise above himself and for the first time in a long time consider the needs of the congregation to heal. Until Joe is gone, there can be no healing. It is Joe’s own free will that he used to lie to his flock. It should be of his own free will that he vacates his position of trust at Heights Presbyterian Church. The congregation will heal faster if Joe removes the burden of a fight to remove him among the already betrayed members of Christ’s church.

In his letter, Joe shows not a shred of remorse for his bad acts. In fact, despite the hole that Joe has dug for himself, he is still digging. Instead of asking for forgiveness and freeing himself of his lies, Joe has gone on the attack. He has shown unbelievable pettiness in his letter. He has attacked myself and my mother and refused to understand that almost half the congregation are in alignment with us on some of the major issues.

Not a single word has Joe written in which he reaches out to those who oppose him. Not a single act of healing has he even considered. Joe is defiant in his acts. Even now and for the last six weeks he has not made a single effort to reach out to those who refuse to accept his bad acts and those of his alter ego Patty Ellis.

This is very sad and sends a message to the congregation that Joe’s only future is anywhere but at Heights Presbyterian Church.

I always know when I have won my case against another lawyer. I know this because my adversaries criticize my name change. Joe has become critical of someone who has made a commitment to peace and WorldPeace. Joe, like many others, does not understand that he must be cautious in his opposition to WorldPeace.

I am not a saint. I am not a pacifist. I am an advocate for peace. But I have stood up and made a statement regarding peace by changing my name. I have no organization, no disciples, no followers. But I have made an effort to bring the world to a consideration of peace and WorldPeace.

Further, mental dwarfs like Joe never consider that half of the population of the United States have changed their name. Yes, half. And his wife is a member of the half who changed her name. She was not born a Delgatto but a Schreiver.

Based on Joe’s determination to call me Kenneth Wolter, I guess he is also suggesting to others that they call his wife Madeline Schreiver.

Joe is upset because I refuse to refer to him as Dr. Joe or Dr. Delgatto except in court. I have a Doctor of Jurisprudence and I am entitled to be addressed as Dr. WorldPeace. If Joe will address me as Dr. WorldPeace, I will consider addressing him as Dr. Pepper.

Under Joe’s philosophy, no man of God should be prosecuted for anything. Joe apparently endorses the abusive acts of the pedophile Catholic priests.

Joe long ago got rid of the ritual of friendship. Therefore, I have to wonder how Joe knows when I came to church and when I didn’t.

I have not talked on my cell phone during worship service but I have checked it on several occasions. I have six children and grandchildren and my father who could be in peril at any time. I have a son who is a Houston Police Officer and is in constant danger. I have another son who is presently in the Philippines and another one in California. Kay’s children live in Austin. In addition, I do a lot of family law and my clients do get abused on Sunday. Therefore, I will continue to check my telephone when I get a call. Here we go again with more of Joe’s lies.

I do not know how Joe got a personal perspective from God as to when I am praying and when I am not. Joe must have some powers of which I am not aware.

Yes, as the church moved into greater chaos and after I was confronted in the sanctuary with physical violence, I felt it necessary to begin to carry my tape recorder. Recently, I began to videotape things because of the lies that Joe freely tells from the pulpit. And recently the lies that Lynn Johnson, the stated clerk from Presbytery told the congregation in regards to the administrative commission.

When the minister lies to the congregation from the pulpit, no one can do more to defile Christ’s church.

The session should not have anything to hide. But Joe does have a lot to hide. I think it is interesting that Joe is trying to blame the corruption of the session on me.

I am glad to hear Joe admit that the session has to meet off premises to avoid me. They meet off premises because the majority of the session and Joe are up to no good. What are they hiding? Well now we know, it is the truth about almost everything: the Independence Heights Project, the Budget, the closing of the church on Christmas Eve, the strange position of power of Patty Ellis.

I assumed the podium when Joe attempted to bar the church members who pay to maintain the church property and pay his extravagant salary from meeting in their own church. Patty Ellis and Joe filed papers in the court saying that all the buildings of the church were unavailable to WorldPeace for taking the deposition of Joe.

There used to be a period for church members to speak to the congregation each Sunday. If that were reinstated, then the children would not think anything special was going on when someone actually stood up to speak. Joe is the minister of the congregation by their permission. He is not the owner of the church. He was not elected dictator. And as far as I know, we still live in a democracy even within the church.

I will continue to have informal meetings of the congregation after church because it is necessary to controvert Joe’s lies. Joe seems to not have noticed that about half the congregation attend the meetings. So he lies again when he states that I have effected the worship experience of the entire congregation. The only one effected is Joe and his posse whose lies I confront.

The ill will among the congregation is centered on the bad acts of Joe and Patty. They continue due to Joe’s refusal to minister to half the congregation. Joe has refused to make any attempt to heal the congregation. The truth is that as a liar Joe cannot face the truth. He has nothing to offer the congregation because he insists on living in darkness.

It is interesting to me that Joe thinks that LeAnne is my daughter. LeAnne is my legal assistant. The problem with the kind of law I practice is that you constantly deal with liars. I have no respect for a person based on university degrees or money or social position. I deal with people solely on who they are as a person. And I can find nothing to respect in Joe Delgatto and obviously neither does LeAnne.

My wife, Kay WorldPeace is not like LeAnne and I. (I wonder how Joe is going to address Kay, since he denies my legal name of WorldPeace. Kay was not married to me when I was Kenneth Wolter, she is no longer married to her first husband; a Long, and she has not used her maiden name Goldman for over thirty years.) Kay is truly forgiving of everyone and holds no bad feelings for anyone. She is an angel. Nobody does not like Kay. But since Joe has never made an effort to reach out to her, he would not know this just like he does not know that LeAnne is neither Kay’s nor my daughter.

Kay and I were absent from church on Sunday, September 8, 2002, because we went to Austin to visit Kay’s two sons, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. She has been back to Austin four times since September 8th by herself or with LeAnne. I have not be able to go lest Joe try to pull some more of his mischief in church on Sunday. I am the only one that can control Joe’s bad acts.

Joe lied about the vandalism. It never happened. Things were arbitrarily moved by Patty and then moved back by an opposing group of members and then moved back again by Patty and her posse. That is all that happened as Joe well knows. And all the participants on both sides know that I was not a part of any of that.

I do not know who else was absent on September the 8th, but I find it interesting how Joe knows who was and wasn’t there when he has refused to allow the ritual of friendship.

To say that I have never asked to be a member is just another lie. Papers were filed with Presbytery three months ago complaining of Joe’s refusal to allow me to become a member. And Irma Jenke and my mother made a formal request for a special session meeting to consider my membership per the Book of Order. Attached to that written request were my documents and request to be a member. Just another lie.

Do you know how to tell when Joe is lying? His lips are moving.

I do not know anything about the “Joe must go posters“. I wish I had. I would have helped make some.

The only requirement for membership is my reaffirmation of my faith. There are no other requirements.

Just to point out some of Joe’s fuzzy logic, he says that I have to abide by the rules if I am a member of the church but he says that I am not a member. So I guess I do not have to follow the rules. So what is his fuzzy point.

Joe says that there was never a vote by the congregation on the Heights Towers. I remember differently. I remember there was some conversation about the project and I think I remember the congregation voting. Some of the other members at that time also remember a vote. There was not a congregational vote on the second project, the Heights House. Of course with Joe’s destruction of the church records, who knows what happened thirty years ago.

What is interesting is that the brain trust that is Joe Delgatto states that only the session approved those two projects. Well in the Independence Heights case, only Joe approved it on his own authority.

Further, regardless of what happened with the Heights House and the Heights Tower, there is a Book of Order which speaks to these matters now and the process is session, Presbytery, and congregation approval and then it is signed off by the trustees. Ministers are not a part of the process. But Joe mentions nothing about this. Just another example of his giving little more than lip service to the Book of Order.

I am suspicious of any church records that Joe cites because he has the records at his home. No one else has been allowed to see them. There are several members of the congregation who will at some point testify that contrary to the liar’s denial, he has taken a lot of records to his home. Personally I doubt that all of those records will ever be returned.

Joe has no respect for the church memorials, so why should he have any respect for any of the other records of the history of the church.

As far as the Independence Heights Project goes, there was an article on Channel 13 TV last week about the rampant prostitution in that area. It is one of the worst of the worst areas in Houston. There are no grocery stores, hair shops, libraries, medical facilities or other amenities in that area. The only pleasures available apparently are the prostitutes. Maybe Joe can minister to them when he goes over there.

The problem with the session minutes is that they are edited. That is why Joe and Patty refuse to allow the session meetings to be recorded. Well I have the tapes of the session meetings since October. Rest assured they were recorded legally even though without Joe‘s knowledge.

So you see Joe, your little meetings off premises accomplish nothing.

The only reason that Juan Marcus got a break on the rent is because Joe always considered them as his fallback church once he is terminated by Heights Presbyterian Church.

I find it interesting that Joe is worried about his paycheck. Jesus did not worry about such things. And Jesus admonished those who worry about such things. But money is loved by Joe. Joe works for money, not for Jesus.

Joe demands to be promptly paid for his six to eight minute sermons.

Canceling the Christmas Eve service was a mistake. If there is no attendance it is because the preacher and his rejection of new members. As you all know, Joe refuses to invite new members to join. He refuses to even extend the invitation each Sunday.

As far as Toi is concerned, I never said that my mother had anything to do with her getting home. I was told that someone from Heights Towers saw Toi in front of the church and called her husband. Just another Joe lie about what I said.

As far as the growth of the church, I would have to see the names. I would also like to see the old church records. Yet in five years I guess Joe is proud of adding one member a month. Yet when you consider how many have left the church by choice or by passing, Joe is just maintaining. In the accounting business there is a saying, “figures do not lie but liars figure“. Hey Joe if the shoe fits, wear it.

In the end, Joe will go. Heights Presbyterian Church has no room for a lying minister and unfortunately Joe has permanently alienated so many members that he will never be able to reunite the church. But regardless of that, Joe has no desire to be the minister of the whole congregation. It is just too much effort for $70,000 a year.



How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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