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Date: 6/20/2003 4:03:36 AM Central America Standard Tim
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First let me commend you on your wonderful peace site. I have been a fan for a while. I must admit that I am contacting you for another reason than to applaud your efforts in peacemaking. I have a great desire to discuss with you the claims you make against the Presbyterian Church USA. I would like to know more detail on the issue of you being denied membership to a Presbyterian church and the scandal in the new covenant presbytery. I am unaware of both issues, but am greatly involved in the pcusa and am greatly appalled by this information. 

Thank you

Dear Jaime,

Thank you for your email.

I was raised at Heights Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas.  I attended every Sunday with my family until I started college at 18.  My mother has been attending since 1940 when the Presbyterian Church she was attending moved.

My mother, Joyce Wolter, has missed church on the average of two or three times a year in the last 62 years.  There was a time between 1959 and 1962 that my family attended Oaks Presbyterian Church because it was only three blocks from where we lived and across the street from my Junior High School. My parents wanted my sister and I to go to church with the kids we were attending school with. 

The preacher of that church had a baby with one of the members.  Both were married with families.  The scandal was too much for my parents and we moved back to Heights Presbyterian Church.

Last year my mother told me that the preacher at Heights, Joe Delgatto, was stealing money and that all the church memorials were being destroyed and the members who had been there for thirty to fifty years were being run off and they were being told not to do things around the church.

The problem centered around a HUD retirement home project that was being pushed by a corrupt businessman named Tom Lord. (The interconnection of names in this matter is very interesting.  My mother's maiden name was Ellis and her nemesis at the church, an egocentric member, is named Patty Ellis.)

Anyway the preacher and a few members, in secret, had committed the church to this project in May 2001.  I got involved in April 2002.  I had a meeting with the conspirators.  I am an attorney and accountant and I immediately saw the project was a scam. 

I filed suit on behalf of my mother who is a member of the session and a trustee against the preacher for fraud and theft of about $600,000 of a $1,000,000 bequest from a man named John Fakes.  The money was received about six years ago and the current preacher Joe Delgatto was hired five years ago. 

John Fakes was the son of the founder of Heights Presbyterian Church.  Three weeks ago his picture was removed from the church foyer.

Last week a plaque with my parents, grand parents and aunts and uncles names was removed from the foyer.  The plaque was a memorial to those who financed the building of the present sanctuary in 1952.  The corrupters want to erase all evidence of the history of the church and have been destroying memorials for the last two years; about the time that the nemesis, Patty Ellis came to Heights and when there was a commitment by the preacher to the HUD project.

After I filed suit, I began to attend church every Sunday.  The first time I attended church after filing suit, about ten members hemmed me in the pews after church and wanted to start a fist fight right there in the sanctuary.  It did not happen because I would not respond.

The preacher admitted in open court that he had committed the church to the project without the permission of the session, the congregation or the Presbytery of New Covenant: which is against the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church.  And he had done so in secret and continued in his corruption even after suit was filed and even after there was a court order stopping any discussion of the project until the preacher's deposition could be taken.

I applied to reinstate my membership at Heights Church.  The preacher and the rogue session members refused.  I applied to the Presbytery for help and was told that since I was not a member I could not complain about not being a member.  My mother complained by filing an official complaint and  nothing has been done.

The preacher has  stopped asking people to join the church because he knows I will come forward. 

An administrative commission was illegally appointed by the Presbytery to cover up the HUD project corruption and the theft of the Fakes monies.  One of the members of the commission, an attorney, got up one Sunday and made a call for members from the pulpit. The preacher was sitting behind him.  I and my wife and aunt came forward to join.  The preacher would not stand up, would not acknowledge us, and the administrative commission member refused to push our membership.  I have all this on video tape.

I wrote the new General Presbyter of Presbytery of New Covenant, Mike Cole, in February and he said my membership is not his problem.

The membership of the church has been closed off.  I feel like Elijah confronting King Ahab.  I have faith that God is in control of this situation. A lot of progress has been made in the sense that the strangle hold that Patty Ellis had on the church has been broken.  Half of the members will not attend any church function where the preacher is present. Deep divisions now exist in the congregation and the Presbytery still backs the preacher.

There was a Satanic Pentagram (a star in a circle) spray painted on the church last year and Patty Ellis and her husband refused to remove it.  Ms. Ellis has not attended church in two months.  But she still has some power.  A few members tried to remove the Pentagram and mostly a smudge is left but it is still there.  This is the only graffiti that I know that has ever been painted on the church.

In a nutshell, I am determined to fight the resident evil at the church and the Presbytery.  The church bureaucracy exists to spread the gospel of Jesus and when you close off the membership of a church, the Book of Order says you create a scandal on the gospel and become an abomination to Christ.  I have said this to Mike Cole and others at the Presbytery who do not come around any more.

But they have determined that I will not become a member no matter what.

That is the story in a nutshell.  I have found that the majority of the leaders of the Presbyterian church are apathetic and many have told me in emails that it is not their problem.  I send about 1700 emails to the members of all of the Presbyteries, Synods and General Assembly about once a week.  Dr. Renton chair of the General Assembly wrote me an email and said it was not her problem and she had no ability to solve it.

It is time for the leadership of the Presbyterian Church to be purged of these kinds of people.  It is time to rekindle the fire of Jesus and I am going to do everything I can to make this happen.  In the end, God will prevail and everyone will see His hand in this matter.

I welcome all the help you can give,

In Jesus name,



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