July 18, 2003

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: Update on events at Heights Presbyterian Church

1) Well we want to thank the Patty Ellis and Bennie Grabel of the building and grounds for not having the yard mowed last Sunday. And a special thanks for not turning on the air conditioning and making everyone to suffer in the heat.

2) John Blanco said the lights in the chapel hallway are crooked because the walls are crooked. Someone should show him how to use a chalk line as opposed to measuring from crooked walls.

3) This Sunday is going to be our only opportunity to confront Mike Cole and the members of the Presbytery and the Administrative Commission if they show. We can have our annual congregational meeting and ask questions about the fact that nothing is being done to heal the church or anything other than the corrupt Independence Heights project. So come prepared to participate in an open congregational meeting. It will not matter if we use up Mike Cole’s time, he has nothing to say anyway. Not only that, per the Book of Order his closing off the membership of the church is a rejection of Christ and a scandal on the gospel and I do not think we need to listen to someone who is not a Christian.

4) The parlor has been redone to the tastes of Patty Ellis and Alice Grabel. Of course the cream colored walls do not match the burgundy carpet.

5) Mother and I went to see the progress in the Fellowship Hall and the police were called. They did not do anything. When we returned again in the evening, the police were called again. I thought it was funny to see all the Grabels crowded at the door of the Fellowship Hall like a bunch of kids at the zoo. And the men were talking to the police like real men do. I nearly broke out laughing. I thought I was at a clown convention.

6) The room above the Narthex has been completely gutted and the contents have been moved to the room to the right of the pulpit and elsewhere. It seems that the whole church is to be made over in the image of Patty and Alice and I guess Barbara Puckett. Interestingly, on the outside of the new memorial room is where they put the Pentagram that Joe and Walter refused to remove.

Incidentally, does anyone really think that the Pentagram was randomly put there by some roaming gang member? It is not a gang symbol. It is the symbol of the Church of Satan.

7) I expect the cornerstone will be desecrated next. There should be a Master Mason remove it but I am sure that John Blanco will do it with a sledge hammer. If Joe was not convinced that there was a roll of quarters in there, the rogues would probably leave it alone.

8) They have changed the locks on the doors to the church. By they, I mean the Grabel brood, Patty and Walter and Joe and Madeline. The membership of the church is closed off and now the doors are being locked so no one has access. Coming soon the church will become the Temple of the Red Headed Witch.

9) You have to acknowledge that Patty and Walter, the Grabels, and Barbara Puckett along with Joe have sort of adversely possessed the church and are rebuilding it in their own image. Presbytery and the Administrative Commission could care less. All of the senior members of the church have essentially been removed from all the committees and any participation in the church service. These rogues have become such a closed society that they have lost all touch with reality.

10) I would like to point out that my mother is one of the six active members of the church who actually help build the present sanctuary. Will these people be acknowledged on Sunday? I doubt it. Walter Ellis even blocked mother from entering the church last week. What a pathetic excuse for a human being he is.

11) I understand that the elevators at the Heights Tower are not working and the residents have to climb the stairs to get to their rooms. Tom "Slum" Lord is in charge of the maintenance. Is anyone surprised?

12) There are a lot of people going to my web site at and I am getting some interesting feedback. The Heights Presbyterian Church web page is pathetic The graphics are terrible and the content is minimal. When I checked last, the calendar was current through the end of May. Again, no follow through. I guess Patty was queen of this project as well. I do not think she can spell "computer". She only got up to "broom" in school.

13) I understand that Joe is going to only work Monday through Thursday from nine to three. The offices will be closed on Friday. Think about it. Since Joe has been here, a million dollar bequest has been spent, the membership has been closed off and now the locks are being changed to limit access and the office hours are being reduced.

14) I suggest that all of you who do not approve of all these changes stop contributing to the church. Put those funds aside because they will be needed when we purge Joe and Madeline from the church. He would have been gone a long time ago if the Presbytery did not need a fall guy for the crisis that is coming over the Independence Heights Project.

15) I think it is sad how all the memorials have been destroyed by Patty Ellis. But I guess it does not really matter. No memorial to Patty is going to last more than 24 hours. Maybe we can nail a red wig in one of John Blanco’s deluxe closets where it is dangerous to go.

Now is the time to stand up for Jesus!!!!



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