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Date: 8/12/2003 3:04:15 PM Central America Standard Tim
From: John WorldPeace
To:, John WorldPeace

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<< 1.  The simple truth is that Heights Independence Project was first brought
before Session YEARS AGO.

>  Sorry you are wrong.  The session notes are clear that it did not come up until March 2002, ten months after Delgatto and Windham committed the church to the project in secret.

Our session voted 9-3 in support of the project. 

>  In an illegally called, special session two days after I met with Delgatto, Windham and Lord and they told me nothing was going to happen for a month. 

The same protocol which established both the Heights Tower and Heights House
were followed for the Heights Independence Project.

> Not true.  The congregation voted on those and there was approval from the Presbytery and the session.  I remember the discussion because I went to church each Sunday.  There was a lot of discussion about the project. You were not there.

The only difference was  that your mother didn't agree with the location for the Indepence Project.  Obviously the majority didn't feel the way your mother felt.

>  Well then tell me why St Andrews Episcopal and All Saints Catholic Churches who are in the other two projects refused to join in the Independence Heights Project.  I guess it was the location that bothered them also.  Actually it was all the years of dealing with Slum Lord.  They were not going to get into bed with him again.  This is the same Slum Lord who channel 11 reported on last week for not maintaining the elevators in the 8 story Heights House.  Think about all those senior citizens having to climb one to seven flights of stairs to get to their apartments for over three years.

2.  As far as the non-profit corporation is concerned, one has been setup
for each of the HUD projects by volunteer church members.

>  I am talking about Tom Lord's non-profit corporations.  The churches set up these entities after approval from the congregation and not behind their backs.

None of the participants are paid or compensated.  Once are trying to get smoke when there is no fire.

>  Tell me why Walter Ellis got off the board of the Independence Heights, Inc right after I filed suit?  And tell me why Dr. Rose Marie Hammond retired from Heights Christian just before the final documents on the IHP were signed by Delgatto and McClain in January 2003?

And...regarding the meeting you had with Lord, Windham, and DR. Delgatto, everyone present at that meeting disputes what you say occured. 

> The tape recording I have will reveal the truth won't it.

They offered to show you all of the papers regarding the project and you claimed not to have the time to look over the documents. 

> Now why would I set up a meeting and not look at the documents.  They told me that nothing was going to happen for six weeks.  They told me they did not have all the HUD documents.  Delgatto did not tell me he was going to have a special session meeting two days later.

Anyone who wishes to look into your allegations will come to the conclusion
that Reagan Brown found...Heights Presbyterian Church is not obligated to
the building/operating deficits.

> Reagan Brown's interim report states that they negotiated a deal after February 2003 not to be obligated for the building deficits but they are still obligated for the operating deficits.  You need to read the interim report.  You also need to read the part that says that St. Andrews Episcopal withdrew from the project because it was not going to accept the firm commitment that would obligate them for those costs.

We have never paid a penny to the Heights House or Tower Project.  We HAVE helped in a small way to provide affordable housing to many seniors the Houston area.

> Those projects were up front ligitimate projects.  They were not done in secret like this project.  Also there were four churches and not just two.  Don't you remember Delgatto saying that all four churches were in the project when he knew it was a lie.  Don't you remember Delgatto stating that the church would not be obligated for the building deficits prior to the Administrative Commission's interim report that said the church was obligated for those costs until the Adm Comm allegedly renegotiated the contract with HUD.

The problem is that your high school education allows you to be manipulated.  I am and attorney and an accountant and have been for almost thirty years.  I am not so naive as you.  I have the education and experience that you do not have

3.  Regarding the Fakes money - If your mother has been a trustee over that
money for years, then has she not done her job keeping track of it? 

> You are right about that.  And when she found out the depth of the corruption, we filed suit.

We have had an audit just this year, and every penny has been accounted for.

> You are a very silly person.  You have no idea how money is embezzeled.  Accounting for money and making sure there was no double billings, excess charges, bogus invoices from bogus companies and so on is a very different thing.  You may be able to account for the money in your piggy bank but you have no idea how to steal $600,000.  I do.  I have seen it. 

4.  Your figures regarding the remodeling of the educational building are
incorrect.  There was never $15,000.00 given to anyone.  The Building &
Grounds Committee used less than $5,000.00 to remodel the nursery, 5
classrooms, two bathrooms, two stairwells, and an entry area.

> There is not a single invoice to back this up.

We now have a  beautiful, clean area to teach sunday school to the children of our church. 

>  And not one single new member to use it.

Our church should be ashamed that until two years ago, we didn't offer
sunday school.  Until two years ago, we didn't hold Vacation Bible School. 

>  Well with Delgatto refusing to ask people to join the church for the last six years what do you expect.  The problem in those areas is the preacher's apathy.

Until last year, the nursery was so ugly and dirty parents wouldn't leave
their children there.  Most of the work was done by volunteers and every
penny of the $5,000.00 spent was accounted for by receipts.

> No it was not.  There are no valid receipts.  Patty's hand written estimates are not receipts.

Just ask Mary  McLelland.  She made that statement in front of your mother recently.  And this is very important....the church members who worked on the project spent their own money up front and were reimbursed after turning in their reciepts.  No one received cash up front.

> That does not mean the receipts were valid and the paint did not go into John Blanco's sister's house where the ace carpenter is living with his family.

Stephanie Potts paid for the beautiful art murals herself as a gift to the church.  The cherubs are adorable.

> Actually the church made the first payment for the childish art work and when the heat was turned up, the money was reimbursed by Stephanie with the money she got from mommy.

5.  Only a truly sick individual would accuse Dr. Joe and Patty Ellis of
having a sexual affair.  That's a sick lie.

>  You know, you are very naive.  I see this stuff everyday at the court house.  I see it in my clients.  You live in a little sanitized world.  You have no idea what people do behind closed doors and in secret.  I have seen things that make Delgatto's little thieving look like child's play.  I have seen things that would put you in a mental institution.  People come to me to get relief from the bad acts of others.  That is what I do.  I have seen some really strange relationships.  Patty and Joe, yes that is possible.

6. Church membership has only been closed off to you.

> Actually to my wife and my aunt as well.  And actually to everyone because Delgatto refuses to ask people to join the church.  He's not going to increase his work load.  That is why there is no ritual of friendship each Sunday.  God forbid Delgatto would have to call on someone who wanted to join the church.

You have only devious reasons for suddenly wanting to return to the church.

> And what devious reasons would that be, pray tell.

  Funny that you want to join such a 'corrupt' church - only after you've sued the pastor and some church members.  I don't blame Dr. Joe, the presbytery, or the session for  telling you 'NO'.

> Actually, per the Book of Order, it says the only reason to keep me out is a lack of faith in Jesus Christ.  Are you saying that I do not believe in Jesus?  You see I was a member.  I am requesting to reactivate my membership.  Delgatto does not have the right to prevent that.  Heights Church is not a private club.  Heights church belongs to Jesus and not Delgatto.  In fact, if you read the Bible Jesus was criticized for associating with whores, tax collectors and sinners.  Or did you skip that part.

7.   The Building and Grounds Committee was given permission for all of the
remodeling done.  Your mother interrupted the carpet men, threatening to sue
them if they touched the carpet.

>  Well I considered it since it was a scam.  The carpet that was pulled up in the parlor was expensive; the dried blood carpet they put down was real cheap.  Just more scamming. 

Only then did you show up with your video camera to film the replacement of the carpet and the private contents of Dr. Joe's closet.

> Actually I came twice that day.  I needed evidence for the lawsuit.  Nothing there belongs to Joe.  All in his office is church property.

John Blanco did beautiful work on the closets in the fellowship hall.  You and your associates tampered with the doors on the closets...causing them to fall off the hinges.  Mr. Blanco fixed that problem and the doors are safe. 

>  Blanco put the doors up in the same manner he hung the lights in the hallway.  He is an incompetent lazy individual.

John Blanco is a very good, loving family man.  Your continuous attacks on him are uncalled for.  My suggestion is that you stop.

>  John is worthless.  I am sure he loves his kids.  But as a carpenter and businessman he has proven himself to be a joke.  I would rather they just pay him to not do anything.  There are plenty of real carpenters in the church who would have done the work for free.  John Blanco even screwed up Patty Ellis's house and Walter had to finish the job.  He also painted the scout house cabinets with the doors shut.  What an idiot.  He is nothing more that a charity case.  A homeless person that the church is supporting.

8.  Patty Ellis and the Grables have never removed furniture from the
church.  Your mother was seen taking furniture, pictures, and plants from
the church and loading them into her car.  When questioned, she said that
until she was paid by the church for these 'gifts' she had given to the
church, she would take them back.

>  What furniture, what pictures, what plants.  She did take a small table home and refinish it. Every time she asks the yard men not to trim certain bushes because it will damage them, Patty goes behind her and wacks the plants off.  My mother knows about plants and she and Irma Jenke have spent a lot of time maintaining the church premises.  But Patty is determined to destroy all of it. 

9.  Gold Finished Coins...have special powers?

> Go ask someone who has one.  See if you can hold it for thirty minutes.

10.  There has been no congregational meeting because you won't let it

> One guy named WorldPeace against the whole church, the session, the Presbytery and eight lawyers in court.  Boy I must have a lot of power.  I guess you better not cross me.

A congregational meeting would be 'members only' discussing certain
issues.  You would take over any such meeting and try to convict innocent

> The December court order said that no meetings would take place regarding the IHP without me present.  That was the judge's opinion after reviewing the facts and listening to eight lawyers.  But the administrative commission violated that order and they will answer to the court shortly.

The Court system will find the truth.  We are not fighting are fighting the life of our church.  But our church will live on.

> I have a lot more time in that church than you.

Our church is moving forward and making plans for the generations to come.

> How stupid.  Spending $150,000 more each year than the church takes in and refusing to ask people to join, that is a way to run a church.  What are you smoking.

You cannot stop it.

> I am not going to stop it.  I am going to purge it.

11.  I will not reveal my name.  That is unimportant. 

> You sure are.  What is that song, "Stand up for Jesus".

  I do not single myself out or set myself up as a martyr like some pompous maniacs do. 

> You are speaking of the ego maniac with the red hair, right.

I am a simple person who loves my church.

>  Funny, I thought it was Jesus's church.

Those souls at Heights Presbyterian Church who pray everyday for it's
healing, they are not alone.  I pray with them.  We have already won the
fight against you.

>  If you are against me, you are for the evil and corruption.  The fight is a long way from over.  Above you said I had been successful in shutting down the meetings and other things.  Now you say I am not winning.

You...who comes in the name of peace...but seeks only to destroy what God
has will answer to God.  God knows the truth.

> You do not know anything about peace because you have not made the commitment to it.  Jesus, said I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.  What he meant was he was going to purge the Jewish bureaucratic corruption.  And I am here to stop the theft and corruption at Heights Church. 

That is all. >>

>  Actually it is not all.  It is just the beginning.  You have no idea what is on the horizon.

Now is this it?  Do you have more?

And lastly, this is my fight now.  I am only doing this for my family who built the present sanctuary, go look for the names Ellis, Wolter and Schatalowitz on the plaque in the northex.  I am also doing it in the name of John Fakes who saved the church with his bequest. 



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