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< Subj:    Re: Satanism at Heights Presbyterian Church
Date:    7/21/03 9:50:58 AM Central Daylight Time


What do you want?

> To remove a preacher who has divided the congregation through his corrupt, lying, secretive acts.

And where do you come up with this silly evidence of satanism?

>  When someone paints a Satanic emblem on the side of a church is that just business as usual?  When the preacher who knows what it is refuses to remove it, isn't that strange?

Is this from some book or did you make it up yourself?

> All this is true.  This is what is happening at the church. 

This list certainly isn't biblical.

> The list is regarding the actual events going on at Heights Presbyterian Church.

But God will prevail and for that we can rejoice!  He is the King of Kings
and Lord of Lords.  No matter what happens, His Word will remain strong.

> True.  But God seems to always work through men.  Should all the prophets have refused to serve?  Should our faith in God create apathy in us?

May God give you wisdom as you seek to serve him.  Beware of Matthew 7:3.

>  For my entire life, I have only done what I was guided to do.  My involvement in Heights Church is just another assignment if you will.

Fred >

> Thanks for taking the time to respond.


<< Subj:    Re: Satanism at Heights Presbyterian Church
Date:    7/21/03 4:16:28 PM Central Daylight Time

Dear John WorldPeace

I have been trying to read your messages about your disappointment in your

> I am not disappointed.  I am a lawyer and I see these things each day.  What I am trying to point out is that Heights Church is just one particular example of how hypocritical the religious bureaucracies are.  Because I grew up at Heights, I have some inside knowledge that spans 55 years and so I have a better perspective than I would at some other church.

I do not know what the cause of your appointment was.

>  The number one problem was that the minister lied to the congregation about a corrupt HUD project that he attempted to, in secret, obligate the church to, for his own personal gain.

But as your name imply, I think you may be a peaceful person who would look for
reconciliation with someone who differed with you.

> I am looking for a discussion.  Yet after one year in this mess there is still cover up by the preacher and support in that cover up by the Presbytery.

Your view may be important and so does someone whom you differ with.

>  I had a discussion with the General Presbyter at Presbytery of New Covenant yesterday.  All he could say in response to my questions was that I did not understand the church.  But he refused to say anything tangible.

I appeal to you to do  some kind of reconciliatorory means of solving the problem rather than  writing the messages you send to all presbyterians all over the United

>  First you have to understand that I represent half the congregation.  This is not just me speaking.  It is me speaking for all of them.  They are the seniors at the church and they have been powerless to deal with the minister and his corrupt posse.

You seem to be full of faith but when you are certainly upset, your
faith may dry up with anger and may not realize that you have gone out of
the way not to be impressing people any more.

> I have more faith than anyone you know.  I feel that God sent me to use my skills to save Heights Church from being bankrupt.

  The people you reach in your  mail may not be learning anything on the other side and therefore, may not  know weather your points are valid any more.

> Well, I have been willing to post the other sides response.  But they refuse to respond.  The reason they refuse to respond is that what I am saying regarding the facts is true.

You may please want to look for a better way to solve this issue rather than
continuing to send us your views which actually present how the other side
is wrong.

>  I can only point out what is going on.  When you close the membership of the church that is wrong.  When the minister refuses to visit the sick, that is wrong.  When the Presbytery refuses to remove the minister who continues to divide the congregation, that is wrong.  The division has been going on for two years.  This is when the preacher began his corrupt actions.

I thought I should send you this note so that you think of any other ways to
deal with your anger about the Minister you always write about.

>  Well, I appreciate that.  But the members I represent have tried everything and nothing has worked.  I will tell you that things have gotten better since I got involved.  The corruption has stopped.  Things have been significantly slowed down.  The Presbytery is involved.

I learned som many things about the certain Joe Delgatto that has so much
disappointed you.  It seems that the issue is at court now so why can't you
wait for the court decesion?

>  The court may not have jurisdiction because this is an internal religious matter and there is a separation of church and state issue.  We are in court with only the theft and corruption issues regarding the minister.

The healing of the congregation cannot take place in the courts.  That must be done within the church.  That should be done by the minister but he is apathetic.  So I must continue to push any and every button I can to bring this matter into the open.

The reality is that it could all be solved if there was an open congregational meeting.  But the problem is that the Presbytery and the minister block it.  They block it because they cannot deal with the truth of what I am saying.  They have no response because they know they are the problem.

  Goanar - a concerned individual.

>  Thank you for your response and your prayers.


Subj: RE: Heights P C 100 years celebration
Date: 7/21/2003 6:44:55 PM Central America Standard Tim
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Your language is offensive to me.  Please take me off your e-mail list.

When I was a young man I went across the street to borrow Mr. Burchfield's ax.  Mr. Burchfield said that I could not borrow his ax because he was making chili.  I asked what making chili has to do with borrowing his ax.  He said nothing but if I do not want you to borrow my ax one excuse is as good as another.

The church is one.

If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.



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