Date: 8/30/2003 5:54:06 PM Central America Standard Tim
From: John WorldPeace
To: HPCMEMBER, JoyceWolter,

In a message dated 8/30/2003 1:11:10 PM Central America Standard Tim, HPCMEMBER writes:

Date: 8/30/2003 1:11:10 PM Central America Standard Tim
To: John WorldPeace

Thank you for your response to my questions. As stated, you do publish everything you receive. There is some doubt about your (non) answers.

You neglected to answer my question. You point out my conclusions and comment on them, but you do not answer the question -- are you saying that God makes those who don't agree with you ill.

>You have to answer that with your own observations. 

Why do you always seem to have a tape recorder handy? Are you paranoid that
thoseBIG boys (Benny Grable, Terry Myers, Mike Cole) might try to "pick a fight" (Your words) with you? Or are you only hoping, so you can sue them too?

> The tape recorder is handy for one reason, to stop people from lying. Joe lies all the time. Lynn Johnson told the congregation six months ago that the Administrative Commission was authorized by a certain section of the Book of Order. That was a lie because that section did not authorize the appointment of the Adm Commission.

> The next day in court, Reagan Brown, quoted another section that also did not authorize the Adm Comm. Since there were recordings made, and yes I always record what is going on in court, they cannot retract those statements. I recorded the entire seven day disbarment trial. Yesterday, I used those tapes to make sure that the court did not do something other than what it ruled back in April. I am in the business of truth and lies. Recording things is a habit. And when you are dealing with a liar like Joe, it only makes sense no matter who you are. 

> Patty Ellis told the Betty Milling and others she would return the furniture to the upper room. Later she denied she said it and Joe who was there could not remember her saying it. Art Greer said the Book of Order was the Bible and then said he did not say it. Joe Delgatto said that Diane Feiler would be paid $200 per hour and one of the ghosts says that she was working for free. Joe said he did not know who signed the contract with Feiler to Carol Parker and Irma Jenke but in court he said that Madeline and Patty signed it. And on and on and on.

Regarding your request for membership in Heights. Have you personally requested this?

>Actually this first came up at the October 2002 session meeting when Belinda Windham called the police to have me removed. Joe said I was not a member of the church and I said then you need to make me a member. Then I sent an application to Lynn Johnson and he said that I could not make a request to be a member because I was not a member. My mother handed Joe my application with the request for a special session meetings. Lynn Johnson said I have to apply to the Adm Commission. Mike Cole says he has no authority to accept my application. And these are just the highlights. Actually I asked to have my membership reactivated as opposed to being accepted as a member. 

(Your) Momma and Irma submitted a request for a special session to consider your
application, but, alas, there was no application to consider.

>  This is a lie. Oh yes, remember the Sunday in the sanctuary when Roy Keezel, got up in the pulpit and made a speech about membership. Well myself, my wife and my aunt went to the front of the church and asked to be members. Joesat behind Keezel and refused to get up or respond. Keezel said that Joe would take care of it. The conversation lasted about ten minutes.

> All this is on video. It is proof that I asked even if I did have the whole congregation witness this that day. That was about three months ago. 

> Now you tell me what more you want. Let someone deny that this happened. So what do you have to say about that? Most of the churches that I have been to make a call for new members at the end of theservice and elders are ready to speak with anyone who comes forward. Have you ever seen that happen at Heights? No. And why not? Because they know I would come forward. 

> Now what do you have to say? Tell me why I have been taping. Closing the membership is against the Book of Order, and per the Book of Order a rejection of Christ and a scandal on the gospel. Refusing to abide by the Book of Order is a breech of contract with all the members who donate moneybased on the promise of the Presbyterian Church to follow the Book of Order. Taking money based on a promise to follow the Book of Order and then refusing todo so is Fraud. 

> Therefore, based on the actions of Joe, Lynn Johnson, Mike Cole and Doug Harper I have filed suit on the Presbytery of New Covenant for Fraud and Breech of Contract. This membership matter is going to be a defining issue in the lawsuit right along with the IHP.

If you are concerned about not being considered for membership, why don't you go
through the proper channels and ask for it?

> You see, this is just another lie put out by my opponents and one that youhave swallowed. I have gone through every possible channel and all the avenues have been closed. Tell me why Joe does not make a call for new members each Sunday? No one has joined in over a year because they want tokeep me from becoming a member.

You Vs George Bush??? I cannot contain my laughter.

>You know, with all due respect, you have a very limited understanding of things. The point is not me winning. The point is that WorldPeace will be on the ballot. The point is that every Republican who votes in a Republican Primary will have to think about WorldPeace. The point is the promotion of WorldPeace. Get it?????

> Are you aware that every few days some son or daughter of some American family is killed in Iraq? Do you get it? Do you understand how many people are wishing for WorldPeace in the world? Do you care?

> With all due respect, for an allegedly educated person, you have a very narrow world view.

> I have never understood why supposedly good Christians have such anapathetic attitude about the suffering in the world. I have never understood why I am criticized for actually trying to do something to further WorldPeace. Hey, I may not be on the right track, but no doubt my effortsfar exceed yours. At least I am not sitting back laughing at those who are at least trying to do something.

> When people make fun of WorldPeace, they are in truth laughing at people who are dying of starvation, AIDS, malaria, TB, being killed by terrorist, living in abject poverty. 

> There has been nothing more depressing to me than to have to acknowledge that the world is lacking in caring. 

> Answer me this, What would Jesus do regarding someone who advocates WorldPeace. Jesus clearly responded to people of his time about the final judgment. At that time people would ask him when they saw him hungry, when they saw him suffering and refused to help. His answer will be, as youhave done it to others, you have done it to me. Think about that next time you laugh about WorldPeace. You are not laughing at me, you are laughing at pain and suffering in the world and you are turning your back on the core teaching of the Jesus who you say you worship.

> Knowing how the world is, I suggest you make a point of thanking Jesus every day for not making you the butt of a world who laughs in apathy at your misery. This discussion is not about me, it is about you. This discussion is not about me individually, it is about WorldPeace. I have undeniably committed my life to something much bigger than myself.


> In the end,


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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