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Mr. Worldpeace,

I read you response and I am just sending a quick response to several of your points and comments.

1st - "Amelia tried to knock my wife
down in front of the education building last year (By the way no one has denied
this). "

I have no idea what you are talking about this may be why I have not responded to this statement.  I have 11 nieces and nephews and none of them are named Amelia so I don't know who you are talking about.  None of my nieces or my nephews have been raised to be fighters or disrespectful.  Again sir you know nothing about us.

> The one who just graduated along with your nephew.  There was a ceremony in the church where she and your nephew were acknowledged.  She is the one.  I thought her name was Amelia.  She knows who she is.  I was just told her name is Amanda.

2nd -
"And last month your father tried to start a fight with me in the
Fellowship Hall."

I Mr. Worldpeace was at the Fellowship Hall the night you are speaking of and my father did not try to pick a fight with you.  You are the one that said "Get out of my face Benny!!"  All my Dad was doing was video tapping just as you were.  You are the one that has said that you "would knock Terry Myer's teeth out if he would of stepped out side with you" are you a violent man all the time?

>You dad stepped in front of me and deliberately stopped.  I doubt he got any pictures from one foot away.  Besides you have the video.  Put it on a disc and send it to me.  I will put it on the web and we will see what happened and who said what.

3rd -
"Your family penned me in the fews last April and tried to start a fight in the sanctuary"
I know that I personally have never tried to start a fight anywhere on church grounds and I know things have got heated and there have been verbal altercations but there has never been any instances that an actual fight has almost broke out in the sanctuary.

>No it did not.  Are you denying that you and your family confronted me last April 28, 2002, in the sanctuary?  I know that John Blanco was two benches in front of me. Bennie Jr was in the pew directly in front of me.  Terry Myers blocked me in from the left isle.  Anita was in the same pew as me to the right.  I believe that Kris was to the right in front of me.  You dad was to the left in the pew in front of me and some of your nieces and nephews were also there. 

>Other than your family and Terrry Myers, there was no one else near.  So tell me what that was about.  And each of you were trying to start a fight, especially John Blanco and Terry Myer.  You people were on me like a pack of dogs.

4th -
"Even still my wife gave her a graduation token which I understand she threw in the garbage.  Tell me is this the kind of behavior that encourages people to talk to members of your family?"
Again I do not know what you are talking will have to give me specifics on this.

>After the ceremony in the church where your niece and nephew were acknowledged, there was a gathering in the Fellowship Hall.  My wife and LeAnne went to the Fellowship Hall and gave your nephew, niece and one other graduate a WorldPeace coin.  That is what I am talking about and it is hard to believe that you know nothing about it.

>I did not go with my wife and LeAnne for the same reason I do not go to a lot of things. My presence creates a lot of tension and I did not want to create a problem at the gathering for your niece and nephew.

5th -
"I have and you are wrong.  Your family does not go to SNAPS.  Will they be at the spaghetti dinner next Saturday night.  Your family and Patty Ellis and a few others do not mix with the senior members of the church.  None of you have attended the quilt making for abused children."
I do not believe that you have actually had members say they do not want my family at the church.  As a matter of fact we have attended several S.N.A.P.S. functions however we do not attend every function as you have to be 55 to do the bus trips and even my Mom has not been old enough to go on those trips.  As a matter of fact my family (the Grables) the Blancos and the Rios family cooked a big Mexican dinner for S.N.A.P.S and paid a lot of money to have a Mariachi band come play for the again you are mistaken about us not attending S.N.A.P.S. 

>Well I guess we will see you and your family at the spaghetti dinner this Saturday night then.  And you do not have to be 55 to attend.

Mr. Worldpeace......I know for a fact that I do socialize with the senior members of the church. As a matter of fact the majority of the Women's Breakfast is made up of the senior women members of this church and over time we have met it has been pleasant and wonderful and enjoyed by all.  Why has your Mom, Irma, Carol or Idabel never attended? I too joined Dorca Circle about a year or so ago another group mostly made up of the senior women of the church..... this is another group that I have never seen your Mom, Irma, Idabel or Carol be a part of.

>I cannot speak to that.  And I do not know which members you are talking about.

As for the Quilters Mr. Worldpeace, they meet during the day I am a working
woman with a 9am -5pm job and sometime a lot of overtime so I can not make the quilting meetings as they are held during the day.  Most of the young adult women do work and can not make such things as Quilters, Brown Bag Bible study or Daytime Fellowship.

>And your mother?  She was there the day of quilting but was not a participant.  She was too busy creating mischief with Patty Ellis.

6th - Yes Really!!!!......there is no paint in my home that was purchased by HPC. I can guarantee that!!!!

>We'll see.

7th -
"The only work he did for free was to eat the pizza crumbs off the floor of the Fellowship Hall."

"What scared me the most was that I had some candy in my pocket and I was afraid John Blanco was going to smell it."

I decided to copy and past these two comments you made about my brother in
law.  You claim you didn't recall making any weight slurs about John Blanco .....well Mister what do you call these.

>The first was a refernce to him being a dog and eating off the floor like a dog.

>The second is a reference to him liking candy.  But one sentence out of 500 pages on my web page does not indicate and emphasis on John Blanco weight.

Anybody who read this knew what you were trying to do.  Like I said before this is
something a child in elementary would do not a grown man!!! 

>John Blanco is a grown man in body only.  Anyone who assaults a woman in her seventies in any manner is less than a child.

What was the point of making these low blows about John and his weight.......does
it really make you feel better about yourself?

>They were not weight slurs.  Being a dog is not about being over weight.  See above.

You Worldpeace who claims to be such a Christian should not be making
comments as these you are suppose to be better than that aren't you?

>I speak to people in a language they understand, from high school drop outs to Harvard Graduates.

> Funny that you should mention who is better than who. Your family has decided to take a stand against me becoming a member of Christ's church. Not the Grable's church but the church of Jesus. So I believe that the truth is that you people think you are better than me.  I think that your message to me is that I am not worthy to be a Christian and that you will do whatever it takes to keep me from being a member of what you consider to be your family's church.  Right???????

8th - "Now as for the whole Irma Jenke and John Blanco "assault"
failed to tell everyone"

>"I was not there.  I posted what I was told.  I have been willing to post
any denials or rebuttals."

Why was she trying to shove them into John's hands instead of Kris' when Kris
is the Session member.

>She did not try to shove them into John's hand.  And even if she did, he should have taken them.  The point is that he grabbed them and threw them into her face. This just shows him to be a low rent brawler just like I said.  He is just a mad dog that bites anyone except the ones who feed him.  And obviously your niece, Amanda, looks up to him and does the same.

"What I saw was her trying to give them to Kris and John grabbing them and
throwing them into her face."
Ok Mr. Worldpeace......what do you see wrong with these two statements you made?  Either you were there or you weren't which one is it?  There were several witnesses that heard Irma calling John's name and trying to hand them to him not to Kris.  This is just another example of how your responses contradicting  themselves.

>You don't seem to deny him throwing the papers in her face.  That is the point.  There was no justification for what he did.  Period.

9th - "Why was Patty blocking the door?"
I find it humorous that you still after hearing the other side of the story(the truth) that you still somehow blame it on Patty.  Patty was not blocking the door intentionally, she merely happened to be in front of the one was trying to block Irma and your Mom in the Parlor. You know there are three entrances into that room.

>It was your words.  I wasn't there.

"Sounds like Patty created the problem blocking Irma from leaving.  But I
think that you do not understand what is going on here.  There is tension in the
church and no one except me knows that conversation is the way to solve this.
However, your family and your faction refuse to talk and I believe that is
because you people have taken money from the church.  Why else would there be a refusal to discuss this matter for over a year.  Why else would you people
block any attempt to look at the church records?"

I find it humorous that you still after hearing the other side of the story(the truth) that you still somehow blame it on Patty.  Patty was not blocking the door intentionally, she merely happened to be in front of the one was trying to block Irma and your Mom in the Parlor.  Somehow though you have skipped over the fact that Irma Jenke knocked my Mom in the face with her fist and flung her glasses off her face and clawed Patty's arm.  This is a women that has some anger and rage.........not once has any of my family or any of the supporters on "our side of the fence" ever struck a fellow member in the face or anywhere for that matter.  As many times as you have commented that we all tried to pick a fight there has never been any physical contact between anyone except for Irma striking my Mom.  So lets really re-think about who has the violent temper here?

>My understanding was that hitting your mom was an accident.  It was not intentional. In fact, I understand that Irma did not even see you mother standing there.

My family is not guilty of taking any money nor is any body else for that matter.  You ask us for proof and receipts about you show us proof that we did take money?

> Well again you refuse to listen.  All six lawyers have refused to produce any documents with the exception of Max Tribble producing about 70 documents relating to the IHP.  I have to go to court to force these 6 lawyers to produce the church records.  What do you want me to do, break into the church and get them?  The lawyers are not producing them because they know they prove you people have been stealing money for years.

10th - "I have been willing to publish your words.  If you sat back, that was your
choice.  If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."
Oh Mr. Worldpeace I am not part of the problem here.

>Oh yes you are.  You have blocked my membership.  You have refused to produce documents.  You have tried to cram the IHP down the congregation's throat without a vote.  You have locked the church.  Your mother has refused to open the church for the choir.  Your family tried to start a fight with me last year.  John Blanco assaulted Irma.  Your neice assaulted my wife.  Those are the facts.  And when I say you, I mean you and your family.

11th - "So why don't you tell us what all those things are.  We are all very
interested. "
I'll list a few of the GOOD things that my family or a member of my family has done at the church.  Just a few are: getting a Women's Breakfast going,

>Are you saying there was none before your family.

getting Sunday school for the kids going again

>And then closing the membership.  How many kids attend and who is teaching these classes.  Funny, I only see about four kids come to the front of the church each Sunday.  So if you take out the kids in your family, how many kids attend Sunday school?  This is your delusion.  You cannot grow a church when you play God over who joins.  This is the problem with you people, you can't even comprehend the basics.  It a church of Christ, not the church of Grable.

, starting a Rec. Room for the Kids
of HPC

>And what kids other than those in your family attend?  Name them?  More delusions.

, Helping to get VBS going again,

>And how many of those kids are still coming to church?  And how many actually attended other than those in your family and related to your family?  More delusions.  You cannot close the membership and then expect people to attend your functions.

the Heights Festival float that we have handle for
several years along with the Ellis,

>Great and how many members did you bring in with this activity?  Are you beginning to get the point.  This is an exclusionary project you people have for your own amusement.  The idea is to bring people to Heights church. Hello.

starting our 1st Annual Fall Festival,

>We'll see. 

helping with all the remodeling of the


>You people remodeled by fiat.  In other words, it was your project, paid for out of church monies to John Blanco, and one in which the congregation had no say.  No one was asked.  You people are playing God and what is sad is that you do not even understand what you are doing.  The church is a community.  You people have made it a fascist organization where you dictate things and then wonder why people will not send in their pledge monies.  How do you expect seniors who you lock out of the church and make sign stupid pieces of paper to enter to continue to contribute.  If it were not for these people, there would be no Heights Church.

.......well as I said here are just a few. You nor anybody else can deny that my
family is active and has done good things for and in our church.

>Your family has done nothing to increase the membership of the church and that is the point.  Having little family gathering in the name of Jesus can be done in your home.  You people not only refuse to reach out to the rest of the congregation but you have closed the membership of the church and conspired with the Administrative Commission to keep the majority of senior members out of what you consider your church.  The result of all your efforts is not one new member.  So we have to ask the question, Why?

> And the answer seems to be that you people do not do a good job of representing
the church.  You cannot inspire a single person to join.   Now that is the fact.  And the fact is that you people cannot even begin to understand what I am talking about.  I am talking about the church of Jesus Christ and not the House that the Ellis's built and the Grable occupy.

"Tell me what Patty has done in three years that over rides the things
my mother has done in 62 years such that she has been removed as trustee and
now the process has started to remove her from the session."
Mr. Worldpeace no one that I know of has ever said that Patty has done things that override all your Mom has done in the numerous years she has been here.  Those are your words! It's all about change and who is willing to deal with it.  No one is excluding senior members I personally think that the senior members have a lot to teach and offer us, the younger generation.

>This is total nonsense.  The seniors are locked out of the building. They have been cut out of participation in the church.  They are told not to work on the church.  Not to work on the yard.  None were acknowledged at the centennial that you people were responsible for.  You are totally out of touch with what you people are doing to the church.

12th - "Refusing to participate in the healing of the church by attending several informal congregational meetings is not a good thing."
"The only difference is that I have tried to communicate with everyone and
you people have refused to participate in that conversation.  That is the biggest
difference.  And that is the source of all the tension."
Mr. Worldpeace you have made it very clear through out this whole ordeal that you think very little of my family and the Ellis', the Myers, Dr. Joe why would we attend your meeting so that every point we would have tried to make you would cut down and twist it all up to project something totally different.
...............just as you have on your website.

>The problem that you people have is that your lies will not hold up in an open
conversation.  An open conversation lasts until it is over.  You people refused to even talk.  You people allied yourselves with the Administrative Commission, closed off the membership of the church and locked out the senior members and refused to participate in any discussion that would heal the church.

>In most of the courts in Harris County, and there are about 70 of them, you must go to mediation before you go to trial.  You must go to a mediator and have a discussion.  I deal with this each day.  And each day I see that an open conversation is the key to solving disputes.  But you would not know this because the world you live in is closed and small. 

>As far as my web page goes, I have published everything.  As far as the meetings went, everyone was allowed to speak their mind.  So why would I publish everything on the web page and then not let someone talk in an open discussion.  Don't give me any nonsense about how I am going to stop you from talking.

It's not that we are hiding anything

just trying to avoid close contact with you and your twisted truths.

>The truth is the truth.   But what you people have is not the truth.  The truth is that you people have gone behind the congregation and supported the IHP.  You have closed the membership as proven by no new members under your new program and you have now locked the church up.

13th -  "I am an attorney.  I listen to people every day.  I make a living getting
at the truth.  You cannot deny that I have tried to get a conversation going
every since I came back to the church last April. I even started this web page
to help that conversation.  I filed a lawsuit to start that conversation.  Your
family and your group have resisted at every turn to participate in that
conversation.  That is undeniable.  And there is no way to get to the truth if you
do not speak up."
I am not an attorney but I think there are several other ways that might have been a lot more successful that filing a lawsuit to get a conversation going!!  We have tried to get our truth out just like all the ghost writers have decided to start writing to you but all they say you have twisted or made it out to be something all together different.

>Well maybe if you are as weak as you seem to be saying you are, then maybe you need to hire someone to speak for you.   In fact, Delgatto and Ellis hired an attorney to speak, Diane Feiler McGehee, and she ran off because she was not going to get caught up in your lies. Now your side has six lawyers and before next week there should be about five more. 

>That being said, you people seem to be able to communicate via email. 

>However, the 71 questions that I asked last week have not been answered.  It is your people who have refused to face the truth and enter into a discussion about what is the truth.  Don't give any more nonsense about how I can control the entire congregation and that with 11 lawyers you people cannot get out your truth.

14th - "Do you think all  this comes from me.  I have over forty people
communicating with me.  You only communicate with your group.  As a result you are out of
touch with reality.  All you people do is reinforce your own misconceptions
because you refuse to talk or listen to anyone who is not a part of your group.
You are a self contained exclusive little club within the membership.  You
are so closed that you and your group have closed the membership to the church
just to keep me out."

Again you have no idea what I do or what type of person I how can you
sit there and say that I only communicate with "my group"....I don't know about you but the only group I belong to is Heights Presbyterian Church. I think that I am very in touch with the reality of this whole situation.  Thanks for the the seem to think that "our little club" has the ability to close the we must really be powerful uhu?

>Through the minister and Patty Ellis you people have been in control for a while.  But that is all about to come to an end.  You do not belong to the congregation as a whole.  You belong to your faction which has used its power to alienate over half the congregation.  You people locked the doors to the church.  You locked people out of Jesus's Church.  And the problem is that you don't even grasp what you have done.

15th - >"Tell me if this is not true?  You tell me how your family is so open and
loving and yet you people have closed the church.  You have locked out the
senior members. "
See above.

"Your mother refuses to open the church for the choir.  Is that a
lie or not? You have not mentioned that. "
I have not acknowledged it because yes it is an outright lie!!  My Mom does not even have a key to the church so how can she keep them locked out.  I do believe that two members of the choir do have keys to the church so why is it they were locked out?  Again two sides of the story maybe you should look into that story.

>Why doesn't Shirlyn have a key.  Your mother was called and she refused to come down and unlock the church and she refused to make any effort to find someone who had a key.  Are you saying that no one in your family has a key.  Give me a break.  Or are you saying your dad had the key and not your mother.

"Just like Kris refusing to take the documents from Irma, your mother wants the title but not the responsibility."
What title is it that my Mom wants................she  hold not titles at the church except Pre-teen Sunday School teacher.  As I said before she doesn't even have a key of her own to the church.  So could you explain yourself on this statement?

>I see.  Your mother had nothing to do with the remodeling.  She just sort of hangs out at the church.  I guess that goes for all the rest of your family too.  Are you saying that your family is involved but not your mother.

"This is very very sad.  She needs to resign all her duties and let someone who
will actually do the work take her place."
Please see above.......what duties are you talking about?

>Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe your dad holds all the titles and your mother is just a gopher.  He has the key to the church but she is not allowed to touch it.

"Further, you people are creating a lot of animosity by shutting out the
members who are with me.  We have never had a closed or secret meeting.  We have
never refused to include your family in anything.  But you cannot say that
about your family.  You people seem to think you own the church.  You people have
determined that the church is a social club and that you and not Jesus should
decide who should be a member and who should not. "
See above...........we "our little club" closed the membership.....that is interesting that we have that much power.  I have tried to include the senior members on things that I am chair of like the Women's Breakfast and they have never even acknowledged the invitations that I mail them.  So yes I can say I do try!!!

>And how many new members have you inspired to join the church.  Tell me.

16th - "I have said it over and over for a year, Show us the records, and if what
you people say is true, that no money has been stolen, then the lawsuit will
disappear.  But everyone in your group has done everything possible to keep
those records from me.  That means to any person looking at this, that there is
undoubtedly something to hide"
Why don't you show us what you have and show us what proof you have that we have done all these horrible things.  Why wait around on these records you wants us to provide you with.......just show us what proof you have.

>In the courts of law, verbal statements are often not allowed into evidence.  It is called the "best evidence" rule.  It means that the actual checks and invoices are the best evidence of what was spent as opposed to what someone says.  You people and your attorneys have blocked access to all the church records. 

17th - "I am curious as to why you are on so many committees and so many of the
senior members and people that are not with your faction are not on these
committees.  I am wondering why your meetings are not posted on the HPC web site so
those who want to participate can.  All the meetings seem to be held in secret
or seem to be held without the general knowledge of the congregation.  Why is
I am on so many Committees because I choose to be an active and involved member of our church.  I can not answer why these senior members you speak of are not on Committees maybe it is their choice.

>No it is because Delgatto, the Ellis's and your family in collusion with the Administrative Committee made sure they did not head any committee.

I have never seen anybody deny someone if they show interest in joining a

>My mother was told not to work on the church lawn.  She was removed from that committee.  She was allegedly removed as trustee.  You people are now trying to remove her from the session.  Do you not think the other seniors are watching all of this.  They do not have the determination that my mother has.  They do not want to deal with you people.

As far as I know the committee member meetings are either announced during
Sunday service or printed in the bulletin.

>Not.  The best evidence are the past bulletins.

The majority of the meetings I attend are held somewhere on the church grounds
so I don't know how secretive they are.  I am not quite sure what you are talking about as far as the secrecy goes on Committee meetings.

>The church is locked and the meetings are not announced.  You have a web page.  Why aren't you making use of it?  Because not a single one of you know what you are doing in this area anymore than any other area.

18th - "And that Amy is why you are part of the problem and not part of the
solution at Heights P C.  You do not care enough about the church to do the things
that will really heal the whole congregation.  All you want to do is to stay
allied with your group and fight.  You have no desire to solve this mess.  All
you want to do is fight, fight and fight.  And that is really sad.  And that
makes a great deal of what you have said hypocritical."
"And it is hypocritical of you to try to convince anyone that you care enough to lay aside your prejudices and your hatred of the senior members of the congregation to really try to do
something that will bring peace to HPC."
How dare you say that I do not care about my church..................where do you get off?

>What you do speaks louder than what you say or write.

You know ZERO about me, my feelings, my spiritual beliefs and my faith in God.  You have no right calling me a hypocrite MR. WORLDPEACE!!!!!!!!

>I offer into evidence your acts and those of your family.  I offer into evidence that you people have spent more than the church takes in, have supported a minister who lies, have locked the church, have closed the membership, stopped those who oppose you from being litergist or ushers.  That is the facts. That is what I know about you and yours.

You who has caused conflict on top of conflict since you stepped foot in our church a couple of years ago.

>I was lied to by Joe Delgatto, Charlie Windham and Tom Lord on Friday, April 19, 2002.  And the lies have never stopped.  But the truth will begin to come out shortly.  The Administrative Commissions interim report of March 24, 2003, stated that Joe had been lying to the congregation about the commitment to the IHP.  You people have been blocking the truth but that is all about to come to an end.

Who are you to determine if I hate the senior members or not.................I love and
care about a lot of the senior members in this church and you have no right because you know nothing about any relationships/friendships or the respect I have with any of them.

>You and your family have locked them out of the church and prevented them from participating in the church services.

19th - "So what is it, Amy.  What are you going to do now?  Ignore things or
actually do something to help - reaching out to everyone you have determined is your
enemy in the church".
Let me tell you what I am going to do..................I am going to continue to support my beliefs and what I feel is right and well worth all that we are going through.

>What you are going through is hiding the truth and closing the membership to the church while spending more than the church takes in and supporting a minister who by his own testimony is a liar.

I am going to support my pastor and my Elders in the decision to support the IHP

>Despite the fact that the congregation has not been allowed a say in the Project.

I think there are a lot of disadvantaged elderly people that will benefit from this
housing community and I think that it should be followed through on.

>Pardon me, but you do not know what you are talking about.  The elevators, thanks to Tom Lord do not even work in the Heights Towers.  The IHP is a scam and you have not read the HUD documents and you do not have the money to cover the monthly operating losses that Heights PC is obligated to for the next forty years.

I Worldpeace...............feel I have no enemies I am at peace with myself and my actions.  I have done no wrong in this and if there are people that feel I am their enemy then that is something that they need to come to terms with on their own.  I hate no takes far too much emotionally to hate someone and it is such an engrossing emotion.  So my answer is I feel I need to reach out to no one.

>Then how are you going to increase the membership in the church. Just exactly what I have been saying.  In your mind, Heights is your private little church.  The problem is that without the Fakes money, Heights would have been bankrupt about five years ago.  The way the money is being spent and your refusal to reach out to anyone and the IHP is why the church stands a good chance of being Bankrupt in two years.

.............I know that I have done my part already on reaching out to all the
members of my church including your Mother, the Jenkes, Carol Parker, and the Waldens.........I just think it is sad that a few of these refuse to reach out to us.

>Then we will see you at the spaghetti dinner this Saturday night then?

So I think I have addressed all your questions and feel there is no need to go any farther in this discussion with you.

>We'll see.

Amy K. Grable

> WorldPeace


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