The ministry of Jesus is inclusive

There can be little doubt but that Mike Cole, General Presbyter, of Presbytery of New Covenant is representative of the Jewish religious bureaucracy that Jesus challenged and who were responsible for his crucifixion. As Jesus said, these men are white washed and sanitized on the outside but inside they are full of evil and wrong doing.

Jesus was asked over and over again why he associated with tax collectors, prostitutes and other such folk. Jesus answer was that his ministry was inclusive of everyone.

The Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church states it very clearly that the only requirement for admission to the church is an acknowledged belief in Jesus Christ. The Book of Order is very clear that to prevent someone from becoming a member for any other reason is a rejection of Christ and a scandal on the gospel.

To reject Christ is to reject Christianity. In short, you cannot be a Christian if you reject Christ.

The one question that Mike Cole cannot and will not answer, because there is no answer, is upon what basis is he preventing my becoming a member of Heights Presbyterian Church. And what is more important in this case is that my family has a long history at Heights. I was baptized at Heights and was a member for twenty four years before I transferred my membership to my ex-wife’s Methodist Church.

Now I have returned to Heights and submitted my request to become a member to Joe Delgatto, the session of Heights, the Administrative Commission, Lynn Johnson, the State Clerk of Presbytery of New Covenant and sixty times to Mike Cole via fax. Every time my petition is submitted Art “the gopher” Greer sends the fax back to me.

Mike Cole cannot and will not answer this one simple question, upon what does he base his authority to close the membership at Heights Presbyterian Church. The answer is that he has no authority and we therefore have a non Christian Satanist who has worked his way into a leadership position in the Presbyterian Church. 

Mike Cole has undeniably rejected Christ and is a cancer growing within the body of the church.

In Jesus name,



How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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