WorldPeace response to the ghost writer

Subj: WorldPeace...a response 
Date: 8/18/2003 3:11:39 PM Central America Standard Tim
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Before I begin my latest response...I must address the 'quilter' situation. 
More lies, lies, lies.

About the quilters being locked out of the fellowship one, not 
even the staff, was in the building that day due to the vandalism which had 
occurred the day before. When the staff arrived to open the Administrative 
Bldg. for the day, toothpicks had been jammed into all the locks. (This was 
several days after you left your signature in white chalk at every door 
entering the Administration Bldg.....ooooh, scary.) There was also solder 
present at several of the lock sites where, obviously, there was an inept 
attempt to create major damage to the newly keyed locks. Due to the 
incompetence of the “toothpick king”, permanent damage was not accomplished. 
However, because of all the vandalism, threats and harassment which had 
occurred during that particular week, the Administrative Commission gave 
instructions for the doors to be left alone until police reports were filed 
and a professional locksmith was called out to assess the amount of damages 
done. The quilters simply went across the street to the Scout House to 
accomplish their project work for that day. Once again, you take a teaspoon 
of truth and concoct an ocean of lies and accusation.

> After the toothpicks were discovered, someone went into the Fellowship Hall and used a coat hanger to tie the screen door shut.  Funny that someone would go in but not let the quilters in.  We will see what happens next week.  We will see if the Fellowship Hall is open for them or not.

> The real question is why were the locks changed anyway?

Now...back to my response. Due to your incessant accusations of my lack of 
education, I have taken much time researching our session minutes and Book 
of Order. I am suprised, to say the least, at your own ignorance. Use might learn something.

1) Concerning the “illegality’ of the Session Meeting –

Book of Order, G-10.0201, “Meetings”…
“…The moderator of the session may call a special meeting of the session 
when he or she judges it necessary and shall do so when requested in writing 
by any two members of the session.

> Irma Jenke and my mother filed a written request to Delgatto back in October of last year for a special session meeting to consider my membership.  As you point out, he was mandated to call the meeting but he refused.  Just another violation of the Book of Order by you people.  The Bible means nothing to you people and so why should the Book of Order need to be followed except when it serves your purposes?

 The session shall also meet when 
requested to do so by presbytery. Reasonable notice of all special meetings 
must be given when other than routine business is to be transacted. The 
session may invite members of the congregation to attend and observe its 
meetings if it so desires, without restricting its right to meet in 
executive session whenever circumstances indicate the wisdom to do so.”

There is not one word in this directive to substantiate your claim that it 
is necessary to state the specific purpose of a specially called meeting. 
Roberts Rules of Order do NOT take precedent over the Book of Order!

> Typical of a non lawyer to read part of a book of integrated rules and precepts.  Try reading the entire Book of Order, ghost.

> Book of Order  G 9.0302 Parliamentary Procedure - Meetings of governing bodies, commissions, and committees shall be conducted in accordence with the most recent edition of Robert's Rule of Order, except in those cases where this Constitution provides otherwise.

> Robert's Rules of Order Section 9 p. 89 - Special Meeting - A special meeting is a separate session of a society held at a time different from that of any regular meeting, and convened only to consider one or more items of business specified in the call of the meeting.  Notice of the time, place, and exact purpose of the meeting must be mailed to all members a reasonable number of days in advance....If, at a special meeting, it becomes urgent in an emergency to take action for which no notice was given, that action, to become legal, must be ratified by the organization at a regular meeting.

> So ghost, there was no statement as to what the special session meeting was for (see the April 17, 2002, Sunday bulletin) no notices were mailed out, and the action was never ratified at a regular session meeting.  Therefore the meeting was illegal and as Delgatto testified at trial, he had no authority from the session.

> You know I should charge you ghosts for legal advice.  I know Reagan Brown is a liar and a fool.  Hey, he didn't even know that Slum Lord does not own a non-profit corporation like he said in the interim report of March 24, 2003.  And Roy Keezel is a fool who told my wife not to send him any faxes because he could not afford the paper and ink.  And all the rest of the third rate attorneys that are in this case can't read either.  

The legally called and ordered meeting (held on Sunday, April 21, 2002, page 
797 of the Session Minutes) was conducted as all such meetings are – with 
one exception. Nine people voted for something your mother vowed would 
never happen. The votes taken that day were by elected elders of our church 
who knew what they believed and voted according to the dictates of their 
conscience. These people are not stupid.

> They must be to have voted for a project that All Saints Catholic Church and St. Andrews Episcopal Church refused to go along with.  Oh, that is right.  Delgatto forgot to mention that part.  He told the whole congregation all the way up until the Administrative Commission was appointed that all the churches were in it.  Go tell the congregation that they did not hear him say that.  

> Delgatto also did not mention that St. Andrews would not go along with the HUD firm commitment that required them to make up any building deficits like it says in the March 24, 2003, interim report of the Administrative Commission. Now if these facts had been known at the time, do you think there would have been nine votes for the project?  

 They are not unable to discern information given to them.

> Based on what they were told, they voted accordingly.  Without checking anything out.  Believing that Delgatto could not be the biggest liar on the planet, they voted for the project.

 It would not have mattered one whit whether they had heard an announcement as to what the specially called meeting was to cover.

> Well since there is a specific rule in Robert's Rules of Order, it should be obvious that this problem has come up before such that it had to be made part of the rules.

 Everyone on the session had had ample time to take into 
consideration all the arguments – made before the session by the Waldens and 
Vernon LeCompte several times – as to your mother’s antagonism toward this 
enterprise. The vote was taken and if this had been in any other church, 
this would all be history by now. Your mother vowed that the project would 
never be built.

> As opposed to St. Andrews and All Saints who just said no thanks, we know Slum Lord and how he does business.

 Well, you and your mother have given it your best shot – 
and it is under construction as you read these words. 

> That it is.  But the question is, "Who will end up paying for it, and who will go to jail over it?"

You did not stop it. She did not stop it. And God will be glorified by the efforts of those 
who have stood against you in their determination to provide affordable 
housing for folks who don’t happen to live in $525,000.00 houses.

>  You are so silly ghost.  The fat lady has not even begun to warm up yet.  We'll see if it stops or not next month.

Concerning the reference you continually make to your meeting with Dr. Joe, 
Charlie and Tom Lord (your version of which is highly disputed by the other 
three in attendance), - this had little, if any, bearing on the ongoing work 
and development of issues pertaining to the operations of our church. No 
one owes you an explanation concerning church scheduling or meeting agendas. 
None of this is any of your business. Your appearance on the scene 
(following a 28 year absence) was of little consequence to anyone at that 
time – except to wonder in amazement at your mother’s sudden involvement 
with you.

> You really can't see the hand of God in this can you?  You really can't see what is happening here, can you?

Regarding Dr. Joe taking home church records for editing…the Session minutes 
have been read and re-read over the months by many members who have 
diligently sought information to use against the lies of you and your 
mother. Not one Session minute has been manipulated, changed or altered in 
any way, shape or form. 

> That is wrong.  What is in the minutes and what happened are not the same.  It is just like Delgatto trying to have the minutes purged of Madeline's comments about my mother and Vernon LeCompte.  The minutes have always been altered at the time of writing.  In my opinion, the meetings should all be taped or opened to the congregation.  We are talking about 50 active adult members in the church.  This is not Second Baptist Church where it would be impossible for 10,000 people to participate.  We are talking about 50 people.  Wake up ghost.

Dr. Joe states without hesitation that he has never taken home any church documents and has never altered a church document. He vows he has never destroyed a church document or transcript.

> Yeah.  This is the same guy who said he had no authority to sign documents to commit the church to the IHP.  This is the same guy who sort of forgot to tell everyone why St. Andrews would not commit to the IHP. This is the same guy who did not even attend the ground breaking.  How do you know if Delgatto is lying? "His lips are moving."  I have credible witnesses who are going to testify that he did take documents home.

Any church member is welcome to go to the church offices and read all the church 
minutes any time they wish. A few may still choose to believe your 
accusations – that is always a prerogative given any two-sided issue. 
However, you have produced not one shred of evidence to back up this claim 
which you have now made for many months. We challenge you to produce just 
one altered document.

> I just told you about the Madeline issue.  

Your questioning of Dr. Joe in court was self-aggrandizing and pure show for 
the followers you had collected there that morning (most of whom now reject 
your claims as well as your behavior). The Judge even stated to you before 
you began that Dr. Joe’s testimony would have no bearing on her decision. 
Of course, you will now respond that you have his words entered into the 
court record and that this becomes more credible evidence against Dr. Joe. 

> Well in fact, if he denies it, it impeaches him as a witness.  Further, he cannot deny it at trial.  It is set in stone.

The truth is Dr. Joe answered all of your questions very honestly

> Yes.  He honestly admitted to everyone that he is a liar.  That he had been lying about the project for almost two years.

– he did 
not need permission from the presbytery, session or the congregation to 
proceed with the ongoing agenda with HUD. 

> You're crazy ghost.  The court will make that determination as a matter of law.  

When he did finally need 
verification from the session as to its wishes to proceed or not with our 
church’s role in the project, he came to the session for exactly that 
purpose. The vote was taken, the project approved – and your mother’s 
personal vendetta set in motion the hellish theatrics which have engulfed 
our small, loving congregation. You and your mother will answer for all the 
damage you have done.

> Hey ghost.  Well, all you have to do is open all the records and this matter will be over in a week.  Do you understand.  Open the accounting records for the last five years, produce all the documents on the IHP and in a week this matter will be over.  But you can't do that can you?  No.  Too may people would go to jail.

For your information, the following session minutes contain references to 
the project…May 14, 2001, November 12, 2001, February 11, 2002, March 11, 
2002, April 8, 2002 and April 21, 2002. Also, HUD representatives met with 
the congregation to answer questions on April 15, 2002.

> Actually, if you read the minutes, he said he could not answer the really important questions.  That seemed sort of strange to me for someone from HUD.

As for your remembering congregation meetings concerning Height’s Tower and 
Height’s House, these are the facts: There was never a congregational 
meeting called to discuss either project according to church records dating 
back to December 21, 1970 when the first mention of a project appears in 
session minutes.

> As I said, the minutes were altered.  Tell me, who signed off on that project, the minister Jim Smith?  One of the trustees?  All of the trustees?  And do you have records of Presbytery's approval as well.  You are wrong ghost.  I distinctly remember the congregational meeting.  

One last word concerning the building of the new project – those members of 
the session who were present when your mother first began to voice her 
resistance to this new endeavor recall quite clearly her references to the 
“location” of the property as being her number one reason for that 
opposition. Initially, her hostility was never about money – only about 
“those people” who would inhabit such a property. In fact, she even made 
the statement that were the project to be built in another part of town, she 
wouldn’t be opposed to it at all. You are the one who coined the much used 
phrase, “ghetto project”. The obvious racism present in those first days 
of discussion was blatant and overwhelming. Soon you were able to disguise 
her motives under a canvas of accusation of “scams, corruption, pay-offs and 
thievery”. Suddenly, the location wasn’t the issue – it was all the crooked 
staff and elders who you were out to expose. You can make all the 
accusations and personal attacks you want but the truth was heard loud and 
clear by those who heard her bigotry spew forth.

> You are out of your mind.  If we are racists, so are the people at St. Andrews and All Saints.  You just can't make that distinction can you?  We are with them.  And it is nothing about race it is about corruption.  Why all the secrecy?  Why all the secrecy even today?  Open the records and if I am wrong the lawsuit will disappear.  Do you hear that ghost?  Open the records and if things are as you say, I will be gone.  It is just that simple.  But you are not going to open those records without a court order are you?  Some of you are crooks and some of you are fools.  But regardless all of you are hiding something.

2) Your mother has manipulated and controlled Heights Presbyterian Church 
for many years. The stories of her strong-handed measures, insistence on 
having her way, her destruction of anyone who did not agree with her, etc. 
would take pages to relate. Suffice to say, most people at Heights have a 
“Joyce Wolter” story or two to tell. Your accusations that the church is 
being controlled by a chosen few are almost hilarious in their similarity to 
the real truth of what has gone on at Heights in the past. You accuse 
others of precisely what your mother has done for many years.

> Really.  How many people on the session are related to Patty Ellis or Benny Grable or Terry Myers?  How many of those people not on your side are allowed to act a liturgist?  How many are allowed to serve communion?  How many are allowed to be ushers?  We have the records.  You people are very exclusive.

Now, a new day has dawned. What once looked hopeless – with only a very few 
calling all the shots – has now changed to an opportunity for any and all to 
participate. There is a fresh, new breeze blowing through the halls and 
down the aisles of Heights Presbyterian Church and neither you nor your 
mother will ever stop it. The church is being cared for again, renovated, 
painted, and polished. There are organized Committees, meeting to form 
collective ideas and set forth new plans of action for growth and 
development for the first time in many years. For the first time in years, 
there is actually an air of expectation that the church has a bright and 
exciting future.

> Why do you not publish all the names on all these committees and we will see which side of the fence they are on.  Actually, with a few exceptions, all those committees are composed of the ghosts and friends.

> The congregation is split three ways.  One third ghosts, one third honest people, and one third in the middle voting one way on one issue and another way on other issues.

It is always good when people volunteer their time and talents to a church – 
as your mother has involved herself in various room décor and yard work. 
Unfortunately, she has interpreted that participation to mean ownership.

> Not.

example of that misplaced sense of ownership could not be better illustrated 
than her recent behavior with the carpet layers. Witnesses say she stood 
over them screaming that they were “NOT going to pull that carpet up” and 
she would “sue them if they touched that carpet”.

> So what???  She can scream just like Patty, is that your point?

When 7 year old flower arrangements she had placed in the Narthex were voted 
to be replaced, her rage was there for all to see. When the Session voted 
to move the session room to a larger and more spacious accommodation, she 
vowed it would never happen. The story you repeat (and you really do tend 
to say the same things over and over and over again) about the session’s 
refusal to donate $100.00 for the quilts for abused children is, to say the 
least, another one of your fish tales. (The $100.00 figure has somehow 
become $125.00 in your stories of late, just another example of how you seem 
unable to tell the truth.) A sofa which had sat in the church for many 
years was moved into Dr. Joe’s office. She didn’t want the sofa to be used 
by Dr. Joe and claimed it was hers. She made the statement in Session 
meeting that if the sofa was going to stay in his office, she wanted $100.00 
for it and that the money could be placed in the quilting fund. The Session 
voted not to pay her any money for the sofa and stated if she wanted the 
sofa, she could come get it. The entire record of the meeting is in the 
minutes for anyone to read. 

> So what????  What about the other 62 years of service.  Are you going to bring that up?  Oh that is right.  You were not there for the majority of them.

> Maybe you are talking about how she organized about a dozen people to redo the scout house.  Ask around about that.  Also ask about John Blanco being hired to paint the ceiling and then when my mother asked him to remove an old streamer from the ceiling he called her a "bitch" in front of Evelyn Churchill and went to the church secretary to demand to have her removed as a member of the church.  This was the same time he painted the cabinets with the doors closed.  That was before Joe.

She has removed many items through the last 
months which were supposed to be gifts to the church.

> Name them ghost.

 She seems to have no 
concept of what a “gift” is. She only seems to understand “loans with 
strings attached”. Frankly, most of the congregation would like for her to 
come down to the church and remove all of her “loans” for once and for all – 
including that pathetic fabric which hangs on the back wall of the Chancel.

> I knew that was coming.  What will it be replaced with?  Why don't all you ghost pool your piggy banks and buy a new one.  Where were you when it went up?  How much did you contribute to it?  What is stopping you from replacing it.  You people are all powerful.  Take it down.  Burn it at one of your coven meetings.   Please, tell me what you are waiting for?

As for the yard, watering the plants is a lovely gesture. However, planting 
anything and everything you please without the permission of the session is, 
I know I repeat myself here, an ownership delusion.

> Sort of like putting an out of tune grand piano in the sanctuary.  Destroying memorials without a vote of the session.  Promising to put them back and then saying she did not remember those promises.  And Joe who witnesses all of it, had a memory lapse.

 For years, your mother 
has taken it on herself to control every aspect of yard design – or lack of 
it. She has planted, removed, trimmed and controlled the church grounds as 
if they were her own. Those days are over. 

> Name one plant the ghosts have planted?  Name one ghost who has watered the yard?

There is now a committee in 
place – complete with 12 members – who have been and will be making all 
future decisions concerning the church property. Your mother is not one of 
them. Please express that to her also.

> I guess this goes for Willard who had the dead tree removed from the corner of the property.  I guess this means the the old trees are going to be cut down soon like Patty wants.

3) You refer often to the “fight” which Terry Myers and a few of the Grable 
family attempted to start with you one Sunday following the service. I was 
a personal witness to that event, heard every word spoken, saw every act 
taken – and, again, you are a liar.

>  You did not hear every word.  Because when Terry first came up, there was no one around ghost.

Terry Myers approached you following the benediction and asked, “Are you 
John WorldPeace?”
You answered, “Yeah, what of it?”
Terry said, “I want to make a request that you stop sending me or my family 
any more of your hateful letters.”

> You missed a lot.  You missed the part where I twice asked him if he was going to start a fight in the sanctuary.  You missed the part where he was trying to decide if he wanted to go outside and have me remove a few of his teeth.

At that point, you stepped toward Terry, puffed out your chest (I guess it 
was your chest) and responded, “I will send you anything I want anytime I 
want and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”
From there the situation escalated and became what you hoped it would become 
– a near altercation. Considering your belligerence and rudeness, it is a 
miracle someone didn’t lose control. But they were all wise enough to 
understand that that would have been playing into your hands. You have used 
this story to manipulate and cause confusion among many of the members. 
Perhaps if they knew the truth about the real conversation that day, you 
wouldn’t be able to get such mileage out of yet another one of your lies.

> What about the Grables coming over.  What about John Blanco.  What about all that.  I thought you were there.  Please tell us ghost about that part of the conversation.  What scared me the most was that I had some candy in my pocket and I was afraid John Blanco was going to smell it.

4) Your propaganda that you represent half the congregation is a blatant 
lie. In fact, the last form you sent out to many of the congregation, 
entitled “I Accuse…” (which was, per your instructions, to be filled out and 
sent to the Presbytery) only got one response – and that was from the 

> Wrong ghost.

 It has become pretty obvious that your following has dwindled down 
to a very few of our congregation – namely, the Jenkes, the Waldens, Gene 
Burns, Carol Parker and Bill Alford. Congratulations on such a sterling 
audience. Maybe they will help make up your mayoral staff.

> I think you left out a few.  You take a head count at the next congregational meeting ghost.  Tell you what, why don't you make a list of all the members and tell us all who are on whose side and who is in the middle.  Let me see the list of your people.  Come on now.  You can do it.  Let's see, I am trying to remember the shoulder to shoulder event.  What a joke.  What a farce.  I will publish the list ghost as soon as you send it too me.  Actually, being ghosts and all, there is no one on your side.  So the seven people you listed plus my mother and Vernon LeCompte, the Redds, and maybe the Balls, the Faulks, the Burlesons, possibly the Lambs, and there is Mary maybe, and I am not sure about the Wilkes, and  some others ghost.  Go ahead and make your list.

I find it so interesting that you constantly refer to how long your mother 
has been at the church. Ad nauseam, you whine on and on about her 65 years 
of unselfish service. Why do you never mention how long Charlie and Jeanne 
Windham have been at Heights?...or Betty Tribble, Beverly Sutton, the 
Bensons, the Myers, the Grables, the Pucketts, the Dragos, the Stubbs, the 
Pollards, James McClain etc. etc? We, who have been at our church for as 
long if not longer than your mother, have been sickened by her decision to 
file lawsuits against fellow members and by her bringing your divisive and 
evil presence into our sanctuary.

> Just open up the records ghost, and I will be gone.  Isn't that simple?  Just open up the records if you have nothing to hide.

 How insulting to all these wonderful 
people, who have much more unselfishly served our church than your mother 
ever has, for you to suggest that your mother is the only person who truly 
cares about Heights Presbyterian. How arrogant you are to come with your 
accusations – basically saying all these faithful members are simply too 
stupid to comprehend what is going on at the church and that only you 
(other than Gandhi, Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, of 

> Huh????

have the aptitude to grasp the entire picture.

> Well how many of those you mentioned are attorneys and accountants.  I think the answer is zero.

 Your arrogance makes 
one want to vomit. By the way, many others, who were once willing to listen 
to your lies, have now turned against you and your mother – and they are 
saying so to anyone who will listen. In fact, you heard from one just a few 
days ago.

> So where is the list ghost?  Where is the list?  You think I have no support and yet in a prior communication you seem to be worried about a recall vote on Delgatto.  How do you explain that?

Per the Book of Order, a congregational meeting is for members only – which 
you are not and will never be.

> Don't bet on it ghost.

 And there is a meeting scheduled. Why do 
you insist on interjecting yourself into a place where you are not wanted? 

> Because there is a lawsuit going on.

Is your mother not able to speak for herself?

> Well your bunch has seven lawyers.  Can't they speak for themselves?

 No one else will have their 
attorneys present.

> Oh yes they will.

 Why should she? If you are so concerned about the 
members coming together to openly discuss the issues which are at question, 
why don’t you volunteer to wait outside the meeting, thus not interrupting 
the flow of conversation?

> The same reason that the last congregation meeting was going to be attended by Diane Feiler McGehee only so that the information could be controlled.  Well the judge stopped that did she not?  What about Keezel?  He claims to be a lawyer.  He is on the Administrative Commission.  Will he be there? Will he make another one of his empty pompous speeches like he did last time he got in the pulpit.  What a clown.  I am glad I have the video, because he makes me laugh.

Of course you will respond that you are the only 
person capable of comprehending all the fraud and scams being perpetrated on 
the unsuspecting, naïve, not to mention, stupid, members of the 

> No.  I am the one appointed to bring it out.

It is most telling of all, concerning the unraveling of your relationship 
with members of the congregation, that on Centennial Sunday, with standing 
room only in the sanctuary, there was only one pew which had any empty 
seating – yours. 

> I was not aware that I owned a pew.  Actually if you were there you saw that I filmed all through the service.

Actually the ushers pointed out your almost empty pew to 
several late comers, but no one chose to sit by you or your wife. The lie 
you spread about your wife’s grandson chasing down an usher to place an 
offering in the plate is straight from the mouth of hell. And there is 
video and eyewitnesses to prove it.

> Send me a copy of the video ghost, and I will put it on the internet.  Actually, I was up filming the entire event. Just me and Benny.  Real cool planning.  Did anyone ask Carol Parker to bring all her photographic equipment?  Did anyone think to make any group pictures.  Did anyone one of you in the ghost brain trust think that may be there should be an extensive record of the hundred year anniversary?  Oh, well.  It seems that all you ghost together are having trouble coming up with one complete functioning brain.  

5) Regarding past enrollment of new members…here are the facts. In the 
5-year period before Dr. Joe came to Heights, 15 new members joined the 

> Who are they?

Between 1998 and 2002 – another 5 year span - 59 new members 

>And who are they?

 There is no way to know what opportunities for new members have 
been lost to us due to your presence in our Sunday services, your threats, 
your letters, your intrusions, your theatrics, your videotaping – the list 
is endless.

> And what about Patty Ellis screaming to get those people out of the sanctuary?  Why does not Joe go out of his way to welcome the few people who venture into the church on Sunday.  He could say something like, "I see some new faces over there".... I know this is over your head.  What about a ritual of friendship?  How many people have you called who visited the church.  Oh, none you say?  What effect does that have on getting new members?

 What we collectively believe is that God must have incredible 
things in store for this church.

> Its called a purging.

 Satan, through your acts, has started to 
fight our progress and our faith too hard and too viciously.

> Well, when the preacher and Walter Ellis refused to remove the Satanic Pentagram from the church, I think we know who Satan is backing.

 But the Bible 
promises the victory is already ours – and that evil will not win the day. 
You and your mother are evil personified.

> And Jesus appointed you judge.  When was that exactly?  And you are one of those without sin who will cast the first stone?  Is that the way it is ghost?

 You have brought nothing but 
ill-will, mistrust, suspicion, confusion, confrontation and anger to our 

> And your response has been secrecy, secrecy and secrecy even now as you refuse to identify yourself.

 But this will not last forever. It is comforting to all of 
us to know that much bigger guns than we could ever hope to carry are aimed 
at you and ready to fire.

> Really.  Well what are they waiting on?  

6) Your story about your imminent disbarment, once again, doesn’t quite 
jive with what the Texas Bar attorneys have to say about you.

> What do you expect them to say after I kicked their backsides?

 They assure us that they will get you before this is over.

> And they are waiting on what?

 You are an embarrassment to 
the law profession and it is only a matter of time before you will no longer 
be able to harass and intimidate by means of a law license.

> Well at least I am a lawyer now.  At least I can always say I was one.  Right ghost.  Comprende?

 People who 
have dealt with you in the past all tell the same story 

> Yes they do.  Do not mess with WorldPeace.

– and please believe us when we say we have done our homework on you.

> Will it be published?

You sue someone – for 
little or no reason, make insane and unfounded accusations, harass them with 
threats and letters – and then, after months of this kind of abuse – come in 
with an offer for a cash settlement in order for you to drop the case.

> Yes there are about 30,000 of those kinds of lawsuits on file in Harris County ghost.  Oh ghosts, I am sure you know that only 2% of all lawsuits go to trial.  The rest settle, mostly in mediation.

Not only that, your so-called fight to change the law is another case of 
your misrepresenting what is really happening. The five people who were 
represented by the Texas Bar Association against you brought forth evidence 
of your misuse of funds, your taking advantage of the disabled and 
handicapped, your neglect of clients, your lying to clients and the court, 
as well as other charges.

> None of which stuck, did it ghost?

The Texas Bar has another large group of people waiting in the wings to 
bring more charges against you. 

> So again.  What are they waiting on?????

And the Texas Bar Association is not the 
only powerful entity we have spoken with who has you and your dubious 
practices on their radar screen. 

> No doubt.  The whole world is afraid of WorldPeace.

You'd probably be wise to work on your 

> You mean to put the notch of your little ghost selves on my belt?

7) As to your living conditions….once again, let’s try to tell the truth 
for a change. You live in a rented apartment because you cannot do 

> So since you have no education, your measuring rod is a house?  Funny.

 There are so many judgments against you ready to snatch away 
anything you purchase, that you cannot have any property in your name – and 

> Not a single judgment that I know of.  Send me the list. I will put it on the net ghost.

 The large house you describe was never yours – it belonged to a 
client and you lived there without authorization. 

>Now this is really funny.  As per usual, you do not know Jack.

> Now do not get scarred ghosts.  I am going to tell you what happened.

> The year is 1988.  I am closing my law practice to raise my children full time post divorce.  Carla Minter comes to me with a tax problem that involves the house she and her deceased husband owned.  I did not want the case and put her off for three months.  She kept coming back because no one would help her.  

> Her house was in Spring and had about 4,000 feet.  I needed a home for my kids who decided that living a year with my ex wife, the Snake, was enough.  So I cut a deal with Ms. Minter who had no money, that she would transfer title of the house to me and when I solved all her problems, we would sell the house and split up the equity.  But no matter what, I would not have to sell the house until my kids graduated from high school about six years later.  She agreed.

> Oh yes, the house was worth about $100,000 and had liens of about $250,000 from Carla and her dead husband Bobby.  I felt I could negotiate away most of the liens.  I made the monthly payments.  The mortgage had about $45,000 left on it.  So I had about $55,000 of equity to work with.

> Oh, I almost forgot.  Bobby Minter, who worked for his dad at Minter Auto Sales which is still in business, was found dead one day in his bed in the house.  It seems he committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head.  About three days later, a black Caddy that was seen at the house the day Bobby died was found with a guy named little Bobby and his girl friend in it.  Both had bullets in their knee caps and elbows.  They must have done that just before they committed suicide by shooting themselves in the head.  It seems Bobby had apparently screwed some people out of some drug money.

> Well, Carla, unlike you people, was scared.  She ran off to North Carolina to mommy and daddy's house with her son in tow.  That was 1987.  In 1988, she came to see me.

> Well, Carla and I had a good relationship, but then her family got involved and said I stole the house.  Carla knew better but she signed an affidavit saying she did not know that she transferred the house to me.  Her daddy paid $4,000 to Baker Botts to get WorldPeace.  Well, WorldPeace had a handwritten letter from Carla that I guess she forgot about that stated that she knew she had transferred the house to me.  Well, in exchange for me not counter suing, they let go of the house.  Not a big deal because there was no title policy and the liens were still on it.  In a word, no equity.

> Well about that time, the Snake, had put the IRS on me to pay a $45,000 tax debt that started out at $26,000 at the time of my divorce and which the Snake agreed to pay half in the divorce.  She backed out and so I sold the house to pay the IRS.  I told the lien holders they could divide the balance of the equity or they could let the IRS take it in a tax foreclosure.  They agreed.  No one could believe that I got those ten lien holders to release their liens.

> It was about that same time Kay and I moved to Limestone County to live with her ailing dad who died ten months later.

> Of course then Kay's sister JoAnn sued us for stealing the father's assets.  Funniest thing, Kay and I had a power of attorney from her alcoholic sister Pat with which we could have transferred her share to Kay.  Another sister was 50 and had Downs.  When we settled at the bank, I gave the oldest sister JoAnn a copy of her parents marriage license.  Funniest thing, what it showed was that Kay's father was not her father.  So had I refused to produce the father's will, which I had drafted and in which the three sisters divided the estate, 50% to the older sister and 25% to Kay and Pat and in which the older sister took Barbara, Kay and I would have gotten everything.  

> The point is that with the marriage license, the power of attorney and the destruction of the will, Kay and I could have walked away with the farm, all the personal property, the cows, farm equipment and so on.

> It was real interesting to see JoAnn's face when I gave her the marriage license which had been a family secret for 50 years.  It was the last time we ever talked to her.  She sat at the table like she had been gut shot.  

> Pat was going to create some hell at Kay's son's college graduation about three years later.  Interesting, she died of a heart attack the night before.  She was living on the farm with the other two sisters.  The older sister altered Pat's will but that is another story.  All this can be found in the Limestone County Court House.

> You ghosts have no idea what a lawyer sees on a daily basis.  Most lawyers listen to foolish ghosts like you with a knowing smile that you people have no idea how things are in the real world.

How successful is a man 
who, at your age, can’t even own his own home?

> Obviously, you cannot understand a person who does not want to be a HOUSEWIFE.

 There are tax liens against 
you, property liens against you - your financial past is a patchwork of 
bankruptcies and fiscal failures.

> Bring on the evidence ghost.

Frankly, it shouldn’t be of anyone’s concern about your financial losses or 
lack of career success in life. And as Christians, we should never even 
discuss another’s failures. However, you bring this on yourself. Your 
braggadocios manner, having absolutely no basis in fact, is revolting. You 
obviously live in a dream world where what you wish to be happening 
overrides your ability to grasp the realities of your existence. I believe 
they call that schizophrenia.

> So are you saying you actually have some education.  That you are a licensed shrink?

The one good piece of legal advice you might want to give to your mother 
before you are no longer in the position to do so is that it would be very 
expedient for her to, indeed, sell that house and then run hide the money – 
for very soon, she is going to be in the same boat you are in. There is 
going to be a judgment day for the slander and libel she has dished out 
through the oracle of your mouth.

> The following is the law.  Nothing said in the course of this lawsuit will form the basis of a lawsuit for slander.  You must have been talking to that poser Keezel.

Any communication, oral or written, uttered or published in the due course of a judicial proceeding is absolutely privileged and cannot constitute the basis of a civil action in damages for slander or libel.  The falsity of the statement or the malice of the utterer is immaterial, and the rule of nonliability prevails even though the statement was not relevant, pertinent and material to the issues involved in the case.
Reagan v. Guardian Life, 166 SW2d 909 (Texas Supreme Court 1972)

An attorney at law is absolutely privileged to publish defamatory matter concerning another in communications preliminary to a proposed judicial proceeding, or in the institution of, or during the course and as a part of, a judicial proceeding in which he participates as counsel, if it has some relation to the proceeding.
Hill v. Herald-Post Pub. Co., 877 SW2d 774 (Tex.App.-El Paso, 1994)

 There are lawsuits pending against her also (and more to come, we hear)

> Not a single lawsuit is there against my mother.

 and they will be followed through on. From 
what we hear, there will be a request for jury trials and every nasty word 
you and your mother have spewed forth these past months will be there for 
all to see. The damage claims will not be for a measly $10,000.00 either. 
Perhaps the final irony of all this fiasco you and your mother have brought 
down on our church will be that, once she is stripped of all her property, 
she will need some form of housing and will find it in the new facility 
being sponsored by our church. 

> It must be late at night or you must be on dope, dreaming.

She certainly won’t be able to turn to her 
son for financial help – you don’t have two cents. Finally and at long 
last, your mother is going to answer for the viciousness of her actions.

> I thought Art Greer was in the hospital.  And what about Jack Benson.  And what about Charlie Windham and his little fainting spell since this all started.  And what about Dorothy Lee after she made her nasty remarks about four months ago.  What about all of them ghosts?

8) And about your mother’s feelings toward you…there have been many 
interesting conversations throughout these past months between most members 
of the congregation as they have shared with each other the comments made by 
your mother over the years concerning her feelings toward you. None have 
been complimentary, most downright hateful. She has called you an “idiot”, 
“lazy”, “stupid”, “crazy” – to name only a few. She has ridiculed your 
so-called involvement in politics, your unsolicited phone messages, your 
lifestyle and, most assuredly, your name change.

> Obviously you do not have any children.  Show me one parent who is sync with their children.  Show me one parent who thinks their child made all the right decisions in life; married the right person, had the right job, went to college, refused to go to the military, refused to work and so on.  You are silly ghost.

 It is always tragic to 
witness such a schism in a family and, actually, the overall feeling from 
most of our membership has been that this may be responsible for your 
inability to deal with reality.

> Well the reality that I know is that you are hiding ghost and the reality is that things seem to be going my way.

 It must have had an incredibly devastating 
effect on you to be so disliked by your own mother. Sad.

> WOW.  You really don't have any children do you.

9) Why this obsession with Patty Ellis? You seem to pay more attention to 
her hair color than is rationally explainable. If you are just looking for 
a way to ridicule her, then that goes to the heart of your own lack of 
decency and good manners. Why do you question why she left St. Philip? 

> Because it helps explain what she is doing at Heights.

did you leave Heights Presbyterian Church 

> Because the Snake and her family were Methodists.

and then the Methodist church? 

> To join Heights again, but Delgatto destroyed those records.

we not all have the right to make changes, to move, to seek out more than is 
presently available to us? Patty has been heard to say that she and Diane 
are simply very good friends and have been for some time. The story I have 
heard is that Patty and Walter stayed very close to Diane when she went 
through an extremely difficult divorce 

> Yes when you set yourself up above others as preacher and wife and then the preacher goes out and has an affair with a member of the congregation, people ask what is going on in that marriage?  And they say, we no longer have respect for these hypocrits.

– which I am sure she appreciates you 
spreading the details of all over the internet.

> There is an old saying, "Don't get between a dog and his bone."  I think Diane has learned that lesson.

 I don’t find it 
unreasonable that when a person finds out they are being sued, they would 
turn to a good friend (who happens to be an attorney) to ask for help – I 
believe you are the one who made several comments about Dr. Joe not having a 
good attorney friend who would defend him against your mother’s scurrilous 

> Again there is no contract with Diane McGehee. She refused to produce it.  It does not exist.  She lied to the court about representing the church. She is going to lose her license to practice.

The truth of the matter is that Diane Feiler was willing to take 
this case for no fee;

> You are really nuts now.  Delgatto made a short speech at the session meeting at Barbara Pucketts house about hiring Diane for $200 per hour.  I have it on tape.  I think it is a 3 minute and 59 second statement by Delgatto.  

 however, you soon brought such pressure to bear on her 
with your groundless accusations, that her firm would no longer allow her to 
represent Mrs. Ellis. 

> Not true.  She lied to the court and she knew she was going to get nailed.  She ran like a whipped pup.  I think she lasted 14 days.  Brown, Keezel, McGehee.  All running from WorldPeace.

Why do you care who Patty’s attorney is? Shouldn’t 
a person have the right to the attorney of their choice?

> Ms. Feiler lied to the court and said she represented Heights Presbyterian Church.  That is her problem.  It has nothing to do with Patty Ellis.

You have made the statement that Patty Ellis has been kicked out of four 
churches – she vows she has never been kicked out of a church in her life. 

> Really?

You made the statement she had been placed in a mental institution during 
the time she and Walter were away on an extended vacation. What kind of 
human being makes such disgusting claims against another person? 

> Prove that she wasn't.

You claim 
she took $10,000.00 of church money and co-mingled it with her own funds. 

> Show me the books.

Where are the documents to back up this vile accusation? 

> Show me the books.

How do you 
continue to repeat such fabrications in the face of Mary McClelland stating 
time and time again that no money has ever been paid to anyone for any 
project without a valid receipt?

> Show me the books.

 You haven’t seen the receipts?

>That's right.  And why ghost?

 Well, why 
would you be privy to any church documents or transactions? 

> Because there is a lawsuit going on ghost.

The very idea 
that you should be given copies of anything concerning church business to 
post on your personal website is absurd.

> Except for the lawsuit ghost.

Your accusations of sexual impropriety against Patty and Dr. Joe are 
sickening. There is no justification for your cruelty. Most people believe 
this one accusation alone has probably cost you more in losses of your 
initial cadre of followers than any other thing you have done or said.

> You do not know what is going on ghost.  We will see who is where when the final trial takes place.

Do the Ellis’ really strike you as people who need to come to a little 
church like ours in the hopes they might be able to scam a few thousand 
dollars – while all the time donating hours of hard work, not to mention 
thousands of dollars of their own money toward various projects and 

> Yes.  My experience is that people who are money oriented can never have enough.

 I know for a fact they gave a large donation to the Phase II 
project of renovations to the Narthex and the Administration Bldg.

> Show me the books.

could always verify this by asking the church treasurer. Will you? 

> I have asked to see the books and the lawyers have refused.

have made many comments throughout the months questioning just how much 
money the Ellis’ have given or have pledged to give to our church. How is 
that any of yours or anyone else’s concern?

> The question is how much of the church money found its way into their pockets.

 The Ellis’ seem to be quite 
open and generous with their giving as well as their commitment to the 
future of this church. I believe the majority of our congregation is 
absolutely delighted with the addition of this entire family to our church.

> You have got to be kidding me.  I was hired to stop her dictatorship.  The bets were that I could not do it.  She has been stopped.  

10) And finally, we are not playing checkers – we are playing for keeps. 

> You are not even in the right ball park ghost.

don't consider this a 'game' as you do; your true intentions are obvious.

> And that would be what?

When you respond to this, as I know you will, please pay me the courtesy of 
not chopping up my words with your comments.

> Sorry, it helps the readers who by the way are increasing daily per my web statistics.

 I ask you to allow the 
continuity of my thoughts to be read uninterrupted.

> Denied.

PFF....This is no game.

>  You take life too seriously ghost.  Since you are dead, you should know none of this really matters.  The problem for you ghosts is that you do not remember the time before we were born?  You forgot a lot.  Oh well, let me tell you that things are going just as they were supposed to.  In the end, WorldPeace.

As God is my witness,


P S  You ghosts make me laugh.  Thanks.


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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