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Date: 8/15/2003 2:57:04 PM Central America Standard Tim
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>  Sorry you are wrong.  The session notes are clear that it did not come up
>until March 2002, ten months after Delgatto and Windham committed the
>church to the project in secret.

>>I find it truly funny that you quote using 'session notes' only when it
>>suits you.  The session minutes clearly record the Heights Independence
>>Project mentioned in 2001.  Of course, since you claim the session is
>>illegal then why rely upon it's minutes for anything?  You, Mr. John, will
>>use the truth only when it suits your ridiculous claims.

>  In an illegally called, special session two days after I met with
>Delgatto, Windham and Lord and they told me nothing was going to happen for
>a month.

>>Just because the attorney son of one of the session members is not invited
>>to a session meeting, does not make it illegally called.  As long as your
>>mother was there, along with all of the other session members, and they
>>ALL voted - it cannot be considered illegal.  Let's ponder a question...If
>>the session had voted against the Independence Project...would it still
>>have been illegal?  Your smoke and mirrors aren't working.

>Not true.  The congregation voted on those and there was approval from the
>Presbytery and the session.  I remember the discussion because I went to
>church each Sunday.  There was a lot of discussion about the project. You
>were not there.

>>Sorry.  You are wrong again.  Anyone is welcome to look into the session
>>minutes - even regarding the two previous projects.  The congregation
>>never voted for those projects.  We may have been informed of them, but it
>>was always decided by SESSION.  You can't pull the wool over my eyes this
>>time.  And boy...aren't you wrong...I WAS there.

>  Well then tell me why St Andrews Episcopal and All Saints Catholic
>Churches who are in the other two projects refused to join in the
>Independence Heights Project.  I guess it was the location that bothered
>them also.  Actually it was all the years of dealing with Slum Lord.  They
>were not going to get into bed with him again.  This is the same Slum Lord
>who channel 11 reported on last week for not maintaining the elevators in
>the 8 story Heights House.  Think about all those senior citizens having to
>climb one to seven flights of stairs to get to their apartments for over
>three years.

>>Why don't you tell us why St. Andrews Episcopal and All Saints backed out.
>>  You are the one with the 30+ years of professional experience.  The
>>burden of proof is upon you.  As memory serves, in the numerous unwanted
>>mailings you've barraged the congregation with, you have used this same
>>argument too many times.  According to the leaders of those two churches,
>>their decision not to participate in the Independence Project had Nothing
>>to do with Tom Lord, the 'ghetto' location, or any kind of conspiracy.  It
>>was simple church business.  NO FIRE THERE.

>  I am talking about Tom Lord's non-profit corporations.  The churches set
>up these entities after approval from the congregation and not behind their

>>Quit using Tom Lord as your argument.  He has nothing to do with our
>>church.  Go bark up his tree and leave this church alone.

>  Tell me why Walter Ellis got off the board of the Independence Heights,
>Inc right after I filed suit?  And tell me why Dr. Rose Marie Hammond
>retired from Heights Christian just before the final documents on the IHP
>were signed by Delgatto and McClain in January 2003?

>>These are questions you should already know the answers to.  Have you not
>>done your homework?  You ask the questions..probably knowing the answers
>>will contradict your ignorant claims...and expect everyone else to answer
>>them.  Questions are not proof.
Who is your camera girl?  Is she your daughter?  Is she your lover?  One
could only assume that since you can't afford to pay her in dollars, you
must be paying her with sex or gold coins...
It's not my style to fling such accusations...but you've been doing that
same thing to innocent people for too long.

>The tape recording I have will reveal the truth won't it.


>Those projects were up front ligitimate projects.  They were not done in
>secret like this project.  Also there were four churches and not just two. 
>Don't you remember Delgatto saying that all four churches were in the
>project when he knew it was a lie.  Don't you remember Delgatto stating
>that the church would not be obligated for the building deficits prior to
>the Administrative Commission's interim report that said the church was
>obligated for those costs until the Adm Comm allegedly renegotiated the
>contract with HUD.

The problem is that your high school education allows you to be manipulated.
  I am and attorney and an accountant and have been for almost thirty years.
  I am not so naive as you.  I have the education and experience that you do
not have

>>  The church has never been obligated for the building deficits.  The
>>Administrative Commission only got further proof.  The simple matter of
>>fact is that you were wrong.  Dr Joe, Charlie Windham, Patty Ellis and all
>>of the other members who were involved in passing the Independence Heights
>>Project are innocent of your heinous accusations.

You have spent a lot of time judging my education and experience.  A genius
IQ has nothing to do with one's educational accomplishments.  Maybe I never
finished high school.  Maybe I did.  Does it matter?  Does it make you feel
better to judge everyone?  If you were comfortable with your own
intelligence and educational level - I doubt mine would be such a source of
obvious worry for you.  Surely you don't handle yourself this way in the
courtroom.  Or do you actually ever work in one?

>You are right about that.  And when she found out the depth of the
>corruption, we filed suit.

>>The corruption began with your mother and ended with her.

>You are a very silly person.  You have no idea how money is embezzeled. 
>Accounting for money and making sure there was no double billings, excess
>charges, bogus invoices from bogus companies and so on is a very different
>thing.  You may be able to account for the money in your piggy bank but you
>have no idea how to steal $600,000.  I do.  I have seen it.

>>  Make up your mind....stupid or silly?  Funny that your above explanation
>>on embezzelment sounds a lot like the grievances filed against you with
>>the Texas Bar Association.  Sounds like you've been pulling those same
>>tactics with your own clients.  AND...regarding your disbarrment.  You
>>convinced an out of town judge to set the ruling aside to look over some
>>evidence.  I doubt it will hold.  If miraculously it did, it's my
>>understanding that the Texas Bar has about 5 more grievance cases to file
>>against you.  Boy it's a gonna be a long road.  Let's don't begin to bring
>>up the FBI and other law enforcement agencies with their eye on you.  One
>>wrong move and we'll see who ends up in federal prison.

>There is not a single invoice to back this up.

>>  There is a receipt for every check distributed.  The Administrative
>>Commission has already seen them and knows that no money is missing. 
>>You've told Mary McLelland that you know there is no money missing from
>>the church.  You told her that you were concerned with people stealing
>>from the HUD money.  We have that on tape.

>  And not one single new member to use it.

>>  There are more children in sunday school, nursery, and vacation bible
>>school now than there has been in the last 20 years.  In the ten years
>>before Dr. Joe came to our church, we had fewer new members than in the
>>last 3 years.  Look at the church records.

>  Well with Delgatto refusing to ask people to join the church for the last
>six years what do you expect.  The problem in those areas is the preacher's

>>  We've had at least 30 new members in the past 3 years.  Get your facts

>No it was not.  There are no valid receipts.  Patty's hand written
>estimates are not receipts.

>>  The receipts weren't turned in to you or your mother.  They were turned
>>into Mary McLelland.  Why would you have seen them?  You just can't stop

>That does not mean the receipts were valid and the paint did not go into
>John Blanco's sister's house where the ace carpenter is living with his

>>  Everyone involved with the renovations donated both their skills and
>>money.  How very smart of you to make comments and accusations about
>>receipts and materials you've never seen.  Paint did not go into John
>>Blanco's sister's house.  That is a lie.

>Actually the church made the first payment for the childish art work and
>when the heat was turned up, the money was reimbursed by Stephanie with the
>money she got from mommy.

>>Ignorant accusations.  If you haven't seen the receipts, what makes you
>>think you know who made which payments?

>  You know, you are very naive.  I see this stuff everyday at the court
>house.  I see it in my clients.  You live in a little sanitized world.  You
>have no idea what people do behind closed doors and in secret.  I have seen
>things that make Delgatto's little thieving look like child's play.  I have
>seen things that would put you in a mental institution.  People come to me
>to get relief from the bad acts of others.  That is what I do.  I have seen
>some really strange relationships.  Patty and Joe, yes that is possible.

>>  You don't know anything about my world.  The truth of the matter is that
>>Patty Ellis has done more to help this church than anyone ever.  She may
>>be loud but she works hard and our church has never looked better.  She
>>stood up to the backwards way your mother ran Heights Church for years.  I
>>watched your mother run Heights with an iron claw for too many years.  She
>>never had a committee.  She never got estimates.  She picked new carpet,
>>she picked paint colors, she picked the heating/cooling people, she picked
>>the cleaning people.  Most people think she's the one who was skimming
>>money off the books.   Nobody had the nerve to question her...or she'd sue
>>them.  Nobody until Patty Ellis.  Dr. Joe agrees with Patty's forward
>>thinking.  We actually have committees now that Patty and Benny run
>>Building and Grounds.  Patty stood up to Joyce Wolter.  Patty has done
>>nothing wrong.  Neither has Charlie or Dr. Joe, or any of the others.

>Actually to my wife and my aunt as well.  And actually to everyone because
>Delgatto refuses to ask people to join the church.  He's not going to
>increase his work load.  That is why there is no ritual of friendship each
>Sunday.  God forbid Delgatto would have to call on someone who wanted to
>join the church.

>And what devious reasons would that be, pray tell.

>>  Simple.  As a member of the church, you can call a congregation meeting
>>and put Dr. Joe on the stand.  Then hold an election to remove him as
>>pastor.  This is why you want to join, along with whatever other family
>>members you have coerced to join and add numbers to your side.

>Actually, per the Book of Order, it says the only reason to keep me out is
>a lack of faith in Jesus Christ.  Are you saying that I do not believe in
>Jesus?  You see I was a member.  I am requesting to reactivate my
>membership.  Delgatto does not have the right to prevent that.  Heights
>Church is not a private club.  Heights church belongs to Jesus and not
>Delgatto.  In fact, if you read the Bible Jesus was criticized for
>associating with whores, tax collectors and sinners.  Or did you skip that

>>  Technically, you are wrong.  You also have to submit to the laws of the
>>Presbyterian Church and follow the leadership of the church...which you
>>OBVIOUSLY do not do.

>  Well I considered it since it was a scam.  The carpet that was pulled up
>in the parlor was expensive; the dried blood carpet they put down was real
>cheap.  Just more scamming.

>>  The carpet in the parlor was more than 10 years old, was ugly and didn't
>>match anything.  Now you are a carpet expert?  Funny that burgundy becomes
>>'dried blood' that cryptic satanic talk?

>Actually I came twice that day.  I needed evidence for the lawsuit. 
>Nothing there belongs to Joe.  All in his office is church property.

>>I think anyone who has an office is allowed personal items.  You respect
>>no one.

>  Blanco put the doors up in the same manner he hung the lights in the
>hallway.  He is an incompetent lazy individual.

>>  Judge not, lest ye be judged.  We all consider you to be just as

>  John is worthless.  I am sure he loves his kids.  But as a carpenter and
>businessman he has proven himself to be a joke.  I would rather they just
>pay him to not do anything.  There are plenty of real carpenters in the
>church who would have done the work for free.  John Blanco even screwed up
>Patty Ellis's house and Walter had to finish the job.  He also painted the
>scout house cabinets with the doors shut.  What an idiot.  He is nothing
>more that a charity case.  A homeless person that the church is supporting.

>>  John WorldPeace is worthless.  You are an ambulance chasing scam
>>artists.  What are you selling this month?  Mortgages?  Insurance? 
>>Telephone Solicitors?  Governor?  Mayor?  You are a joke.  Nobody takes
>>you seriously.  If you are such an accomplished
>>attorney/carpenter/accountant/artist/etc why are you so quick to respond
>>to my emails?

>  What furniture, what pictures, what plants.  She did take a small table
>home and refinish it. Every time she asks the yard men not to trim certain
>bushes because it will damage them, Patty goes behind her and wacks the
>plants off.  My mother knows about plants and she and Irma Jenke have spent
>a lot of time maintaining the church premises.  But Patty is determined to
>destroy all of it.

>>I think my ally answered this one perfectly.

>Go ask someone who has one.  See if you can hold it for thirty minutes.

>>  I have one.  I fished it out of the trash - after you gave one as a
>>graduation present to one of the kids at church and I watched them throw
>>it away.  I must have a pretty clear doesn't bother me.

>One guy named WorldPeace against the whole church, the session, the
>Presbytery and eight lawyers in court.  Boy I must have a lot of power.  I
>guess you better not cross me.

>>  How can we have a congregational meeting when you take over?  You've
>>been threatening to do so for months.  A small splinter can bring down a
>>giant....doesn't make the splinter powerful.

>I have a lot more time in that church than you.

>>Once again, you are guessing about who I am.  You are wrong.

>How stupid.  Spending $150,000 more each year than the church takes in and
>refusing to ask people to join, that is a way to run a church.  What are
>you smoking.

>>  Your mother helped hire Dr. Joe.  We have always spent more than we take
>>in.  This is nothing new.

Childish reference to smoking.  But that does explain alot about you and
your artwork.

>I am not going to stop it.  I am going to purge it.

>>  We are going to purge you.

>You are speaking of the ego maniac with the red hair, right.

>>Who has red hair?

>  Funny, I thought it was Jesus's church.

>>  It is.  So leave it alone.

>  If you are against me, you are for the evil and corruption.  The fight is
>a long way from over.  Above you said I had been successful in shutting
>down the meetings and other things.  Now you say I am not winning.

>>  You are but a pimple on the butt of humanity.  You cause pain...but you
>>will not kill it.

>You do not know anything about peace because you have not made the
>commitment to it.  Jesus, said I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 
>What he meant was he was going to purge the Jewish bureaucratic corruption.
>  And I am here to stop the theft and corruption at Heights Church.

>>  Not changing my name to WorldPeace makes me no less committed to peace
>>than you are.  You are a delusion schizophrenic.

>  Actually it is not all.  It is just the beginning.  You have no idea what
>is on the horizon.

And lastly, this is my fight now.  I am only doing this for my family who
built the present sanctuary, go look for the names Ellis, Wolter and
Schatalowitz on the plaque in the northex.  I am also doing it in the name
of John Fakes who saved the church with his bequest.

>>You fight for a family who is ashamed of you and using you.  Of course
>>everyone know you want your house on Heights Blvd.

If you are really serious about fighting corruption, why don't you serve all
of the people you have named in your lawsuit?  You've only officially served
five or six of them.  Even someone as ignorant as I know that if you fail to
serve them you can be held accountable.  We know what is going on.


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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