Condemnation of the Administrative Commission
at Heights Presbyterian Church:  Houston, Texas

Heights Presbyterian Church is suffocating in darkness and it is because the minister? Joe Delgatto is being supported in his bad acts, his corruption, his apathy, and his arrogance by the Administrative Commission and the Presbytery of New Covenant who appointed it.

In the four months since its appointment, the Administrative Commission has had no open congregation meetings.  The only discussions with the congregation occurred three months ago when each member was allowed ten minutes to speak in isolation to one half of the Administrative Commission. 

There has been no meetings with the entire session other than one meeting on March 24, 2003, when the twelve members of the session were allowed to speak for about five minutes each before a fourteen page edict was read by Reagan Brown, attorney for the Administrative Commission, to the session members who were not allowed to interrupt or question the content of the Interim Report.

Two members of the Administrative Commission were attending Sunday service, Roy Keezel, attorney at law and Rev? Louise Rowe. Now neither attends.  The reason is that they cannot face the senior members who continue to attend church.  The reason is that they cannot in good conscience come into the house of the Lord when the Lord can so easily see into their hearts. 

None of the members of the Administrative Commission can afford to show their face in a place where the congregation knows that they have done so many bad acts and have refused to do anything to try to heal the deep divisions that now exist in the congregation. 

There is almost no energy left in the church.  There is no joy, there is no uplifting, there is no peace that should come when one attends Heights Presbyterian Church. 

The Administrative Commission has supported about a dozen members of the congregation and ignored and acted contemptuously of the rest. 

The church is losing about $2,500 per week because half the members have stopped their contributions.   Some of these members have begun to refuse to attend church functions and events where Delgatto will be present. The only money available to pay the continuing deficit is the $200,000 balance of a $1 million bequest to the church six years ago.  This bequest was from the estate of John Fakes, the son of the founder of Heights Presbyterian Church. 

The vast majority of the Fakes bequest has been embezzled in the last five years that Delgatto has been the minister.  Three weeks ago the picture of Mr. Fakes was removed from the foyer of the church because the Administrative Commission and their corrupt lackeys could not deal with him looking at them even from a photograph.

Within the last month, virtually all the memorial plaques in the church have been removed and the memorials destroyed.  This is in an effort to purge from the church any history of the half of the congregation and their parents who founded and maintained the church over the last 100 years.

All this is being done with the blessing of the Administrative Commission.

Patty Ellis, who came to Heights Presbyterian Church about three years ago, has been the driving force behind this desecration.  Last week the plaque with the names of the members who built the present sanctuary was removed from the foyer. 

A year ago, a Satanic Pentagram was spray painted on the side of the church.  There was a resistance by Patty Ellis and Joe Delgatto to remove the sign.  In fact, Walter Ellis made it known that it would not be removed.  A few members of the church did remove the majority of the Pentagram but the smudge is still there.

Money is being spent to fix up a building which each day serves less and less as a church and more and more as the private club of about twenty rogue members.  Lots of money to do things but not a single dime to remove all traces of the Pentagram.

The Administrative Commission must be talking to some of the members of the session because there is this constant spending of money.  Yet, no formal session or congregational meeting has been called to discuss these expenditures.  All this is hidden from the congregation.  Not a single report has been issued about anything but the corrupt HUD Independent Heights Project which the Administrative Commission is determined to push through.

As I said, none of the members of the Administrative Commission are members of Heights Presbyterian Church or even attend worship service nor are they communicating with the members of the congregation or the session as a body.  There are no efforts being made to heal the church.  If anything there is an ongoing effort by the Administrative Commission to drive away the members who have been in the church for three to five decades and who opposed their bad acts. 

There have been no new members received into the church for almost a year.  There is no outreach program in the community.  There is only the spending of the balance of the John Fakes money.

There can be little doubt that the Administrative Commission's mandate from Mike Cole, General Presbyter of Presbytery of New Covenant, is to allow the corrupt members to spend the church's assets until the church is bankrupt.  Then Heights Presbyterian Church can be closed and its property sold for about $2 million along with the $7 million worth of retirement home assets which the church owns.

The Heights House and Heights Tower are HUD retirement homes that will be eligible in about eight years to be converted into apartments or condos because the 40 year obligation to maintain the homes as retirement facilities will be over.  And the Heights is showing a significant rebirth.

The time is soon coming when this matter will be resolved and those who have corrupted the Presbyterian Church on all levels will be rebuked and those who have stolen will be required to repay and those who have used the church for the purpose of inflating their egos will be shamed and from those who have closed off the membership of Heights Presbyterian Church, which is an abomination to Christ and a scandal on the gospel, they will be confronted with their abominable acts.

The old and new Testaments are filled with miracles and God's wrath.  The old Testament is full of examples of what happens to those who thwart the will of God and forsake His name. 

When Job asked God, why the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer, God did not answer but only asked Job who he was to ask God what God was doing.

I have faith, more than most.  I have had it all my life; before I even understood anything about Jesus or Christianity.  I was not born again.  I was born once and never lost sight of God and my mortality and the fact that when I leave this life I will  take only my words, acts and deeds. 

I do not know how things are going to turn out in this matter but I have a lifetime of experience in faith.  I have a lifetime of dealing with situations just like the one at Heights Presbyterian Church.  And from that experience, I know that I did not come into this particular situation without a reason.

I was raised in Heights Presbyterian Church and I have no doubt that I was called back for a purpose.  The purpose has as much to do with my spiritual development and growth as it does with every member of Heights Presbyterian Church and every member of the Presbyterian Church USA. 

I believe that God has determined to make a statement and I believe we are all part of that plan. 

What I know for sure is that there is presently an attempt by Joe Delgatto, Patty Ellis, the Administrative Commission, the Presbytery of New Covenant and some of the officers of the Presbyterian Church to choke off the membership of Heights Presbyterian Church.  I believe that it is worse for one to do evil things in the name of Christ than it is to reject Christ altogether. 

I believe that a day of reckoning is fast approaching but there is still time for those who are attempting to corrupt Heights Presbyterian Church to quit their wrong doing.  I also believe from a life time of faith that God is about to speak clearly such that everyone can hear and understand. 

In the meantime, I will continue to do the things that I am led to do in this matter.  I do not answer to any man.  I never have and I never will.  It does not matter what God determines to do to remedy this dark situation because to His will I always defer.

Lastly, I want to repeat that the Satanic Pentagram that was painted on the side of the church and those who put it there and those leaders who tolerated it being there have no idea what an abomination this mark is to all the saints and prophets and angels in the heavens who do God's will.  And when the membership of Christ's church is closed as it has been by Mike Cole, the Administrative Commission and Joe Delgatto, then surely judgment is about to be passed and punishment meted out.  Let those who have ears hear and those who have eyes see.

To all the good people at Heights Presbyterian Church I ask you to keep the faith and pray.

In Jesus name,



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