Feedback responding to email from ghost writers of August 15, 2003

1) I refer to the session minutes that still exist.  Most of the time they have been manipulated but they for the most part reflect the truth.  If you say the Independence Heights Project was voted on prior to April 2002, or discussed prior to that date, then give me the month of those session minutes and I will look it up.  I have a copy of all of them back into 2001.  Let me see your copy and I will compare it to mine.  

You have to remember that Delgatto took all the church records home and edited them all.  This was mainly to try to cover his backside.  God only knows how much of the church history that he has destroyed.  Why did he take the records home?  

I did not claim that the session was illegal.  What I said was that the session meeting two days after I met with Delgatto, Lord and Windham was illegal. It was illegal because the Presbyterian Book of Order incorporates Roberts Rules of Order.  And Roberts Rules of Order states that when a special session meeting is called it is necessary to state the specific purpose of the meeting when it is announced.  I believe that a special session meeting had been announced the Sunday before in the bulletin, but the purpose of the meeting was not stated until the meeting was opened.  That is why it was illegal. It was a secret.  It is why I did not look at the records the day I met with Delgatto, Lord and Windham.  I was told that nothing was going to happen for over a month.  I was not told that it was going to be the topic of the special session meeting two days later.

Your lack of a legal education shows in the kind of statements you make in this area.  You have not read Roberts Rules of Order.  You have not read the Book of Order and as will become apparent below, you have not read the transcript of Delgatto's court testimony nor the 14 page interim report of the Administrative Commission that was put out on March 24, 2003; and what you did read you did not understand.

February 10, 2003, testimony of Delgatto in the 280th District Court, Page 9

WorldPeace: And document B3 is the document for the extension of a retail sales contract dated December 31, 2001?

Delgatto: Correct

WP: Okay.  Is your signature on that? 

D: Uh-huh

WP: Okay.  Did you have authority from the session or the congregation or the Presbytery to obligate the church to that property on December 31, 2001.

D: No, I did not. 

WP: Okay.  On June 28th, 2002, Exhibit B5, it's another extension of the real estate sales contract with a payment of $5,000, did you sign that document?

D: Yes

WP: Okay. Did you have any authority from the session, the congregation, or the Presbytery to sign that document?

D: No.

WP: All right.  On January 2003...your signature's on the ...UnanimousWritten Consent of the Board of Directors of Independence Heights.  Did you sign that document?

D: Correct.

WP: Did you have any authority from the Presbytery or the congregation to sign that document?

D: Not that I know of, no.

So Delgatto by his own testimony obligated the church to the IHP without any authority.  So I guess there was no vote at the session meeting giving him that authority per his own testimony.  What do you have to say about that?

2) In regards to what happened with the two prior retirement home projects, Heights Tower and Heights House, those records have been destroyed by Delgatto.  I have asked that they be produced and Delgatto has through his attorney refused.  He will have to produce what he has but as I said he edited those records and destroyed what he needed to destroy.  I distinctly remember a congregational meeting on the first project because I remember the argument and dissention that it created in the church.  There was no discussion either official or otherwise regarding the Independence Heights Project because only the rogues knew about it.  The initial rogues being Walter and Patty Ellis, Charlie Windham, Delgatto and I think a bit later James McClain.

3) Question.  Why did Patty Ellis leave St. Phillip Presbyterian Church?  And why is a member of St. Phillip on almost every committee formed by Presbytery to look into Heights Church? And why was Diane Feiler McGehee the attorney for two weeks that was hired by Patty Ellis and Madeline Delgatto also from St. Phillip.  In fact, she is the ex-wife of the ex-preacher who left her after having an affair with a member of that congregation.  I think he was fired over that.  Have any of you really been over there to St. Phillip and asked  questions about Patty and Diane?  

4) In regards to All Saints Catholic Church and St. Andrews participation.  The representatives of these churches and Heights Christian Church and Heights Presbyterian Church (Delgatto) signed the original commitment on May 19, 2001.  Less than a month later, on June 13, 2001, All Saints Catholic Church backed out. (Page 4 of the March 24, 2003, interim report.)

Further from page 12 of the interim report, it states; "Earlier in this report we discussed the decision by St. Andrews Episcopal Church to withdraw its participation as a sponsor of IHP on account of its concerns over the October 31, 2001 HUD Fund Reservation Notification.  The specific language about which St. Andrews had concern is as follows:  Therefore, based on HUD's review of the firm commitment application, the Sponsor will be liable for the cost of any front-end cash requirement should the cost to develop the project exceed the Fund Reservation Amount.  The Fund Reservation Notification stated that the fund reservation amount was $3,980,300."  

So St. Andrews withdrew because it was not going to be responsible for any shortages in building the project over $4 million.  And that was a smart move because we all know that seldom do these projects get build for less than the projected amount.  And especially a project created by Slum Lord.

Now the point is that Delgatto always told the congregation that all four churches were involved.  That was a running lie for over a year.  Second, Delgatto, stated there would be no obligations for the building deficits when clearly that was a lie as well.

You have no ability to deal with complex legal issues and that is why you people are so gullible.  Here are a few unresolved issues.  1) On page 12 of the interim report it states that the October 31, 2001, HUD letter said that the sponsors would be obligated for the building deficits but the January 22, 2003, said the sponsors would not be obligated.  There is no explanation about why this change was made by HUD if it was actually made. 2) There is not a word in the interim report about the fact that HPC is obligated for the monthly operating deficits after the project officially closes. 3) The interim report carefully avoids stating that it talked to Diane Springer regarding her contribution of $5,000 to obligate HPC to the IHP. I wonder why they did not ask her where those monies came from.  All they said was they did not come from HPC directly.  Delgatto and his posse got Springer to pay the monies so that they could hide the fact that the monies were being paid indirectly to obligate HPC to the project.  No one knew about this until I received some documents from Delgatto's lawyer in January 2003.  4) The interim report states that HPC is not presently involved in the project because it assigned its interest to the Independence Heights, Inc.  But the Independence Heights, Inc. is owned by HPC.  The potential obligation is still there for HPC and particularly for Windham, Delgatto, McClain and Walter Ellis personally.  The law does not allow a corporation to prevent prosecution of its incorporators when their acts are found to be tortious or fraudulent. 5) Reagan Brown is a partner at Fullbright Jaworski.  He probably bills out his time at about $500 per hour.  Believe me the interim report is way over your heads as to what it is really saying.  The reason that the Administrative Commission never talked to me was because they knew that if they talked to me, many questions would come up which they knew would lead to the truth as opposed to the half truths in the interim report.  

But have no doubt that through the lawsuit all these questions and many many more are going to be answered.  And those of you who knew about the corruption are going to be held liable and the rest of you who have been manipulated are going to look stupid and naive.  Tell me how a bunch of high school graduates are going to decipher a carefully crafted interim report produced by a $500 per hour attorney in one of the largest law firms in Texas.  That report may as well have been written in Greek as regards to what you think it says.

From what I can tell, the real crook is Slum Lord.  Next is Delgatto.  Next is Walter and Patty Ellis who probably were recruited by Mike Cole's predecessor at Presbytery to help him and Delgatto push through the IHP.  Anyone consider the timing of the Ellis appearance and the IHP.  Does anyone wonder why Delgatto has to clear everything through Patty Ellis.  Doesn't this seem a little strange to anyone.  The Grables are mostly ruffins who could be bought off by funneling church monies to them to remodel the church. They were packed on the session for their bought and paid for votes.  Benny Grable can't speak in public and Alice cries all the time.  They are just Patty's ignorant lackeys.  In fact, as much contempt as Patty has for those without money, you won't see her taking the Grables to her country club.

5) In regards to my IQ and education and yours.  I am not judging you in the global sense.  What I am saying is that you do not have the mental education, experience or innate intelligence to deal with men like Reagan Brown and his lies.  You hear his words but do not understand what he is saying.

6) As regards to the State Bar, their case against me in 1993 was thrown out.  The same woman, Dawn Miller, who filed that suit is now head of the State Bar grievance section.  The 2002 lawsuit was just a continuation of that fight ten years ago.  She is going to end up fired and disbarred.  I have beaten her again.  The lawsuit is dead for all practical purposes.  The judge who heard the case realized that he had been lied to by the State Bar again and that is why the judgment was set aside.  Right now, I have them so tied up, they do not know what to do because anything they do is going to slam them into the wall.  As I said, most of the judges in Harris County are watching this lawsuit.  More than a few have said they appreciate what I am doing.  None of you have read the pleadings in that lawsuit.  My answer in the lawsuit is almost eighty pages without exhibits.  That battle is long from over because I intend to shut down the whole grievance process and have Dawn Miller, and others, fired and disbarred.  This HPC lawsuit is a Judge Judy case compared to my suit against the State Bar.  I can't even begin to discuss that case with you it is so far over your heads.

7) There have not been thirty new members in the last three years.  Who are they?  I am there every Sunday.  Almost everyone I see has been there for decades with the exception of the Ellis's.  And there have been no new members in the last year.  I think there has been three in the last 18 months.  I am placing your facts on the internet, so lets have the list.

8) If you say Patty did not turn in bogus receipts, then send me copies and I will put them on the internet.

9) Well if the paint did not go into Blanco's house it probably went on one of his jobs.  Since he only does a couple of jobs a year, he can tell you which ones.  Maybe he used the paint on the dog houses he sells by the side of the road.

10) Show me the receipts on the deformed cherubs in the nursery.  I will put them on the internet.  I will get them eventually and the little girl who did them will be giving a deposition shortly.

11) My mother never ran Heights Church.  What are you talking about?  No one had the nerve to question her?  Tell me why 35 people signed accusations against Delgatto.  Did my mother make them sign?  Did she make them attend our meetings after church last year?  Patty stood up to my mother?  Is this what this is all about that you need Patty to speak up.  What I find funny in all of this, is where is Delgatto? He is the minister.  You have characterized all this as Joyce Wolter v. Patty Ellis.  Do you realize what you are saying; that Joe is worthless and has no leadership skills.  

12) Now if I understand your statements regarding my membership, if I am a member then I can call a congregational meeting and have vote on firing Joe.  Well, it takes I think a third of the members to override the session and call a vote.  And even if the congregation votes to get rid of Joe, the Presbytery can override the recall.  I can see why there is so much tension in the church.  The amount of misunderstanding and lack of understanding is incredible?

Again though, we have the Ellis's and Joe who have some education manipulating the Grables with nonsense.  I am more convinced now than ever that an open congregational meeting which everyone agrees to attend would get rid of about 80% of the tension.  But Delgatto and the Ellis's do not want this because the truth would come out.  I do not understand why you people did not participate in our informal meetings in the sanctuary.  All your delusions could have been aired at that time.  If there was a question of what the truth was, we could have all gone and looked at the records.  As it stands, you people closed the records just like you closed the church because you wanted to hide the truth and still do.  And the only reason to hide the truth is because of the missing money and the under the table kick backs.  Nothing else makes sense.  And you do not want new members who will dilute your power in the church.

Well I think when I sign up to run for Mayor next week, August 21, 2003, there is going to be a lot of attention focused on HPC and you people.  And I think there are going to be people from all over the city come to HPC.  I am curious as to how you are going to deal with that.  I am looking forward to the next three months as the campaign for Mayor begins in earnest.

13) You say I have to submit to the laws of the Presbyterian Church to become a member.  Well how do I submit or not submit to the laws until AFTER I am a member.  Not only that, the facts are clear, and one of the basis of the lawsuit, is that the Book of Order is not being followed.  You have never read the Book of Order and so you do not know what it says.  And if you read it, since it is a several hundred page legal document, it is doubtful that you would understand it.

14) I do not understand your question; If you are such an accomplished attorney, carpenter, accountant, artist,etc, why are you so quick to respond to my emails?  Are you asking why I step down off my thrown and talk to you?  Or are you asking where I find the time?  If the second, I simply have a lot of energy and sleep about five hours a day.  I work seven days a week.  I do not waste time drinking beer and watching TV.  I have a lot of interests and I pursue many of them.  I am a fast typist.  I write and compose documents and communications every day and have for decades.  I like questions.  And more importantly, I want to get rid of as much tension as I can.  So I give your emails a priority.

15) I think that it is unfortunate that a graduation gift, even if it was just a WorldPeace coin, is thrown into the garbage.  But as I said, that is the same person who tried to knock my wife down in front of the education building.  My wife, because of the loving person she is, gave that coin in love and if it was thrown away and not retrieved, that is sad.  It is sad that the parents would teach such anger to their child.  But that is the way of the world.  However, that coin never made it to the dumpster.  And like I said, dark souls cannot hold onto those coins.  She had to get that energy away from her and so she threw it into the trash as her parents approvingly watched.

16) Patty changed her hair color because she wanted a lower profile.  It is a good thing, the red hair, a different shade each week, was clownish.  

17) All the people in the lawsuit are being served.  In fact, Rose Marie Hammond and Roy Keezel were served last week.  The IH, Inc, has been served, Slum Lord's Houston Housing Management Corporation has been served, contrary to the interim report, Slum Lord does not have a non-profit corporation call Housing Corporation of Greater Houston, but he does have HOPWA Housing Corporation which was set up in August 2001, has been served, Walter Ellis, Lynn Johnson and Mike Cole are running, James McClain will be served shortly, and Gene Head who owned the IHP property will be served.  I waited to serve and sue some of these people in hopes that we could work something out.  Nothing was worked out and so I served them so they have to answer before the judge looks at the pleadings in September.  Again, you are not a lawyer or you would know this is how things work.  The idea is to find a solution outside the court.  

18) As far as wanting my mother's house on Heights Blvd that is silly.  The house is up for sale at $525,000.  Further, Kay and I both were married for 17 years before we got together fifteen years ago.  We both had very large houses, my last one had over four thousand square feet, pool, three car garage and so on.  We sold that in 1991, and we have essentially lived in a two bedroom two bath apartment since then.  We now live at La Tour Fountain on Fountainview where the rent is $1,700 per month.  My office is in the building next door.  The point is that I can buy any house I want but Kay and I have no need to keep up a lot of space we do not use.  My days of remodeling and house and yard maintenance are over.  If something breaks, I call the apartment office.  They maintain the pool and the exercise room and the premises.

19) As far as LeAnne goes, she graduated from high school in Guatamala in May  2001.  Her father taught an American school there and her step mother was the Administrator of the school.  She moved in with her mother, who is a psychologist, in Humble. She came to work for me after being referred by my son-in-law, from a fellow teacher at his school who is her uncle.  She immediately began to go with Kay and I and others on campaign trips during the governor's race.  She worked in the law office, handled different aspects of the campaign, videoed everywhere I spoke, and help Kay and I in a lot of ways.  She intends to be an attorney.  

I have four children and Kay has two.  They are between 26 and 32 years old.  Kay and I have no children together because we exited out marriages unable to have children.  LeAnne is like our daughter.  She stays with us, works with us and is involved in our families just like our other children.  She is family.  She stays with us during the week and goes home to her father's or mother's on the weekend because the commute to work is too far to drive on a daily basis.

She is a very special person that God sent to Kay and I.  Just think of her as our daughter.  A daughter who is in sync with all that is going on in all aspects of our lives, family, work, politics, WorldPeace, art, internet and so on.

20) OK, what else.



How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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