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Date: 8/20/2003 11:26:40 AM Central America Standard Ti
From: John WorldPeace
To:, John WorldPeace

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<< Subj:    WorldPeace
Date:    8/20/03 10:32:53 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Terence Jameson)

Dear Mr. WP,

I am beaming with pride!  Can't you feel my smile as I type these words?
Your latest response proves my victory!  I never meant to scare you...but
your overuse of the word 'ghost' really shows your fear.  As much as it
would thrill me to death (ha-ha) to play into your little 'ghost' game..and
threaten to 'haunt' you...I cannot.  I am very much living and breathing.

> Ghost in the sense that you have no name that you are proud of.  Ghost as in nothing there.  Ghost as in hiding.

You are very confused as to who I am.  Try as you may, you have not been
able to figure it out.  It's not as obvious as it may seem.

> You are a ghost.  I do not care who you are.  I respond to whoever writes.

I will be taking a break from writing.  I am sure you will accuse me of
turning  tail and running away from this 'fight'...but you are wrong.

> It is free country, do what you want, people will assume what they want.

You asked me in your first response why I did not have my own website...well
the answer should be apparent now.  I do not need one.  You have been
so accommodating as to post all of my words of truth.  My only mission has
been  accomplished.

> Well all that is left for you then is to lay down and die I guess.

  The truth is there for anyone who accidentally stumbles into
your snare.  I don't think it's a coincidence that you have more readers since my
words began to fill your website.  People are hungry for my words of thruth.

> I do not know what thruth is but the site has been growing in visits long before you wrote anything and will continue to grow until this matter is finalized.  I still get a lot of hits to my governor web page and that has been over for almost a year and a half.

And, speaking of the people...I am not alone.  Looks like the silent
majority is  beginning to come forward because of my example.  You've been getting more negative email than ever!  The PFF Is not alone!

> I have been on the net for eight to ten years and the negative email balances out with the positive.  Nothing has changed.

John WorldPeace...I pray for your soul.  As much pain and harm as you
inflict upon anyone who comes into contact with you..God still loves you.  Your
forgiveness  comes from God alone.  But I pray that God will have mercy on your soul.

> Interesting

Two quick notes...

1.  The church records are not hidden , they are open for anyone to read. 
This is just another of your lies.  You are hiding behind lies.

>  As I said, the lawyers have refused to produce those records and when I came to the church a few days before the centennial, the cops were called twice. 

2.  There was a countersuit filed over a year ago against your mother.  And
it will be followed through on.  Deny it if you want.  I hope your mother is not
getting her only legal advice from you, because while you are allowed to make
libelous and slanderous statements during the discovery phase, you are not allowed to spread those statements across the internet and mail to unsuspecting recipients. 

> You are right there is the counter claim in the lawsuit.  Wrong as to the counter claim not being thrown out.  I did not have the space to quote all the case law.

There are many people who can't wait to testify about the numerous unwanted
letters they received from you!

> All letters received from me had my return address clearly printed on the outside.  If they did not want to read a letter, they could throw it away.  Regardless, most of them are on the web page.

She will be held responsible for every horrible thing you've said and somebody better tell her that!

> Not.

The PFF....lives on. >>

> So what???

> Now you can go back to sleep ghost.  Your life is complete it seems.  I am happy for you.



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