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> Dear Mr. Worldpeace,

      I would like to talk to you about what I have read on your web page for the past few weeks. I have read just about everything you have posted,and I am curious about a few things. I am not a stupid person so I ask that you do not speak to me like you speak to the ghost writers.

>> I think if you look at my web pages, all of my web pages, that the only people who have received these negative responses are four individuals who have told lie after lie for over a year and they are desperate to stop me from proceeding with this matter to prove in court that they have stolen money from the church. 

>  They have been vicious and persistent in their attack on my mother, a woman whose only really crime is that as a trustee and as a session member and a church member for over sixty years, demanded to know where $600,000 has gone and the truth about the preacher's unilateral attempted obligation of the church to a corrupt HUD retirement home project.  After they lied to me and I filed suit last April, they began a non stop vicious attack on my mother.  They put an attorney who is an enemy of mine on the Administrative Commission that is now running the church and he has filed an false accusation for the purpose of removing my mother from any position of power.  You have no idea how vicious these people are.  The court room is where much of this will come out.

> First question is why do you constantly talk to these people the way that you do? These people have feelings just like me
and you. Would you like it if people treated you like this all the time.

>> The interesting thing is that all you know about this situation and these people is what you have read.  You have not seen these people in action.  You were not there when they cornered me in the pew in the sanctuary and tried to start a fight.  You are not aware of the vieled threats of violence they have made against my mother that they know where she lives.  The real question you have to ask is why all the secrecy about what has gone on in a church of 50 active members.

>> As far as how people treat me, you have no idea.  You cannot imagine the abuse that I get for changing my name to John WorldPeace.  You have no idea of how much hate mail I have received in the last 15 years.  And it has to do with my advocacy of peace.  There are some articles I have written comparing Ariel Sharon's treatment of the Palestinians to Hitler's treatment of the Jews and some of that email got real threatening.  The fact is that every single day I live with some person laughing at the need for WorldPeace.  It is a cruel world and when you stand up for something like peace and WorldPeace and you remind people of slavery and genocide against the Native Americans, they refuse to relate to it.   People hate the truth.  They hate to be confronted with their bad acts and behavior.  With people dying of AIDS, TB and Malaria due to the refusal of U S drug companies to discount the drugs in third world countries, when you consider that whatever Saddam was doing in Iraq it was nothing compared to what we are allowing in Africa, then you understand the real nature of human beings.  And for bringing these things up, I endure more abuse than you can imagine.

>> Further, as a practicing attorney, I daily deal with lies and lying.  I deal with attorneys who consistently resort to attacking me personally in order to divert attention from the weakness of their cases. 

>> So in answer to your question about how would I feel, the answer is that I guess I am numb to most of it because I deal with it everyday due to the fact that people hate peace and anyone who advocates it. 

>I have come to the conclusion that everything you write can not be the truth.

>> Well you see that I run a brutally open forum.   So if I ws lying, these people would have brought out their evidence and I would have posted it.  As the court case begins again next month, the truth will come out and some of these people are going to jail.  Just like on TV, they are going to be prosecuted for their acts and the covering up of those acts.  They have defrauded H U D and for that they will go to jail.  Not all of them.  About three or four.

> There is no way that everyone in this church is as
coniving as you say they are.

>> What you do not understand is that over half of the congregation is on the side of getting to the truth.  What you do not understand is that over the years the minister has packed the session with his allies and their children. He even refused to allow nominations from the congregation last year.  The problem is much worse than you understand it to be.  But in response to your comment, we are talking about a handfull of ring leaders and about a dozen supporters.  The rest are against them, they are allowing me to speak for them.  The opposition refuse to acknowledge that my mother filed suit with the blessings of almost half of the congregation.  These people are for the most part not responding because I am saying the things they are talking to me about.

> My second question is, why would you try to join a church that does not welcome you?

>> I was raised in this church.  Virtually every Sunday for twenty years.  The idea is to root out the hypocrisy.  The real question is why there is a concerted effort to keep me out.  The Book of Order clearly states that the only requirement for membership in my case is to reaffirm my faith in Jesus.  And per the Book of Order, to refuse to allow me to reactivate my membership is a rejection of Christ and a scandal on the gospel.  The Presbytery is also blocking my membership.  They will shortly have to explain the fact that they have turned the Presbyterian Church into an exclusive club totally opposite of what Jesus taught.  This is a peripheral issue but it goes to the core beliefs of the Presbyterian Church.  They will either abide by their Book of Order or I will close down the entire Presbyterian Church. 

>> Have you considered the abuse all those victims of the pedophile priests endured as they dared to say that the holy men were sexual perverts.  Just give that some consideration for a bit and you will see what is going on at Heights Presbyterian Church.  These people are desperate to stop me from exposing the truth of their corruption of the church.  The stakes in this matter are very high.

> If everthing you say is true about this church then why does your family continue to attend it?

>> My mother has been a member of this church since she was 14.  She is now 76.  I would say that she may miss four Sundays a year.  She has not only been a member but she has been an active member.  Now, for the sake of money, she is being run out of the church.  You tell me.  Should she just move down the street?  Would you in that situation?  What would you do if this was happening to your mother. 

>> In the beginning, after this mess started, I did not attend.  But then the threats against her got a little to real and so I go in part to make sure no one harms her.  John Blanco is a 300 pound middle aged man who continues to try to intimidate her.  With me around, he keeps his distance.

> You alone can not solve all the problems in this world.

>> You are right about that.  But I can work on some of them, can't I.

> I believe you said your wife wants to be a member also and be
rebaptized in this church. Why? From my knowledge of the presbyterian church cause I am a presbyterian ,the church only aknowledges one baptism therefor she does not need to do it again.

>> Well at the time I made that statement I was not aware that the Presbyterian Church did not rebaptize people.  However, the church records where my wife was Baptized no longer exist.  So what I was saying was that if she needed to be rebaptized, as I assumed she would, then she would do that.  They have blocked her from becoming a member.  Hers is a different situation than my reactivating my membership.

> Will you please explain your answer to these questions and why these people seem to get under your skin so much.

>> This is a battle for the church.  This is a battle against people who allow a Satanic Pentagram to stay on the side of the church.  This is a battle against a religious bureaucracy that in every single religion skews the message of the founder for the sake of preserving the bureaucracy.  Again the pedophile priests were protected because the Catholic bureaucracy set itself above the truth and the teachings of Jesus.  The same thing is going on here.  My battle is against the Presbyterian bureaucracy.  My battle is against the kind of people who abuse Catholic children and who have stolen money from Heights Presbyterian Church.

>> The winds of change are blowing and the Christian churches of all stripes are about to experience a purging and rebirth.  My work at Heights is just part of that.  And it is grounded in the real life corruption that I am exposing. 

>> All I can tell you is to keep following what is going on.  More and more people are tuning in each day per my web statistics.  Things are going in the right direction.  There will be accountability in the local church and in the Prebyterian Church U S A globally. 

>> There  have been three other Presbyterian Churches merged into Heights over the last few decades as the church declines globally.  All these people were abused by the Presbytery.  These people told me that Presbytery could not be stopped.  They have since found out differently.

> Regards,
> William

>> Thanks for the interest and the questions,
In the end there will be peace,



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