Kay WorldPeace,
I have been following the saga of Heights Presbyterian Church on your husbands website, although I find most of what I read from him unbelievable, vicious and heartless at best.  Then, today I see he has really sunk to the depths of any human being when he airs your family sorted history and secrets for all the world to see.  How can anyone trust anything that someone like him would post on his website when we see how cruel he is to his own family.  Our hearts go out to you.  We will pray for you and your husband.


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Dear Kitty,

First of all.  Please do not copy Actors Etc., Inc. I have not been there
for over a year and I do not communicate with anyone there.  I am helping

I am sorry that I am just now getting back to you.  I read your email on
Saturday.  I was with my children and grandchildren and could not answer at
that time.  Not that I did not try.

After reading your email, I began to write vigorously.  My mind was racing
so fast, but my fingers would not type as I thought about what you had to
say.  I was furious with you.    I don't even know who you are and you come
to these conclusions about John.  How dare you!  Shame on you!  He would
never hurt me.  He is a wonderful and loving husband.  Always has been.

You, along with the vast majority have no clue what has gone on in the
church or with myself.  You are only looking at the small picture, so
therefore, you, like others make assumptions about what you think is going
on.    You have only seen a dot on the wall.  YOU have no clue what these
people have done.  They have gone into my personal life, John's personal
life, as well as run credit reports and criminal checks on people at the

Yes, these people are vicious, not John.  John is just explaining what
really happened so no one gets the wrong idea.  In the law business, you
don't just look at one side, you look at both sides and in most instances
there are problems on both sides.

"How can anyone trust anything that someone like him would post on his
website when we see how cruel he is to his own family."  Who are you to say
something like that.  I don't even know who you are and you act like you
know us so well.

Pray for the Church and the people that have wronged the church, stolen from
the church and tore the church apart.  Come and visit the church.  Come to


Kay WorldPeace



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