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Date: 8/11/2003 2:33:25 PM Central America Standard Tim

August 11, 2003

I am quoting your website > Well, I have been willing to post the other
sides response.  But they refuse to respond.  The reason they refuse to
respond is that what I am saying regarding the facts is true.

I have a response and I'm sure you will post this to your website...unless
you are lying about that too.

> You're on mystery person

You have no proof that Dr. Joe, Patty Ellis, Charlie Windham or any other
members of Heights Presbyterian Church have done any bad acts.

>Joe Delgatto, the minister, testified in court that he did not have the authority of the session, the congregation nor the Presbytery of New Covenant to obligate the church to the corrupt HUD Independence Heights Project beginning in May 2001.  Only Charlie Windham, Walter and Patty Ellis and James McClain knew of the deceit.  Charlie Windham also signed the commitment documents in May 2001 knowing he did not have the authority to do so.  Delgatto lied to the congregation by not revealing his actions.

Delgatto, Walter Ellis, and James McClain conspired with Tom Lord to steal money from HPC and make money off the IHP.  Tom Lord, who has set up at least six non-profit corporations over the years, all but one of which is now inactive, set up another non-profit corporation in August 2001, for the sole purpose to scam HUD and the church regarding the IHP.

In March 2002, without anyone knowing, Delgatto, Ellis and McClain set up the Independence Heights, Inc.  The session was told of the events of the prior ten months in April 2002. In April, I met with Lord, Windham and Delgatto regarding the project and they lied to me regarding the project. They admitted that the church would be committed to the building deficits and the monthly operating deficits for the next forty years per the HUD firm commitment but said that it never happens and not to worry about it.  Delgatto, Ellis, Windham and Lord lied to the congregation and the session stating that there was no such obligation.  Reagan Brown, attorney for Presbytery, stated in the Administrative Commission's Interim Report in March 2003, that the reason that St. Andrews Episcopal church had dropped out the of the project in December 2001, was because of the obligation.  Brown stated that only after the commission took over in March was the firm commitment allegedly changed.  The bottom line is this was more lies from Delgatto and others to the congregation.

Delgatto continued to sign commitment documents without authority after the lawsuit  was filed in April 2002, and after the court signed an order in December 2002, stopping such acts.

The question is simple, why all the secrecy around the project?  Why has there never been an open discussion in the congregation about the project?  The reason is simple, the whole matter is a corrupt scam. Rest assured in the end, Delgatto, Ellis, Lord, Windham and McClain will be doing Federal jail time for their acts.

And on top of this there was over $1 million in the Fakes bequest in 1996.  Delgatto came to Heights in1997.  No audit of the church finances has been done since 1997.  Now there is only $200,000 of the bequest left.  The church has not grown since 1997.  Where did the $800,000 go?

They have not stolen money, committed fraud...etc.

>  Bull.  The evidence is piling up that they have done all these things and more.

Your mother dispatched you to cause chaos and fear to run these poor innocent people away.

>  No one has run away.  And I was an active members of the church from birth in 1948 to 1974.  My family has been a big part of the church for a long time.  They are fighting me, not my mother.

She hated Patty Ellis and the changes she made possible.

>  What has Patty Ellis changed?  She has destroyed all the church memorials.  She allegedly spent, but had no receipts  for $15,000 to remodel the church last year.  She had these ugly cherubs painted on the nursery wall, one of which is behind a cabinet, because there was going to be all these new people in the church.  Well there have been no new members in the church for a year because Delgatto and Mike Cole closed down the membership.  Further, the art work was done by a friend of Patty's daughter Stephanie.  Just more money bled out of the church and into the pockets of friends of the corruptors. The Grabels have taken a lot of money out of the church.  In fact, John Blanco has been supporting his family on the church dole for years.

 She hates anyone who steps in her way...and she sues whenever she feels like it.

>  My mother has 62 years of service to the church and is one of six living active members who built the present sanctuary.  She is a trustee and a member of the session.  When the church was about to go bankrupt in 1996, she and others kept the church going.  All these people are now outcasts in the church of Delgatto and Ellis.  Patty Ellis has been at Heights for three years.  Delgatto for six years.  Delgatto asks Patty Ellis what to do on almost all issues.  As a divorce attorney, my bet is that Delgatto and Ellis are lovers.  Nothing else explains the relationship.  It is about sex and money just like all the other corrupt acts in the world.

Hasn't she sued other churches? 

> She has gone to Heights for 62 years except for a three year period in the 1960's when we went to Oaks Presbyterian Church which was closer to our home and closer to the junior high that I attended.  We left that church when the preacher got one of the women in the congregation pregnant.  So what church would she have sued?

Didn't she sue her Home Owner's Association?  

>  No.  In the early fifties, my parents checked with all the neighbors in Oak Forest subdivision regarding building a carport which was against the deed restrictions.  There was no home owners association.  The neighbors all said it was OK.  We began to build the carport on Saturday and on Monday 11 of those people filed suit and enjoined the carport.  Three years later, we won the suit and almost every house now has a carport.  You are talking about something that happened fifty years ago.

She decided she hated Dr. Joe when he didn't let her have her way anymore.

> What way is that?  A demand that the budget not be for $150,000 more than the contributions.  After six years, Joe salary is still more than the pledges to the church.  He should have been shown the door years ago.

Everyone knows that you and your 'associates' are the real masterminds (and
I use the term with a smile) behind the lock incident, the pentagram, and
other various vandalisms.

>  There was no lock incident except that when we filmed the remodeling of the annex, the locks were changed to keep us out.  What is the big secret other than the fact that John Blanco is only qualified to build dog houses and he is being paid money to build dangerous closets in the annex and funnel carpeting work to his buddies for a nice commission.  Then the toothpicks were jammed in the locks and Delgatto lied and said they were all damaged.  What a lie?  I have the video of the toothpicks being removed and the keys going in just fine.  There have been no other vandalisms.  The furniture was moved around by the Grabels and Patty Ellis last year and a false police report was filed by Patty Ellis.    

We have a saying in my family 'the smeller's the feller'...'he who smelt it, dealt it.' 

> Typical low rent humor.

Convenient that a pentagram should appear and you find it first.  And've gotten such mileage out
of it on your website....even adorning Dr. Joe's robe with pentagrams.  That was evil and cruel.  You should be very careful not to hold yourself up next to Christ - Lucifer made that mistake too.

>  Well I have a tape recording where Walter Ellis said he was not going to remove the Pentagram.  And Delgatto refused to lift a hand to remove it.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who put it there.

In your latest petition, you accuse Dr. Joe and Mike Cole of illegally collecting tithe on Sunday because they are 'not christians'....well I guess you're an accessory.  I, myself, witnessed you placing a quarter in the
offering plate a few months ago.

>  I have never done that.  The problem is that you do not know a quarter from a Susan B. Anthony dollar.  I do not recall putting any loose change in the plate but if I did it would have been a dollar.

That was before you began tithing your self-loving 'Coins'...what a joke.

> You must be referring to the gold coins I had made.  Actually, you are wrong again.  The coins that I put in the plate are in an envelope and are Sacajawea dollars ( the Shoshone Indian woman who helped guide the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Northwest)  Both the Anthony and Sacajawea dollars are symbolic of my support for equal rights for women and only incidentally a token contribution to the church.

>  In regards to the coins:

These gold finished coins are very special.  I am told they have the power to heal and create peace of mind and other interesting phenomenon.  They are only given to certain people.  They are not for sale.  They are a very special gift.  I do not put them in the offering plate.  You will also find that people of darkness cannot hold them for more than a few minutes because they begin to see into their own hearts and they cannot stand it.  You're too ignorant to understand any of this.  It is doubtful that you understand 1% of what I have on my web page at

Everyone sees who you really are. 

> I doubt that.  I would say that almost no one knows who I really am. Most just consider me an enigma and let it go at that.

Your ego and threats will carry you only so far.

> I serve God and we will see what happens.  We will see who goes to jail in the end.

Soon, everyone will know that you are lying.

> Well what are these lies that I am telling.  I have proof of everything that I have said.  Except the part about Delgatto and Ellis having sex.  I have no video or audio of that.

You're searching for smoke - where there's no fire.  Give up John.

> If that is true, why all the secrecy?  Why not just have a congregational meeting and get it all out on the table.  Let everyone bring on their facts and allegations about me lying and lets see what happens.  This lawsuit has been going on for 16 months and not one single congregational meeting.  Why is that?  The Administrative Commission threatened my mother if she did not drop the lawsuit.  Why?  Why not just get it all out in the open and prove that she and I are liars and trouble makers?  The reason this is not happening is because I am not the liar.  

Please respond...I have more.

>Your words and my response are now out there for all the world to see.  Bring on whatever you think you have.  And in the future, why don't you just sign your name so we can all know who you are and maybe do a little digging into your past.  Come on out of the darkness.  Who are you afraid of?  God?  And let us all know where you web site is located.  We all want to take a look at your world view and personal philosophy.  It only cost $8 a month for a web presence.  What's a freedom fighter without a web page?



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