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July 24, 2003

To:      The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re:      More mischief

1)  Someone jammed some toothpicks into the locks in the annex building on Tuesday night.  Of course Delgatto and his imps told the story that there was a bigger problem. The result was that the annex was closed on Wednesday and Thursday because Alice Grabel said they could not find a lock smith to fix the problem.  Right.

The truth was that they wanted to stop the quilting for abused children that is headed up by Joyce Wolter just as I said they would.

LeAnn took video of Richard Jenke removing the toothpicks from the locks and inserting Irma's old key.  The key fit but the lock had been changed.  Further, Richard had looked into this matter on Wednesday night and discovered the problem.  On Thursday morning the screen door to the back of the annex had been wired shut from the inside.  The whole lock matter was a lie.

2)  I have included a copy of relevant parts of the John Fakes Will and inventory.  There is no question but that the church got close to $900,000 as opposed to the $500,000 that is presently being talked about and is in the centennial book.  I feel confident that some of this money never reached the bank.  The money did not come in one check. David Northcut had wanted to put the money in the Presbytery fund, which is now bankrupt.  I believe that Delgatto cut a deal with Presbytery almost as soon as he came to Heights to steal some of this money.  We will get to the bottom of this.  I just do not know why it is being told that the money received from Fakes was about $500,000.

3)  Attached is a copy of an accusation regarding membership that I would like for you to consider signing so we can send it to Presbytery.  From the response on my internet site, this is the biggest problem they have.  It is one that the whole Presbyterian Church understands and is concerned about.  It is why Mike Cole was so mad Sunday.

In Jesus name, we will persevere and we will prevail.



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