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March 3, 2003

To: The Members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: I. Response to the latest anonymous letter sent out regarding John WorldPeace

II. The administrative commission – allegedly appointed by Presbytery

and its mischief



The following is a brief response to the letter about me sent out by someone anonymously. I would point out to everyone that I have never failed to put my name on anything that I have written regarding the church or anything else. Yet, now for the third time, someone is sending out an anonymous attack on me.

There is no question but that those who live in the dark and live in secrecy have much to hide. Consequently, one needs to consider this when reading anything from an anonymous sender.

Responding to the pages in this most recent letter. Yes, I filed bankruptcy in 1998 right after I had a heart attack in December 1997. I had no insurance and my medical bills were over $60,000 and therefore, I filed bankruptcy to clear that debt. If you look at my bankruptcy, you can see that was one of only two things that was on the bankruptcy.

I was required in that bankruptcy to list any judgments against me. There was a judgment against me, my father, and my mother in a case of Gregory Donaldson v. John WorldPeace, Joyce Wolter, and Vernon Wolter in the 133rd Judicial District Court, Harris County, Texas. That case involved a sale by my mother in 1987 of a piece of property to Gregory Donaldson who later tried to steal it from her. Mr. Donaldson had not filed his deed from my mother in that particular case as well as a lot of other things that he did maliciously and fraudulently.

Donaldson filed a suit that lasted four and a half years. There was a judgment entered at the end of 1998. That judgment was for about $225,000 against my parents and myself. After four and a half years and the Donaldson’s expenditure of about $150,000 in attorney fees, the appeals court reversed half of the judgment and the other half of the judgment was wiped out in mediation after the Donaldson’s paid my father $15,000. The amount being argued over in the beginning was $35,000. So Mr. Donaldson spent $150,000 to try to make his fraudulent claims against my parents for $35,000 hold up in court. I can assure you he will not file another such lawsuit.

In the bankruptcy, Mr. Donaldson’s attorney filed routine papers to stop me from writing the judgment off in bankruptcy. It did not matter, because the judgment was wiped out anyway.

In regards to the property taxes that were referenced. In 1986, I transferred a piece of property to a client of mine named Bill Martin. The property is over off of Waco St. Mr. Martin did not pay the taxes and did not file the appropriate paperwork to put the property in his name so he and I were both on the tax rolls. I believe this matter was resolved for $900 against me and Mr. Martin has to pay the rest of it in tax court. This was something that I was not even aware of until the year 2002.

Speaking briefly to some of the lawsuits that were listed on the documents sent to you. Denise Coburn is a woman who owns Actor’s Etc. and who Kay used to work for. Ms. Coburn promised to sell her business to Kay. At the last minute, she backed out and we sued her for $10,000 plus $43,000 that she owed me in attorney’s fees on various matters.

In regards to Bill Heard Chevrolet and Landmark Chevrolet, I have a class action suit presently going on against them in the 270th District Court. They originally ripped off my wife in 1989 over a $17,000 Astrovan. After they spent $65,000 to defend that case, they ended up giving us $10,000 to settle. Landmark Chevrolet and Bill Heard Chevrolet still violate the Deceptive Trade Practices Act on a regular basis and I presently have nine clients who are suing them.

In response to my determination to run anti- Landmark Chevrolet and Bill Heard Chevrolet advertisements on the television for a class action suit, they counter sued me. Both of those cases are frivolous and both of those cases will be thrown out in a few months.

Regarding Landry’s restaurant. They sued me as the opposing attorney just like Landmark Chevrolet and Bill Heard Chevrolet. You will notice that I do not take a lot of grief from people and I also do not concern myself with these counterclaims. Landry’s hired about eight actors who I represent to do eight Joe’s Crab Shack commercials. Landry’s did not pay them after the first year. Landry’s owes them hundreds of thousands of dollars for running commercials illegally without authorization. They also sued me for going after the Landry’s owner Tillman Fertita. Some of that has to do with my attacking Tillman Fertita for his close relationship with Lee Brown and particularly Brown’s selling Fertita Downtown Fire Station Number One where the Aquarium just opened.

As for the State Bar of Texas. The State Bar sued me in 1993. They filed suit on me after the statute of limitations had run. I filed a motion and had their suit thrown out.

Regarding Carla Minter. Her husband was a drug dealer and was murdered in their home in Spring, Texas. Ms. Minter owed thousands of dollars in tax liens and other liens. Ms. Minter’s house had over $250,000 in liens on it, but it was only worth $125,000. I took her case with the understanding that I would be able to live in her house. I did this because this was after my divorce when my children were coming to live with me and I needed more space. After we did our deal and I began to file the appropriate paperwork, Ms. Minter, due to the influence of her family, filed a lawsuit against me saying that she did not understand that she had transferred the house to me. Kay found a hand written letter in my files from Ms. Minter saying that she did in fact know that she transferred the house to me. Consequently, that case was thrown out.

Certainly the John WorldPeace and Sandra Wolter divorce in 1986 is something that everyone can understand.

As an attorney practicing law for almost eighteen years now, I take a lot of cases that create a lot of irritation with people and sometimes they try to sue me. So far nobody has been successful in doing so. The bottom line is that the vast majority of these cases are simply business as usual for an attorney who does the type of work that I do.

I wish that whoever sends these things out would at least make some kind of comment. Most of you did not even understand what most of this stuff was. Further, I wish that whoever is doing this would put all of the facts into their letters and not stir up stuff that they know good and well has been resolved in my favor.

We are dealing with a darkness right now at Heights Presbyterian Church and that darkness continues to operate from the dark. However, in the end, as Jesus said, “What is hidden will be known and what was in darkness will be brought into the light”. It is just a matter of time. In the law business you get used to things taking years to resolve themselves and this is just another one of those matters. In the end, we will prevail.

II. In regards to The First Interim Report of the

Administrative Commission at Heights Presbyterian Church

It is quite disappointing to see that the Commission is nothing but a stooge of the minister’s union, otherwise known as Presbytery, to back Joe Delgatto.

I would point out to each of you that the Commission is not legitimate. They have never bothered to show in the Book of Order where they have the right to shut down the session. This is typical of the kinds of things that Joe Delgatto has done over the last two years. We now know that Joe is getting his direction from Presbytery or he was in collusion with them in one way or another over the Independence Heights project. It seems like Joe’s method of selectively reading and applying the Book of Order is exactly the same as Presbytery’s.

The Commission is so disconnected from what is going on they do not understand that half of the congregation does not accept their presence and they have done nothing to show the congregation that they have any authority whatsoever to do what they are doing.

In paragraph three of the Report that was handed out and read in church on Sunday, March 2, 2003, it says, “Some of the concerns that have been expressed are not within our jurisdiction.” There is a problem with this comment in that we do not know what the Commission’s jurisdiction is. If we knew what their jurisdiction was, then we could speak to those particular issues. However, since the members of the Commission have never specifically produced a mandate from Presbytery, we do not know what they are here for except to cause more mischief and to back up Joe Delgatto no matter what.

Regarding those matters being referred to the proper bodies. I question that. The reality is that the Commission’s trust has not been earned because they have come in lying and being deceitful just like Delgatto. They have refused to show us where in the Book of Order they have the right to shut down the session. The rules that were quoted from the Book of Order by Lynn Johnson and their attorney in court do not allow them to do the things that they are doing right now.

With regards to the Independence Heights project, there is a court order which states that there can be no discussion about that project until we take Joe Delgatto’s deposition. Joe Delgatto’s deposition has not been taken. I am in the process of setting that up. The reality is that the Commission members are again showing that they do not have any consideration for the Book of Order. They also do not have any consideration for the civil law. There is no question that there is a court order stopping the discussion of the Independence Heights project. The Commission is violating that order and I will probably file a Motion for Contempt and submit that within the next couple of weeks.

I am preparing to personally sue Rev. Doug Harper as a co-conspirator in the lawsuit.

I would also point out that half way through the Commission’s Report they talk about the only issue of any substance, the Independence Heights project. We have to consider the fact that they have come here on their own in order to cram this Independence Heights project down our throats. Of all the problems that are going on in this church, they are focused on the Independence Heights project. There is again no mandate from Presbytery. If there were a mandate to look into this project, then the Commission would have to get permission from the court to discuss it. Of course we have not seen a mandate from the Presbytery. Presbytery does not want to put out a mandate because they want to try to bluff, browbeat, and harass those who oppose Joe into doing whatever the Commission wants to do.

The paragraph regarding the Independence Heights project surely seems to indicate that the Commission is going to try to sell that project to the congregation which is what Diane Fieler was hired to do. Fieler came from Saint Philips and I believe more and more that Patty Ellis, because of her connection over at Presbytery and with Fieler as well as her past connections with Jeanie Flowers, a Commision member, who is also from St. Philips Chuch was sent by Presbytery to sell the Independence Heights project. We cannot help but believe that there is a white wash here and an intention to cram that project down our throats.

As I have said time and time again, when things do not make sense, just follow the money. What we are finding is that the Presbytery is solidly behind Joe Delgatto and the Independence Heights project. That project is not about Jesus, it is about the minister’s union lining its pockets with 30 pieces of silver.

There is one statement in the paragraph about the Independence Heights project where they say that they will order an audit regarding the church finances. The question is whether the audit that they are going to perform has to do only with the Independence Heights project or is it going to have to do with the last five years where we have a need to account for $700,000.

The court indicated that it would not appoint an outside auditor until Presbytery had time to work. In the event that Presbytery does not order an outside audit, you can rest assured that I will file a motion for an outside audit with the court and we will get our audit. I think that the court would be very interested in hearing what I have to say especially when the court finds out that this Commission is working without a mandate.

The Commission appeals to the congregation to let God do His work. We would all agree that God is doing His work but unfortunately we have the Presbytery thwarting God’s work. We have Delgatto thwarting God’s work and we have the two backing each other up. We know Joe is willing to lie in God’s church.

If Joe Delgatto was not a crook and a liar then we would not be here in this mess. Nobody can deny what he said in court: that he attempted to obligate the church to the Independence Heights project without any authority from the congregation, session, or Presbytery. The Commission says nothing about this.

Regarding the taping of conversations of the session as well as Joe during worship service, these are necessary because the Commission as well as Joe Delgatto have shown themselves to be deceitful liars. They have shown themselves to be corrupt. Lynn Johnson stood up in front of the congregation and quoted a particular rule from the Book of Order as authority for the Presbytery to take over the session. That rule was invalid but now Mr. Johnson is on tape as having said it, he cannot take it back, he cannot lie, he cannot say somebody misunderstood what he said, because the tape is a clear record of exactly what he said. I am also in the process of processing the tape from the session meeting where Art Greer said that the Book of Order was the Bible of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Greer has denied saying that. I have him on tape saying that. We are now cleaning the tape so that we can then put it onto my website regarding all of the Heights Presbyterian Church proceedings.

The session meetings need to be taped. Every time Joe Delgatto opens his mouth a tape recording needs to be made because there is nothing but lies coming from him and now the Commission has lost their credibility by showing their intent to support Joe no matter what.

They have talked about nothing in their Report except the Independence Heights project. That ladies and gentlemen is unfortunate. And it is against the court’s order.

The Presbytery says that the congregation can heal without Joe leaving. That is an absolute joke. We had a fish fry on Saturday night and for the most part the people that are on one side of the congregation did not attend. That would be those associated with Patty Ellis, Benny Grable, and Terry Myers. These people did not attend. Presbytery also did not attend. No surprise. I think it is kind of interesting that of all of the people that were talked to by Presbytery, no body mentioned the fish fry that took place on Saturday night.

The reality is that the Presbytery is not here to do anything but cram the Independence Height project down our throats and to give lip service and a pat on the back to the congregation and then move on with their bad acts. Unfortunately, they do not understand WorldPeace.

It is quite interesting that the Commission would say that the church is healing up and there is not a problem and they have confidence in the future and yet they admit in the last paragraph on the first page that people are withholding their pledges from the church. The fact that people are withholding their pledges is an indication of a serious problem within the church. Of course, that is not what Presbytery is here for. They are here to sell the Independence Heights project.

I find it interesting that on the top of the second page of this Report they talk about my statements being innuendos, suppositions, suspicions, opinions and so on and so forth. It is Joe Delgatto who has refused to produce documents that have been requested of him back in November 2002. It is the church’s attorney Diane Fieler McGehee who refused to produce the contract with the church. If there are any innuendos, suppositions, or suspicions it is because of a lack of information coming from the Commission, Presbytery, or Joe Delgatto. We do have three examples of anonymous letters from some congregation member which creates more conflict and tension within the church. Yet, Presbytery and the Commission think that everything is fine.

In response to their Bible verse of “Create in me a clean hear, O God, and renew a right spirit within me,” I would respond with Psalms 37 which says, “Fret not yourself because the wicked and be not envious of wrongdoers for they will soon fade like the grass and wither like the green herb.

I would suggest that we need another informal meeting of the concerned members of the congregation after church on Sunday, March 9, 2003. I will inform you then of what I have done and am doing in regards to these matters. It is obvious to me that there has been more deceit and more lies since Presbytery has come in. The Commission was allegedly formed when thirteen rouge members of the church went over with Joe Delgatto to push their case with Presbytery. Who knows exactly what happened? Presbytery has issued no mandate. All of these kinds of things simply verify that there is a rottenness between Joe Delgatto and the Presbytery.

I would also point out that there is a meeting this Wednesday night regarding the different alleged committees that have been set up. I would submit to you that those committees were not approved by the session. They were arbitrarily set up by Joe Delgatto. As you can see by looking at the heads of those committees, they are members of Joe’s inner group. There are no committee heads who he has abandoned and rejected and refused to communicate with. As many of you as possible need to go on Wednesday night.

I would also tell you that no where in any session meeting notes or tapes that I have was there ever any vote held on reorganizing these committees. This is simply another example of Joe Delgatto trying to dictate what is going to happen in this church.

Again Presbytery is oblivious to what is going on. They have had their chance. They are trying to tell the seniors of the church that black is white and red is green. It is unfortunate that we have to continue to fight. Presbytery as well as Joe Delgatto continue to lie and manipulate.

In Jesus name,

A member of the light,



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