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I promised myself that I would not write you anymore but here I am!!!  I just had a few things to point out after reading your response to the ally and reading all the ridiculous questions you asked the ally to answer. 

> Well I thought that when it came time to answer my questions, as I have answered yours, that I would get this kind of response.
I would first like to point out that the ally tells you where you can find the published announcements regarding volunteers for the renovations, the parade & the fall festival and you ask the ally to get you copies.

> I have all the bulletins.  I just can't find what is being alleged.

  As I see this John I thought isn't is your job as the attorney for your mother to collect evidence and proof.

> My job is to get to the truth.  When people cannot produce what does not exist.  That impacts on their credibility.

  These people are all innocent until proven guilty and it is up to you to prove the burden of truth and to prove they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

> Actually I do not have to prove anything in a civil case beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a 99% proof.  All I have to do is to prove it by a preponderance of the evidence which is a 51% proof.

  So, my question is why wont you find every means possible to get copies of these bulletins and other documents you have asked for instead of putting it off on other people.

> Again, I have them.  They just do not say what is being alleged.

Get off your backside and work for the money!!!!
> Actually, I do not know what money that would be.

The second thing I would like to point out is you have asked some ridiculous questions in your 20+ series of questions.

> Most of the questions that were asked of me, I felt were ridiculous but I answered them every one.

Why people do not talk to your wife or LeAnn?  John, you explain what this has to do with the lawsuit or anything for that matter.

> Well I think the whole idea was to heal the church.  Communication is where the healing begins.  To date you people have refused to talk.  This was the whole point of the informal meetings last year which they refused to participate in.  You do not understand these questions because you have not really thought out what is the ultimate goal in this matter.  You have not be involved in conflict resolution as I have been for the last 18 years.  You do not know how the process works and as a result when you determine that things are not working, they are in fact going according to plan.  Do you think this is the first time that I have dealt with angry people.  At least there are no sexually abused children or women with broken bones in this situation.  All this is about is greed and power.  Believe me, things are going just as I expected them to go.

  I think you pulled some of these questions out of your hat of tricks.

>  All these questions will be answered one way or the other.  There are no trick questions. 

You have asked or suggested time and time again that you think the other bunch is smoking something well I think you must be doing something right along with them. 

> I do not know what you mean.

John sometimes I read your web page and some of the responses you have posted and I think that you John have a few screws loose.

> I am an enigma.  But you know I have three university degrees, four biological children and six grandchildren, I own my business, I handle a lot of legal matters for a lot of people, I served in the military during the Vietnam Era - all those are really pretty normal things.  However, I have the energy to paint and to keep up several web pages, run for political office, and promote WorldPeace not to  mention responding to you people.  Maybe the loose screw you are talking about is changing my name to promote peace. 

> That being said, it is doubtful that very  many people can relate to what I am doing with my life.  I quit trying to explain things to people a long time ago.  I just put it out on the internet and respond to those who have questions.

  There is no way a sane person would make these kinds of accusations.

> Well I think that comes from someone who does not work in the justice system.  I know what I am doing and it does not surprise me that you do not.  In the end, you will understand it through.

I thought that over the years I had gotten to know you and what kind of man you are but apparently I am a poor judge of character.

> The truth is often paradoxical and when you, like most people, do not have anyone like me to compare me to, you before frustrated.  And some people even fear me because they do not understand how I can do the things I do.
John please hurry with all of this because I know there are quite a few of us older members who want to see you leave with your tail tucked between your legs and I think that is just what is going to happen.
> As things stand now, no matter what happens, I do not see myself not attending Heights.  There are things going on that there is no point in me even talking about because you would not believe it.  So I just have to wait and let you see for yourself.

> I have been dealing with these situations all my life.  I cannot count how many people have told me that I could not do the things that I did.  None of what people have to say really matters to me because I do not live in the world that most people call home.  Yet, despite all my delusions, I have managed to do better than the vast majority of the population that don't even venture into the places that I go each day.  I help a lot of people each day, and a lot of them are helped for free.  I have the education and the experience to achieve some justice in the world.  Most people do not have this ability or the skills to deal with other peoples problems.  Nor do they have the desire.

> I know you do not understand this, but the world is a dangerous place for people like me because normal people are real tense around someone they cannot put into a box.  My dad used to raise birds and there would always be a bird that was in the process of being pecked to death.  The majority of normal birds detected something different and they decided to kill the unique bird. 

>  You see the same thing with how Black people are treated, you see this with how women are subordinated in the world society, you see a prejudice against fat people and the weak and the stupid and artists and educated people.  You definitely see it among psychic people. 

> And you have been told that Jesus was crucified because he was wierd, different and crazy.  Used to when I was dealing with people who had no idea what I was doing or what I was talking about, I would just think about what Jesus endured and then my little irritations vanished.  Now I just listen and move on with my business. 

Sadden Heart

> In the end,


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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