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August 29, 2003

To:      The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re:      The continuing saga

1)  On Monday, August 25th, I officially filed for the Mayor of Houston race as a Republican.  Due to the way I was treated in the Democratic Party during the governor's race last year, I abandoned the Democratic Party.  Do not expect much news about me in the local media because of the battles I had with them in the governor's race.  I am not sure how much campaigning I will do or how many ads I will run but at the least, WorldPeace will be on the November 4th ballot.

2)  On Tuesday, the State Bar, sent to me a grievance filed by Walter Ellis back on July 24th.  There is no doubt that the timing was planned.  Part of the grievance is attached.  This just goes to show you how vicious this battle is with the Ellis's.  They will do anything to stop me from getting to the truth about their corruption.  And it is interesting to me that they have the State Bar's help.  While on that subject, Stephanie Potts, tried to get the Administrative Commission to allow one of the Ellis's corrupt promoters to take over the Scout House for 24 hours a week.  Richard Jenke stopped it.  There is no end to the Ellis's manipulations and it apparently runs through the whole family.  Sad.

3)  On Wednesday, the 27th, the judge in my disbarment lawsuit signed another Judgment for Disbarment.  Again the timing is interesting.  It has been over two months since the judge set aside his last order of disbarment and he signed this one just 48 hours after I signed up to run for mayor.  It seems that the good judge is an elder in Covenant Presbyterian Church.   Funniest thing that he would sign this just a week before the judge is about to rule in our lawsuit.  It is interesting how he flew in Wednesday unannounced, signed the orders and flew home.  More secrecy.

At any rate, the disbarment will be vacated just like the last one.  I sent two letters to the judge telling him he had until next Wednesday to vacate the order and recuse himself from the case or I would file an official request to have him recused.  This matter is complicated but in a nutshell the judge made some bad calls in the underlying trial and they cannot be fixed and so there will have to be a new trial.  And the order he signed Wednesday was an effort to try not to do that.  The State Bar knows they cannot win a trial with all the issues in it.  The good judge only tried part of the lawsuit and the law says that the trial will be thrown out.  Anyway, you can discount anything Delgatto and Ellis and crew says about this.

4)  The judge's order does not stop me from practicing law until October 15th.  However, I will have an additional attorney sign onto our case next week so our judge will not be able to use the disbarment order to continue to put off our lawsuit.

5)  There has been a very nasty exchange between myself and about eight members of the congregation on the internet.  Two of the six seem to indicate that they used to be for me but now are against me.  Only Amy Grable, to her credit, has signed her name to her email.  The rest are ghost writers. 

I have posted everything they have written with my response.  On Monday, I asked them about  75 questions after answering everything they asked me for the last two weeks.  To date, they have refused to even answer one question.  It is not surprising.  To answer those basic questions would be to admit that they are wrong. The questions are below.

The reason that I mention this is because to print out all this correspondence would take about 150 pages.  I  think that would be a waste.  But if you want to read it, it is on the internet at  I also mention it because I expect that someone will go through those 150 pages and the rest of my web site and extract the most negative and out of context phrases to try to show me to be as evil as they are.  Whatever they produce, I will provide the full document so things will come into context.

One of the ghosts wanted to know about the "dike" (LeAnne) that comes to church with me each Sunday.  Yes, the correspondence is vicious and nasty.  Again, all of this is an attempt to stop the lawsuit at any cost.

6)  I want everyone to keep the faith.  In the end, justice and truth will prevail.  There is no way that God will abandon Heights P C.

7)  I understand that you now have to fill out a piece of paper with your name, time and reason for entering any part of the church other than Sunday morning.  I seriously doubt that Patty Ellis and crew fill these out.  It is going to be interesting to see what happens when the court requires them to produce all these forms.  They probably never thought about that.

8) The word is that the Administrative Commission was not behind the change of locks.  This is interesting because it means that Delgatto and Ellis are saying they are doing things with the Commission's approval when they are not.  And speaking of the Commission, has anyone witnessed them actually doing anything to heal the church in the last six months.  No you haven't.  What a farce they are.

9)  The lawsuit will get going after September 8th . I think you will see a lot of things beginning to move forward at that time.  There should be about 14 lawyers arrayed against me after everyone who is a Defendant in the lawsuit answers.  It is going to be interesting.

10)  Here are the questions that the ghosts refuse to answer.

1) When is the corner stone going to be replaced?  Where is the copies of the membership list that was in the cornerstone.  The one with my parents name on it.
2) When are you people going to participate in an open discussion.  We do not have to have Presbytery's permission to have a meeting.  You people want to heal the church,  then let us have an open meeting and deal with this mess or as much of it as possible.
3) Why don't you give the senior members their keys back?  Name one person other than my mother who has allegedly taken anything from the church.
4) Tell me why Alice Grable refused to open the church for the choir several weeks ago.
5)  Tell me why Anita is not calling people back who want to have a wedding at the church.
6)  Tell me why the church is spending $10,000 per month more than is coming in.
7)  Tell me why there are no post cards going out to the neighborhood asking people to come to church.  A thousand post cards is only $250.  More than that would come in contributions.
8)  Tell me why Mary and Beverly were pushed out and replaced by Patty's lacky Gail?
9)  Tell me why Joe said that all the churches were in on the IHP when he knew they were not?  Tell me why Joe said that Heights was not going to be obligated for the building of the IHP shortage when he knew they were?  Tell me why he did not tell the congregation what he was doing regarding the IHP?  Tell me who got Diane Springer to pay $5,000 to obligate the church to the IHP.  Tell me that she did not do this to keep it from going before the session.  In other words, if the session had to approve the money, they would have probably refused.  Tell me why Joe said he did not know anything about the contract with Diane Feiler when in court he said Madeline and Patty signed the contract.
10) Tell me why Charlie Windham and Barbara Puckett step out of the choir box to act as litergist when there are many in the congregation who could do that job.  Even on last minute notice.
11)  Tell me why Joe refused to remove the Pentagram from the side of the church.  Tell me why Walter Ellis said that he "was not going to remove the Pentagram?"
Tell me why the Pentagram did not bother you enough to do anything about it.
12)  Explain to me under what section of the Book of Order can you close the membership to someone who reaffirms his faith in Jesus.  Tell me why there have been no new members in over a year.  Give me the names of the people who have joined since Joe came to Heights.
13)  Tell me why there was no group photos at the centennial.  Tell me why no one took pictures of the VIP's.  Tell me why Carol Parker was not asked to photograph the ceremonies.  Where is the disk of the film that Benny Grable took at the centennial.  Tell me why none of your group go to the quilting.
14)  Tell me why Joe is allowed to remain as minister when after five years he is not bringing in half of his salary in contributions.  Tell me how many of my group has Joe visited in the last three years.  Tell me how many people Joe has visited in the Heights Tower or Heights House in the last three years.
15)  Tell me why Patty Ellis was mad at Willard Walden for removing the dead tree from the corner in front of the church.
16)  Tell me why Patty Ellis did not have people submit their art for the nursery.  Tell me who decided on the carpet color.  Tell me who designed the John  Blanco lean-tos in the Fellowhship Hall.
17) Tell me why Patty has not paid for Joe's robe like she said she would.
18)  Tell me why there is a short in the light above the choir.  Is it possible that someone is trying to set the church on fire or did they create problems when they hung the heat producing lights in the choir loft.  Did anyone ask the choir about the heat up there created by the new lights.
19)  Tell me what is wrong with the curtain behind the choir and what would replace it.  Tell me why the congregation should have not say in what the curtain should look like.
20) Tell me why the donator of the out of tune Grand Piano cannot be made known.
21)  Tell me why the senior members who built the present sanctuary were not honored at the centennial.  Tell me why Leon was not acknowledged as the oldest member.  Tell me why a master mason was not consulted on removing he corner stone.
22)  Tell me what Patty Ellis meant when she yelled from the choir loft to get those people out of the church: meaning the members who were attending my meeting.  Who appointed her God?
23)  Tell me one positive thing the Administrative Commission has done in the last six months.  Where is the report on the locks?
24)  Tell me why the Grables do not pay to use the Fellowship Hall for their family functions.
25)  Tell me why the ceiling tiles were not fixed when the lights were hung.
26)  Tell me why the budget does not contain the actual figures for 2002.  What is being hidden.  Tell me why you people do not want a financial audit in which the whole congregation participates.  Tell me why the congregation was kept out of the session meetings.  Tell me why Joe refused to allow Willard Walden to make a nomination for session from the floor.
27)  Tell me why you do not believe that most of the problems at Heights came with Patty Ellis.  Tell me why the IHP came about the time Patty Ellis came.  Tell me why Walter withdrew from the IH, Inc. after I filed suit.
28)  Tell me why the AC was not working for about a month on Sunday morning.  Tell me why Joe calls Patty ten times a day.  His cell phone records will prove this.  Tell me why Joe tells so many lies and no one has called him on it.
29) Tell me what was the point of having a separate service in the chapel with your group.
30)  Tell me why you think the court is not going to turn over the accounting records to me for inspection.  Tell me where Diane Springer got the $5,000 to pay to the IH, Inc.
31)  Tell me how many of you people have ever talked to my wife.  And why not.  Tell me how many of you people have ever talked to LeAnne.  And why not.
32)  Tell me what you think is going to happen now that I am running for Mayor.  How is that going to impact what is going on at Heights.  What is going to happen when people begin to ask why the membership is closed.  Tell me how many of you have the guts to run for office.  All it takes is $1,250.  Tell me why you people are so critical of someone like myself who actually tried to make a difference as opposed to sitting on your backsides and doing nothing.
33)  Tell me why when you have a free attorney and accountant, me, to give you some input on the finances that none of you who have no such edcuation or experience do not want to take advantage of that input.  Tell me why you people, who know I have an extensive knowledge of the internet have no interest in asking me how to easily update a web page or if I would teach someone to do it.  I guess it it is the same reason you would run off James Redd who knows about AC.
34)  Tell me what are you people really afraid of.  In the end, I will prevail. I will see those accounting records.  What are you people hiding.  The truth of where the money went is in the books.  The only reason that they are being kept from me is because you know some of you have stolen money.  Give me another reason if there is one that you think makes sense.

In the end,



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