Subj: The evil at Presbytery of New Covenant 
Date: 5/24/2003 4:41:57 AM Central America Standard Tim
From: John WorldPeace

Dear Mr. Cole, General Presbyter of Presbytery of New Covenant, Houston, Texas

It has been two months now since I last wrote you about membership.  As I promised, you have been faxed every day with my request to be reactivated as a member of Heights Presbyterian Church.  You continue to ignore my application.  You continue to say that you have no control over Minister Delgatto, you have no control over the administrative commission, the gestappo body you installed to ram the corrupt Independence Heights Project through.  I have made application for membership to all these people and still nothing.

What has happened is that your henchmen, the administrative commission, headed by the corrupt Douglas Harper, made a visit to my mother's home threatening her if she did not drop the lawsuit that is about to prove the incredible corruption of the preacher's union that is the Presbyterian Church. 

When my mother refused to drop the lawsuit, your henchmen removed her as trustee from the church, funny because she is doing the work of Jesus in exposing the theft of $600,000 by Joe Delgatto and his own admission to illegally obligating the church to a $4.7 million corrupt HUD project without the approval of the congregation or the session or your own Presbytery.  She was also removed from all committees.  She has in effect been shunned by your henchmen and all the while the corruption of the administrative commission goes on. 

You sir or no longer just corrupt, you have stepped over the line and have become an instrument of Satan.  When you close off the membership to the church of Christ and make it a personal club of yes men and women to serve the evil deeds of stealing the funds from Heights Church and then working diligently to bankrupt the church so that it can be sold and the $10 million of assets can be added to the retirement fund of the preacher's union, money has become your God and you have rejected Christ as your savior for a more earthly master.

I have been busy of late fighting other battles, in particular my battle to close down two of the most corrupt car dealers in the city and putting an end to the unconstitutional practices of the State Bar of Texas.  So the number three most important matter on my agenda, the corruption of the Presbyterian Church, has taken a back seat.

Yet in the passing months I have allowed you every chance to repent of your evil ways.  In response, you have decided to increase the level of your corruption.  The Book of Order says that for you to close off the membership of the church is an abomination to Chirst and a scandal on the gospel.  You sir cannot deny that this describes you to a T.

On this long Memorial Day weekend, I have committed myself to sending this letter of accusation to the leadership of every Presbytery and every Synod governing body. The General Assembly is hopeless because Ms. Renton is as corrupt and evil as yourself.  You are both a couple of bureaucrats who promote evil and then hide behind the organization the church selectively invoking the Book of Order.

The reason that the Presbyterian Church is faltering and there are fewer and fewer members is because of the corruption that is going on at Heights Church and thousands of other church just like it.  You sir are simply enjoying the boon times of closing down all these churches, selling their assets and creating one of the world's largest retirement funds for a ministry that is becoming more and more irrelevant each day.

You sir cannot deny that you have denied and blocked my membership.  You sir cannot deny that you have received over fifty faxes from me regarding my membership.  You sir are an abomination to Christ and if you truly believed that he is your savior, then you would quit your evil way and repent of your sins.

I did not come into this life to sit back and say nothing while corrupt bureaucrats like yourself step into the shoes of the Jewish bureaucrats who crucified our Lord. 

You sir are a prime example of the darkness that has descended on the Presbyterian Church and I will not allow you to continue on with your evil agenda unchallenged.  You will not be allowed to work in the dark and shut down Heights Presbyterian Church. You will not be allowed to bankrupt that church and intimidate those who are working for Christ.  You will not be allowed to foist your ministry of evil on Heights Church under the cover of darkness. 

Because you sir are an abomination to Christ, you are my enemy.  Because you have determined to destroy my church, I am committed to bringing your evil deeds to light.  In the end, as you should know but refuse to believe, Christ will prevail.  And you will never be able to fight his truth with your dark and evil ways.

The truth sir is the truth.  And the truth is that you serve Satan and money.  The truth is that you sir have closed the membership of the church and by so doing you have pitted youself against Christ.  If you think that you will be able to win this battle, you are as delusional as your master the devil.

In the end, there will be justice.  In the end, my mother will be vindicated and you and your henchmen will be cast into the pit of Hell where you belong.  Where else do evil men of evil deeds go?  My mother has devoted sixty years of her life to the church which you intend to destroy.  

This is the same church upon which the devil's pentagram was painted ten months ago and which the evil minister Joe Delgatto and his very close friend Patty Ellis refused to remove.  The mark of Satan was placed on the church and the minister? did not lift a finger to remove it.  This is the reality of what is going on at Heights Church. This is the reality of your administration of evil.

mene tekel peres

In the end,


Subj: RE: WorldPeace  
Date: 3/31/2003 6:17:00 PM Central America Standard Tim

Mr. WorldPeace: I assure you that everyone in this office has far better things to do with their time than to try to intercept a fax on a Saturday night. You may fax me all you want about your request for membership, but neither I nor anyone on the Presbytery staff is involved in making that decision.  The Book of Order makes it quite clear that the Session of Heights Presbyterian Church is the governing body that receives new members.  Since the Presbytery has elected an Administrative Commission to assume original jurisdiction of the session at Heights Presbyterian Church, the Administrative Commission is the only appropriate governing body to whom you should address your request. Mike Cole  

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From: []
Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2003 8:16 AM

Subject: WorldPeace
 As I promised, I am faxing you my application for membership everyday until you deal with the problem of Joe Delgatto and his lies and bad acts.

Last night at about 8:00 PM, somebody at your headquarters kept turning the fax machine off as we tried to fax.  We would fax a page and the fax would be unplugged.  My suspicion is that it was Art Greer. 

This is the same Art Greer who said the Book of Order is the bible of the Presbyterian Church and the same Art Greer who joys in calling me by my prior name.  I wonder how he would feel if I referred to his mother by her maiden name. 

I think that there is little difference between the union of Presbyterian ministers and the Sanhedrin in Jesus time.  It was the Sanhedrin who were most instrumental in the crucifixion of Jesus.  It seems to me that there is little difference between the Rabbi union of 2,000 years ago and the bureaucracy that exists in the Presbyterian Church today.

You sir, will either serve Jesus or you will serve the Presbyterian Church.  And when  you sit by apathetically and allow Joe Delgatto, Belinda Windham, Art Greer, Roy Keezel, Lynn Johnson, and Doug Harper, to name a few, to close off the membership at Heights Presbyterian Church, you have betrayed your mandate not only from the Presbyterian Church but more importantly your sacred oath to Jesus Christ and his gospel.

In Jesus name,


PS  The lies that Reagan Brown has been hired by Presbytery to spin about the Independence Heights Project will not be allowed to stand.  In the end, WorldPeace.



To: Lynn Johnson, Stated Clerk
The Presbytery of New Covenant 1110 Lovett Blvd, Houston, TX 77006

From: John WorldPeace f/k/a Kenneth Edward Wolter

I, John WorldPeace, allege that Joe Delgatto, minister of Heights Presbyterian Church, has committed the offense of blocking me from reactivating my membership in Heights Presbyterian Church contrary to the Holy Scripture and the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and I submit the following in support of said accusation:

I was baptized on June 27, 1948, in Heights Presbyterian Church.  I became an active member of Heights Presbyterian Church on December 2, 1962, by letter of transfer from Oaks Presbyterian Church.  I attended Heights Presbyterian Church virtually every Sunday until I began college in 1966.  Later, after marrying in the Methodist Church, I transferred my membership to St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.  Sometime after my divorce in 1987, I reaffirmed my membership in Heights Presbyterian Church.  I then became an inactive member when I moved first to Groesbeck, Texas and then to Colorado.  I returned to Houston in 1996 and returned to actively participating in the Heights Presbyterian Church in April 2002.

I have made several requests to the minister, Joe Delgatto, that my membership be reactivated by reaffirmation of faith.  Joe Delgatto, due to the fact that I have sued him on behalf of my mother, Joyce Wolter (who has been a member of Heights Presbyterian Church for over 60 years and who is a church trustee and member of the session) has refused to receive me into active membership of Heights Presbyterian Church.

Joe Delgatto has done this in an effort to exclude me from session meetings and has stated that he intends to exclude me from a special congressional meeting on December 8, 2002, the sole purpose of which is to discuss a dozen letters I have written to the congregation over the last seven months regarding the Independence Heights Project.  It is in the interests of Joe Delgatto to exclude me from these meetings because as a lawyer he knows that I can challenge his promoting the Independence Heights Project: Joe Delgatto’s statements to the congregation that Heights Presbyterian Church is not the sole guarantor of said project and his statement that the liability of said project is limited when it is in fact unlimited in both the building of the project and the monthly operation of the project.

It is the objective of Joe Delgatto to prevent me from questioning the misinformation that he and his co-conspirators are communicating to the session and the congregation in order to get approval for the project.  Incidentally the project has not been approved by the Presbytery as required under the Book of Order Rule G-8.0500.

Joe Delgatto has violated the Book of Order Rule G-5.0103. Inclusiveness.  The congregation shall welcome all persons who respond in trust and obedience to God’s grace in Jesus Christ and desire to become part of the membership and ministry of his Church.  No persons shall be denied membership because of race, ethnic orignin, worldly condition, or any other reason not related to profession of faith.  Each member must seek the grace of openness in extending the fellowship of Christ to all persons.  Failure to do so constitutes a rejection of Christ himself and causes a scandal to the gospel.

In addition, I would personally assert that failure to reactivate my membership for Joe Delgatto’s self serving purposes is a breach of his mandate as minister of Heights Presbyterian Church per Rule G-6.0200 (b) With the elders, the pastor is…to participate in governing responsibilities, including leadership of the congregation in implementing the principles of participation and inclusiveness in the decision making of the church.

Per the Book of Order G-5.0204. Inactive Member.  An inactive member of a particular church is one who does not participate in the church’s work or worship.  An inactive member is entitled to all the rights and privileges of an active member except the right to speak in the meetings of the congregation and to vote and hold office.

I would show the Presbytery that I have in the last seven months in fact participated in the church’s work and have worshiped every Sunday.  Further, I would show the Presbytery that Joe Delgatto has expressed his determination to exclude me from the Special Congregational Meeting on December 8, 2002.  This is contrary to the above rule regarding inactive members.

I would show the Presbytery that through his agent the Rev? Belinda Windham who was fired by St. Giles Presbyterian church as minister, Joe Delgatto called the police in order to attempt to remove me from a session meeting which I attended with my mother (a member of the session and a trustee of Heights Presbyterian Church) on November 11, 2002.  When the police refused to remove me, Joe Delgatto terminated the session meeting.

In desperation to ram the Independence Heights Project through the session, Joe Delgatto and Patty Ellis (another session member) convinced Barbara Puckett (another session member) to hold the session meeting in her home in order to exclude me from the meeting.  The session meeting was designated an executive meeting but was in fact a general session meeting because it did not meet the requirements of an executive meeting.

Per the Book of Order Rule G-5.0202. Active Member.  An active member of a particular church is a person who has made a profession of faith in Christ (which I did in 1961 in Heights PC) has been baptized (which I was in 1948 in Heights PC) has been received into membership of the church (which I was 1962 by letter from Oaks Presbyterian Church), have voluntarily submitted to the government of the church (which I have and do) and participate in the church’s work and worship (which I do when not thwarted by Joe Delgatto).  An active member is entitled to all the rights and privileges of the church, including the right to… vote and hold office….

By any definition of an active member of Heights Presbyterian Church, except that Joe Delgatto is blocking my membership, I am an active member. 

Therefore, there is no grounds or basis what-so-ever for Joe Delgatto to keep me becoming an active member of the Heights Presbyterian Church other than his attempt to keep me from challenging his corrupt attempt to bankrupt the church for his own personal gain.  It would be hard for me to believe that the Presbytery would not negatively consider the extreme measures that Joe Delgatto has taken to exclude me from challenging him when he presents misinformation to the session and the congregation.

If the Independence Heights Project cannot stand the test of investigation and discussion and if the session and congregation are not to be allowed to consider all the facts and all the facets and perspectives and opinions both lay and professional with regard to this particular project, then the chances of making bad decisions is greatly increased.

I would show the Presbytery that no person will say that I have at any point been physically abusive, or verbally abusive or disruptive and anything but orderly and reserved in the expressing of what I have to say to the congregation. 

It is dictatorial and undemocratic and unAmerican and unChristian attempt to run a Presbyterian Church the way Joe Delgatto does.  It is a breach of Joe Delgatto’s ministerial duty when he sets himself up as God and closes off the membership of the church.  It is especially wrong for Joe Delgatto to refuse to acknowledge someone like myself who has been a member of Heights Presbyterian Church since birth.

And lastly, I would ask the Presbytery to consider that the way I have been treated by Joe Delgatto is typical of how he treats all prospective members.  In fact, until I made an issue of it several months ago, Joe Delgatto refused to ask visitors to join the church at worship service.  I would allege that new members would require additional work of Joe Delgatto and would dilute the authority of his co-conspirators. 

This is the reality of Joe Delgatto’s ministry at Heights Presbyterian Church.  It is exemplified by the fact that in five years Joe has refused to actively engage in increasing the membership.  Joe Delgatto presently takes more in salary than the total annual church pledges.

Respectfully submitted,

John WorldPeace

Date November 30, 2002



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