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July 21, 2003

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: Reflections on the Centennial

1) All in all we can be thankful that the Centennial is over and everyone can begin to focus on healing the church. We can be thankful that the speakers did not provoke a riot by touching on issues that have divided the church for over a year. Of course Joe had to read the alleged letter from Jerry Faust who was a worse excuse for a minister than Delgatto and whose wife was more arrogant but less vicious than Madeline. Joe had to sneak in the only Independence Heights reference by attributing it to Faust.

2) The fact the police were present is an undeniable statement that things are out of control at Heights Presbyterian Church. Who were the police there for? The only people who have exhibited a desire to start some physical violence are the Grabels, the Ellisís and Terry Myers. You all remember how they hemmed me into the pews last year and Terry Myers wanted to fight right there in the sanctuary. The police have been called three times because of my presence: Last October, the windbag Belinda Windham at the session meeting, and twice last week when my mother and I were checking on the remodeling of the Fellowship Hall. It was again Benny Grabel who tried to start a fight with me. What a bunch of low rent brawlers these people are. And how ignorant of the Administrative Commission and Presbytery to back these Neanderthals.

3) Since the seniors of the church were ignored in the planning of the Centennial, Esther Robinson, the wife of Aubrey Robinson who designed the present sanctuary was ignored. Ms. Robinson was there with her children but Barbara Puckett and the Grabels have little knowledge of church history nor do they care. They are off on their own ego centric trip. Legends in their own minds.

4) In addition, by my count, there were at least five members present whose names are on the memorial plaque in the Northex for financing the present sanctuary. Ida Walden, Joe Lamb, Esther Robinson, Joyce Wolter, Jeannie Windham. Of course none of these people were recognized. And what is worse, they are the ones who should have opened the cornerstone box. But here again were are dealing with arrogance and ignorance and a total disrespect for the elders in the church.

5) Further, in regards to the cornerstone, there are a lot of Master Masons in the church. These men know that cornerstones are typically laid by Master Masons in a solemn ceremony. And those cornerstones are removed by Master Masons in the same fashion. However, again the ignorance of people like Barbara Puckett and Terry Myers and the rest of the rogues display the same respect for cornerstones that pigs have for antique crystal. These Master Masons have been cut out from these important ceremonies so that these self-centered butt heads can continue to satisfy their need to destroy every sacred memorial in the church.

6) The memorial plaques in the Northex now look like they were one of the Grabelís high school shop projects. When you have no class or appreciation for quality, then you hang lights like paper lanterns on a clothes line and you put together a 100th Anniversary Commemorative booklet like third graders participating in a cut and paste project. At least someone should know that you have to put the paper all the way into the hole punch before you stamp it. God help me if I turned in an abortion like that to the appeals court.

7) I want to congratulate Candy Stroup and Walter Ellis for following in the steps of Terry Myers and Bennie Grabel in her refusal to pass the collection plate down the pew where my wife and grandson were sitting. Kay had to turn around to put her offering in the plate and my grandson had to get up and follow Candy down the isle to put his money into the plate. Oh well, this is just more of the same brand of Christianity practiced by the ignorant and the petty; SatanĎs imps.

8) Again, we all had to suffer in the heat in church. No one considered that the units should have been turned on a few days earlier and the temperature brought down in the sanctuary. Of course that is hard to do when you are laying tile up unto the last minute and the doors have to be kept open. This is the mentality of people who canít think past their next meal.

9) I think that it was unfortunate that there was no effort to have more video and audio coverage of the event. This was a Centennial event. Poor Bennie Grabel tried to take pictures from the back corner of the church but of course when people stood up to sing or pray everything was blocked out. If someone had been videoing from above the Northex a different angle could have been achieved and the two tapes could have been edited together. There are several other people who have the equipment to accomplish this but the red headed witch and her imps have been so intent on stopping all videoing in the church services that those with the equipment did not want to fight these little tin gods.

I took my video not thinking that I would be the only person other than Bennie to do so. As far as I can tell, I got everything but since I was not using a tripod, some of the pictures are a little shaky especially when I zoomed in.

This is just another example of the problems you have when you do not draw upon all the talents and assets of the entire congregation and depend on limited brain power further handicapped by arrogance and pettiness.

I think I have the software to create a DVD from the video that I took but it will be a week or two before I can get to it. When it is ready, I will send it out to those of you who are interested. Right now I do not expect that it will cost more than a hundred dollars if I can do it myself and I will cover this. If I have to take it and get it done elsewhere, then I will get the price and take orders.

10) The lock problem was another red headed witch fiasco. But after I sent out the last 1,800 emails regarding this, I understand that keys will now be handed out. Of course I am sure that my mother will be off the key list. More pettiness. Here again is another example of a brain trust that altogether does not exceed a 100 IQ. You want the senior members to continue their pledges but you tell them at the same time they are not trusted after twenty years or so to have a key to the church. What is more interesting is that there has never been a theft. In fact, a lot of honest people continually checking on the church is a theft deterrent. The only alleged theft was the red headed witchís false police report last year. It was even announced by Delgatto from the pulpit. Just another lie.

11) Mike Cole confronted me in Delgattoís office when I was taking videos of the work done in the annex. The following is that conversation that was recorded on my video camera.

Cole came up and offered his hand which I refused to shake lest he think I approve of his corruption.

Cole: Good Morning

WorldPeace: How are you doing

Cole: Iím fine, My name is Mike Cole

WorldPeace: Yeah, I know who you are

Cole: Ok and your name is?

WorldPeace: John WorldPeace

Cole: Hello John, Itís good to finally meet you.

WorldPeace:  OK

Long pause

Cole: Itís a shame that we could not have met under different circumstances

WorldPeace: I believe that choice was yours.

Cole: Ah, Not actually

WorldPeace: Well actually it is. We have been trying to get in touch with you for six months

and you are the invisible man.

Cole: Um. Not at all. Not at all.

WorldPeace: Oh yes. Everything is a big secret everything. Everything is closed tight. It is a

closed society. That is what we are dealing with. You are the man in charge. You

are the one responsible for this whole mess.

Cole: Well, thatís your perception, John

WorldPeace: Well youíre _______

Cole: Your perception.

WorldPeace: Like Truman says. The buck stops here and you are at the top of the pyramid. Of

this little pyramid.

Cole: Itís a shame you donít understand the Presbyterian Church John

WorldPeace: Really. I think I do. I think I do understand it.

Cole: You donít have a clue about _________ You have a web site in which you vilify me and

others and it is shameful.

WorldPeace: Really. You have rejected Christ sir. Yes sir. You have closed the membership in

this church. The Book of Order says it. Youíre committed to the Book of Order

and there is no way around it. The law is the law.

Cole: You have no understanding.

WorldPeace: I see. This is a private exclusive club is what it comes down to.

Cole: You are wrong. You are wrong, in the name of Jesus Christ, you are wrong.

WorldPeace: And I will tell you, you have not responded at all. Letís hear your response.

Cole: You have no place to be vilifying me. No place. You have no standing and no place to

vilify anyone. And to put words in my mouth and put word in other peopleís mouth is

wrong and shameful, shameful, shameful.

WorldPeace: Well, respond.

Cole: I have now. I have.

WorldPeace: Weíll see what happens

Cole: You bet

WorldPeace: You bet

To Coleís frustration, I walked off. I felt sure he was trying to pick a fight.

12) The bottom line to all of this is that Delgatto must go. Delgatto is a money grubbing petty little man who has no interest in ministering to the church. The number of people attending the Centennial is proof positive that Heights Presbyterian Church is a very viable entity. Yet Joe Delgatto and the red headed witch have made and continue to make giant stides in alienating everyone in the church as they continue to consolidate their Satanic chokehold. I have a tape recording of Walter Ellis saying that he was not going to remove the Satanic pentagram from the side of the church. What else can I say.

13) I do not like going after the Grabels and the other confused members of the church. I am sorry that it has to be done but I am not sorry that I am doing it. I am not going to allow the church to be robbed and I am not going to allow a few tin gods to destroy what is left of Heights Presbyterian Church. I am going to continue the effective dissemination of information on my web page and I am going to expand the lawsuit as well as bring pressure from HUD to get to the bottom of the corruption and put Delgatto in prison along with Tom Lord. And by the way, I am thankful that little crook did not show up.

I have no reason to back off anything that I have been doing. If anything, I have seen a need to hit harder with my epistles until Mike Cole, Lynn Johnson and Art ďthe gopherĒ Greer take charge of little Joe and show him the door. A hundred year old church is not going to suffer fools and crooks.

Joe allegedly said in his Bible class last week that he did not seek out new members because Heights Presbyterian Church was not a Baptist Church. What a foolish statement. Members pay the bills and members increase the salary of good preachers. The problem is that Joe has been way over paid. He has been paid more than the annual pledges. And his position is therefore one of working less and less. Joe must go. And when he does, the red headed witch will leave with him and then the church will begin to heal and more importantly grow.

In Jesus name,



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