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World  peace,

> WorldPeace.  At least you can spell my name correct.  Especially since you refuse to reveal yourself.  Its just a typical cheap, ignorant shot, that accomplishes nothing.  Why not try Whirled Peas.  Have you not heard that.  Forget all the suffering in the world, who cares about WorldPeace, right?  Its only a word.  Those people on TV are not really dying of hunger or bombs.  Its just a video game.  Who needs WorldPeace, it is not your kids who are living in fear and hunger.  It is not any of you who have family in the military in Iraq.  Just a video game.  Not real pain and suffering.

As I sit here and read these unbelievable but certainly entertaining e-mails
I have come to realize that I am not as alone alone in this fight against
you, your mother and the rest of your followers.

> No you are not alone.  Why would you ever think that.

  It is very comforting to
know that there are other people out there that feel the same way as I do
towards you and I am glad that they are beginning to speak out and voice
their feelings.

> The church is divided.  There are about a third of the 60 active members against me, about a third for me and the rest are on the fence.  I have said this before.  It is the way things are and the way things have been for a long time; even before I returned.  The problem is that Delgatto has no ability or desire to heal these wounds and neither od you people.  You refused to participate in the only open discussion, the meetings I held to try to heal the congregation and get to the truth.

I can now sit back and watch as all these "ghost" tear down
all "your truths" and reveal the real truths.

> We will see what happens in court.  Things have really not even begun yet.  All that has happened so far is that I have forced those against me to bring in Presbytery and in so doing they have given up control.  I have kept things as they are except the IHP.  But that will come crashing down soon enough.

  It is almost humorous to see how badly we all have gotten to you and begun to get under your skin...

> I find that funny. It is Patty who no longer dies her hair red and Walter who shaved his "goat face".  Or had you not noticed.

........your answers to our e-mails have gotten quite testy and you
are beginning to loose your cool and contradict yourself on many of your

> I would need an example to reply to this.

  What's wrong Johnboy.....are we all more that you can handle?

>  Well there are eight lawyers on your side and within a few weeks there will be about five more.  All to stop WorldPeace.  I think I am winning with those odds.  And none of you are attorneys.  Look what it takes to try to stop WorldPeace.

Just a few points..........

1)  You have stated that there were never any request for anyone to help out
on clean up days, the renovations or any functions.....that is an out right
lie!!!!  I suggest that you find a few old bulletins...I came across a few
of them and in one particular bulletin dated September 2002 there are 3
postings in that one bulletin.

> Send me a copy of what you are talking about.  You have my address.

  One posting requesting volunteers for a
clean up/renovations day, one posting requesting volunteers for the Fall
Festival and the last posting requesting volunteers to help with the float
and to be in the parade for the Heights Festival.  I would like to add
that......after asking around none of your supporters helped out on the Fall
Festival (although it came still off as a success given the weather
conditions that day),

> Well as I said, the church was divided long before I came back.  I do not see any of your people at SNAPS.  How many of you are going to the dinner Saturday week?  the church has been in chaos for a long time due to a weak and corrupt minister.  All he ever did was capitalize on the divisions in order to reduce his work load.  He sided with the group that required the least amount of work from him.

I also asked if any of your supporters participated in
the Heights Festival Parade to which a no was the answer (by the way the HPC
float won 1st place) and of course we all know that none of your group has
ever showed up to help out on clean up days or with any of the renovations. 

> You people called the police when my mother and I, Richard Jenke, Gene Burns and Willard Walden showed up.  In fact, you changed the locks on the doors.  So tell me that were welcomed to help.  Funny.  Most of these people have been working quitely in the church for decades for free.  Now they are locked out.  Alice Grable will not even get off her backside to let the choir members into the church.  I think you are smoking something.

So please you explain how you can sit and say that no one ever asked for all
members to participate.  My gosh the day before the 100th celebration there
was a whole day of activities planned and I heard that the only people that
showed up were the Myers, Cisnes, Petrashs, Grables, Rios, Blancos, Ellis,
Potts, Gibbs, Elizabeth Robb, Pollards, Barbara Puckett, Faynell Benson,
Judy Pistole, Cassandra Danke and her husband, Flo Williamson, the daughter
of Al Dorsett and her husband, a few other past members and lastly all the
way from Africa Diane Springer.

> That about covers your group and a few of the neutrals.  Diane Springer is a liar and will be dealt with accordingly in the courts whether she is there or not. 

....where was your Mother and her staunch supporters........oh yeah that's right they all were making laps around the church like vultures.

> Actually, since the seniors have to concern themselves about their health, and since they have seen the willingness of the Grable family to do physical violence, they would be silly to get near you people and most particularly John Blanco.

Your mom was quick to stand up and take appreciation
for being part of the Centennial Committee but I heard she was not around to
help with any of the actual, setting up all the tables,
decorating, taking down the tables and cleaning.

> Again, there was a lock out.  Locks were changed and Benny tried to start something with me. Why would anyone want to enter a building with such people?

2) From what I hear and are basically suing the Board
of Directors for the Independence Heights Project.  So now my question is
this.......if you are suing the Board of Directors because you feel they are
in the wrong.....then I am guessing that means you are adding Vernon
LaCompte to this lawsuit since he was on the board.

> You do not have the brain pan to understand what I am doing in the lawsuit.  Get one of the other eight attorneys to explain it to you if you can.

  Next, if you are not
adding him to the lawsuit I would like to know ............why?

> As I said, get one of your group's attorneys to explain it to you .  If you have $150 per hour, I will be glad to hold a meeting with your people.  I tried to explain all this last year but you people refused to participate in the discussion.  As a result this matter is still creating chaos.  

3) I have heard you mention on several occasions that only a select few are
asked to be Liturgist, Ushers, have really
wore this out.  Johnboy...its funny that your Mommy is upset about not being
asked to participate it these activities and it is really humorous that
Carol Parker complains about it.

> My mother is not bothered by it.  It was just my observation.  There is no doubt that one faction is doing all these jobs.  Since your faction is head of all the committees, I have come to the undeniable conclusion that there is a calculated effort to cut off the members of my faction from participating in the church.

> I do not know what Carol Parker is doing.  I know she is upset and I know that she has communicated with Joe and Presbytery a lot.  All to no avail of course.

  I have a question for you........why is it
that out of your supporters why are the Jenkes the only ones that
participate in Sunday school?  I haven't seen your Mommy in a Sunday School
class in years and years.

> Well lets see the choice is Patty's class which is chock full of your people and there is Delgatto's class.  Not much of a choice.   I do not want to fight with your people and Delgatto is an idiot who knows less about religious doctrine than I do.

  Oh lets not get started on Carol
Parker...............That poor women doesn't participate in
anything......Sunday School, Dora Circle, Women's Breakfast or any weekly
activities ...i.e, Quilting(only for a short time), Daytime Fellowship or
any weekly Bible studies.

> Well actually she has been in charge of the weddings at the church.  Now that Anita Grable is in charge, I understand that people are not being called back.  Sort of like her mother, she wants the title but not the work.  Sort of like the web page, no follow through.   The web page still has May events on it.  I would have kept up the web page for nothing.  I would have built a much nicer page in the first place for nothing. But no, you people want to bleed the money out of the church and so you run off anyone who has abilities and willingness to help.

  I remember you saying that you soon would be
joining Mr. Fitze's Sunday School class but I have yet to see you in there. 

> That is because Delgatto, took it over again.  Delgatto has nothing to say but lies. He gives the same sermon over and over.  He is doing good to go ten minutes.  He is an evil little man whose vibes I cannot tolerate.

I guess you all have failed to give all this info to the Commission when you
complain you are not part of the chosen few.............why don't you let
them know there isn't much at our church that you all do voluntarily
participate in anyway.  This whole story was just another fabricated lie.

> Well do this.  Give me the web page to keep up.  Just send the corrections and updates and I will update it for nothing.  I said I would post your emails and I have.  So tell me why I should not keep up your page.  I guess it is better to pay another one of Patty's friends to not do it.  No one else at the church has the ability to do this work.  And in this day in time, a church needs a web presence.

I suppose this covers it............I just cant wait to see what kind of
lies you come up with now!! >>

>  You are out of gas.  Why don't you answer the following.

1) When is the corner stone going to be replaced?  Where is the copies of the membership list that was in the cornerstone.  The one with my parents name on it.

2) When are you people going to participate in an open discussion.  We do not have to have Presbytery's permission to have a meeting.  You people want to heal the church,  then let us have an open meeting and deal with this mess or as much of it as possible.

3) Why don't you give the senior members their keys back?  Name one person other than my mother who has allegedly taken anything from the church.

4) Tell me why Alice Grable refused to open the church for the choir several weeks ago.

5)  Tell me why Anita is not calling people back who want to have a wedding at the church.

6)  Tell me why the church is spending $10,000 per month more than is coming in.

7)  Tell me why there are no post cards going out to the neighborhood asking people to come to church.  A thousand post cards is only $250.  More than that would come in contributions.

8)  Tell me why Mary and Beverly were pushed out and replaced by Patty's lacky Gail? 

9)  Tell me why Joe said that all the churches were in on the IHP when he knew they were not?  Tell me why Joe said that Heights was not going to be obligated for the building of the IHP shortage when he knew they were?  Tell me why he did not tell the congregation what he was doing regarding the IHP?  Tell me who got Diane Springer to pay $5,000 to obligate the church to the IHP.  Tell me that she did not do this to keep it from going before the session.  In other words, if the session had to approve the money, they would have probably refused.  Tell me why Joe said he did not know anything about the contract with Diane Feiler when in court he said Madeline and Patty signed the contract. 

10) Tell me why Charlie Windham and Barbara Puckett step out of the choir box to act as litergist when there are many in the congregation who could do that job.  Even on last minute notice.

11)  Tell me why Joe refused to remove the Pentagram from the side of the church.  Tell me why Walter Ellis said that he "was not going to remove the Pentagram?"
Tell me why the Pentagram did not bother you enough to do anything about it.

12)  Explain to me under what section of the Book of Order can you close the membership to someone who reaffirms his faith in Jesus.  Tell me why there have been no new members in over a year.  Give me the names of the people who have joined since Joe came to Heights.

13)  Tell me why there was no group photos at the centennial.  Tell me why no one took pictures of the VIP's.  Tell me why Carol Parker was not asked to photograph the ceremonies.  Where is the disk of the film that Benny Grable took at the centennial.  Tell me why none of your group go to the quilting.

14)  Tell me why Joe is allowed to remain as minister when after five years he is not bringing in half of his salary in contributions.  Tell me how many of my group has Joe visited in the last three years.  Tell me how many people Joe has visited in the Heights Tower or Heights House in the last three years.

15)  Tell me why Patty Ellis was mad at Willard Walden for removing the dead tree from the corner in front of the church. 

16)  Tell me why Patty Ellis did not have people submit their art for the nursery.  Tell me who decided on the carpet color.  Tell me who designed the John  Blanco lean-tos in the Fellowhship Hall.

17) Tell me why Patty has not paid for Joe's robe like she said she would.

18)  Tell me why there is a short in the light above the choir.  Is it possible that someone is trying to set the church on fire or did they create problems when they hung the heat producing lights in the choir loft.  Did anyone ask the choir about the heat up there created by the new lights.

19)  Tell me what is wrong with the curtain behind the choir and what would replace it.  Tell me why the congregation should have not say in what the curtain should look like.

20) Tell me why the donator of the out of tune Grand Piano cannot be made known.

21)  Tell me why the senior members who built the present sanctuary were not honored at the centennial.  Tell me why Leon was not acknowledged as the oldest member.  Tell me why a master mason was not consulted on removing he corner stone.

22)  Tell me what Patty Ellis meant when she yelled from the choir loft to get those people out of the church: meaning the members who were attending my meeting.  Who appointed her God?

23)  Tell me one positive thing the Administrative Commission has done in the last six months.  Where is the report on the locks? 

24)  Tell me why the Grables do not pay to use the Fellowship Hall for their family functions.

25)  Tell me why the ceiling tiles were not fixed when the lights were hung. 

26)  Tell me why the budget does not contain the actual figures for 2002.  What is being hidden.  Tell me why you people do not want a financial audit in which the whole congregation participates.  Tell me why the congregation was kept out of the session meetings.  Tell me why Joe refused to allow Willard Walden to make a nomination for session from the floor.

27)  Tell me why you do not believe that most of the problems at Heights came with Patty Ellis.  Tell me why the IHP came about the time Patty Ellis came.  Tell me why Walter withdrew from the IH, Inc. after I filed suit. 

28)  Tell me why the AC was not working for about a month on Sunday morning.  Tell me why Joe calls Patty ten times a day.  His cell phone records will prove this.  Tell me why Joe tells so many lies and no one has called him on it.

29) Tell me what was the point of having a separate service in the chapel with your group. 

30)  Tell me why you think the court is not going to turn over the accounting records to me for inspection.  Tell me where Diane Springer got the $5,000 to pay to the IH, Inc. 

31)  Tell me how many of you people have ever talked to my wife.  And why not.  Tell me how many of you people have ever talked to LeAnne.  And why not.

32)  Tell me what you think is going to happen now that I am running for Mayor.  How is that going to impact what is going on at Heights.  What is going to happen when people begin to ask why the membership is closed.  Tell me how many of you have the guts to run for office.  All it takes is $1,250.  Tell me why you people are so critical of someone like myself who actually tried to make a difference as opposed to sitting on your backsides and doing nothing.

33)  Tell me why when you have a free attorney and accountant, me, to give you some input on the finances that none of you who have no such edcuation or experience do not want to take advantage of that input.  Tell me why you people, who know I have an extensive knowledge of the internet have no interest in asking me how to easily update a web page or if I would teach someone to do it.  I guess it it is the same reason you would run off James Redd who knows about AC.

34)  Tell me what are you people really afraid of.  In the end, I will prevail. I will see those accounting records.  What are you people hiding.  The truth of where the money went is in the books.  The only reason that they are being kept from me is because you know some of you have stolen money.  Give me another reason if there is one that you think makes sense.

Well you do not have to answer all these questions at once.  Just begin and do a few at at time.  I have answered all your questions, now you answer mine.  We will see how you perceive all these things.  Those who go to my web page each day are waiting for your response.  Lets see if you are going to be as straight forward as I have been.  If you do not answer them, some of you will answer them in court under oath.  And that is going to be very unpleasant and even more divisive.

You have the floor, what do you have to say ghost?

In the end,


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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