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Date: 8/21/2003 12:09:23 PM Central America Standard Ti
From: John WorldPeace
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<< Subj:    MY QUESTIONS
Date:    8/21/03 10:25:59 AM Central Daylight Time
To:    John WorldPeace

Dear Sir,

Before I begin, there are a few things you should know about me.
I am a college graduate and completed college while working full time and raising a family. I  have owned several businesses.  I am not a CPA/Attorney/Carpenter. Having said that, there will be no reason for yor to insult me as you have so many others.  With the qualification questions out of the way, lets "Cut to the chase".

> I think if you will read all the documents for the last sixteen months you will see that the insulting discourse is directed at those who have demonstrated that that is all they understand.  John Blanco has called my mother a "bitch" in front of Evelyn Churchill.  Hillary, daughter of Patty Ellis, called my mother a "bitch" at the quilting gathering two months ago, and this was heard my Ms. Nickerson a member of the Administrative Commission.  And yesterday an email was received which called LeAnne a "dike".  And that is just the surface of what has gone on.

Reggarding your allegations that there is money missing from the Fakes' bequest.
When we received the money, part of it was put into a Money Market account and the remainder was put into an investment account.

> I am aware of that.  I am also aware that the money came in installments.  And I am also aware that the market was moving up at that time.  So there  was not only interest but also an increase in market value which put the bequest above $ 1 million.

We used the earned interest (only) to supplement the shortfall in our monthly budget.

> Now this is one of the biggest problems I have.  Why was there a monthly deficit?  There was no deficit before Joe came to Heights. 

> And why does Joe draw $62,000 after six years when the pledges and contribution are less than $45,000?  The budget deficit is almost $150,000 this year.  This is insane.  And no one questions the fact that Joe refuses to build the church membership.

> You do not have to be an accountant or an attorney to figure this out.

This worked well until the market decline. We, along with many others, saw our investment greatly reduced. 

> Yes and no one in charge had enough common sense to diversify the portfolio to reduce the effects of a bear market.  In the beginning, David Northcut wanted to invest in the Presbytery's fund which is now bankrupt.  So before Joe, Presbytery was already eyeing the Fakes money.  When Joe came, they had someone who would work with them.  David Northcutt wanted his friend to make a commission on churning the Fakes bequest.  I was looking into this matter from the sidelines even then.  I gave my mother some advice and I think she along with a few others saved the money from some of the more risky investments and more shady money managers.

> Again though, the reality is that there is obviously no one that has the backgroud to even offer any valid advice as to how to invest.  It is really sad.

Your rmother was  trustee and session member at the time. Certinly she knew about this decline, or should have.

> Sure she did.  But she is no more qualified to invest a million dollars than anyone else who has been in charge for the last six years.   And as a result of that ignorance, and the corrupt nature of Delgatto, bolstered by Walter and Patty Ellis, along with Charlie Windham, money was bled out of the bequest.  Then Delgatto and Lord decided that the congregation and the session members were so ignorant that they could make one final pass before Joe retired and take the rest of the money via the Independence Heights Project.

>  Per the Administrative Commissions own interim report of March 24, 2003, they clearly state that St. Andrews got out of the project because of the October 31, 2001 HUD Fund Reservation Notification which stated:  "Therefore, based on HUD's review of the firm commitment application, the Sponsor will be libel for the cost of any front-end cash requirement should the cost to develop the project exceed the Fund Reservation Amount" of $3,980,300" per page 12 of the interim report.

>  Now this did not change until the Administrative Commission got involved in February 2003.  The problem is that Slum Lord and Delgatto, Ellis, McClain and others denied for the whole time that Heights was obligated for the building deficit.  This was just a pure unadulterated lie.  And no one seems to get it. 

> The problem with the interim report is that it ignores the other problem which is the monthly operating deficit obligation which lasts for forty years.

> The real problem here is that the congregation and the session do not have the knowledge, education or experience to understand the lies that are being told by Delgatto and others. This is why they did not want me at any session meetings or any congregational meetings.  This is why after the judge said they must allow me to attend any congregational meetings on the IHP they went to Presbytery to handle the project behind everyone's back. 

> Well the missing Fakes money and the IHP corruption will begin to come out next month after the judge restarts the lawsuit.

Did she fail to tell you this, or are you conveniently ignoring the true facts?

> No.  Like I said, I was involved all the way back to the beginning.  But from what I could tell the problem was under control.  I did not know there was a problem until April 2002, when my mother brought up the IHP and asked me to look into that.  When I began to look into that and was lied to by Delgatto, Lord, and Windham, I found that there was the Fakes problem as well.

In regards to the November 2000 (actually it was 2002) session meeting:
At the beginning of the meeting the session voted that NO recording devices be used in this meeting.

> Well unfortunately that was done so that more lies could be told and denied.  One has already come up:  that Diane Feiler was going to work for free when Delgatto definitely stated that she would charge $200 per hour at that meeting.

Your mother was then asked if she had a recording device, to which she responded no, although several members saw her turn on the  rocorded in her purse.

> Well I can tell you absolutely that she did not turn on any recording device and the people who said that are simply lying or mistaken.

Several days later, you wrote "I have a recording of the November Session meeting".
Now who is lying?

> Well first of all, you have to realize and acknowledge that my mother is not the only one fighting the corruption.  Did you ever think that maybe while everyone was watching my mother, someone else was doing the recording.  You do not say that anyone else was asked if they were recording the conversation did you?

> This is why I say over and over that I am playing chess and my opponets are playing checkers. I make my living thinking things out way ahead of what is actually going on.  No one that you know can play on my level even if they were playing chess.  Did you ever consider what kind of lawyer it takes to beat the State Bar of Texas?  You need to do your research on some of the bigger cases that I have worked on.  Just because I do not charge people ridiculous amounts of money and because I do a lot of free work and because "I have chosen not to own a house'" it doesn't mean that I am stupid.


> You know Casper, there have been so many lies told that I am sure that it is hard for you to know what the truth is.  But let me tell you this, over half the congregation has known me since childhood.  And when I returned to the church last year, I received information from a lot of sources.  I doubt that very little has happened that I am not aware of.  I doubt anyone knows as much about this as I do because even the people who are on different sides of these issues still communicate with each other.  People who are against me talk to people who are with me because of decades of associating with each other in the church.  And few people can keep their mouths shut.

>  It is sort of like the Blacks and Hispanics thinking that because there is less open racial slurs than in the past, that Texas is liberal.  When old White boys get together, all those slurs still come out.  In an old White boys gathering, it is assumed that because you are an old White guy, you are prejudiced.

>Well the same thing exists at Heights.  People who are against me have assumed that everyone is against me.  Also, I have lived in and around the Heights for a very long time and those who are against me talk to other non church members who know me and tell me things.

>  It is a small world and you never know who knows who.  If you want to keep a secret, keep it to yourself.  And then you must remember that I did run for governor and will sign up to run for Mayor on Monday, August 25.  Do you really think I have no connections in this city and in this state?  This is what is funny about the carpetbagger Delgatto and the arrogant Ellis's.  They ain't from around here.

> I have a lot of people that owe me for things that I never charged them for.  I have a lot of people of all stripes, criminal and spiritual and everything in between.  I used to do 1200 tax returns a year and have had my hands on over 500 separate sets of business books as well as almost a thousand legal files.  I have never had trouble getting business.  People have trusted me all my life.  It is just something I was born with.  This is not to say that a lot of people do not hate me because those people are out there.  I am just saying that there are a lot more for me than against me. 

> Why do you think that there was so much effort to keep me away from Tony Sanchez in the governor's race.  It is for the same reason the Presbytery is trying to keep me from having a platform in the IHP matter.  They know I am not stupid, and they know I am credible and they know I am not a liar and they know that I have the facts that will put some of them in jail.  But most importantly, they know that I have no fear and that I am unconcerned about speaking up on any subject.

> Hope this answered your questions.  If not, send me another email.

In the end,


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