Subj: Worldpeace
Date: 9/2/2003 3:51:52 PM Central America Standard Time
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So now that I have read the good news that you have had a judgment signed for your disbarment I can not hardly contain myself.

> Well as per usual, "I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I am not sure you realize that what you thought I said is not what I meant"

> The disbarment order is an interlocutory order and not effective.  Second the court did not have the jurisdiction to even hear the case.  Third, I have sent a letter to the judge telling him he has until this afternoon to vacate the order or I will file a motion to recuse.  A motion to recuse is a motion to remove the judge from the case. A drastice action and more so in this case because it will be filed with the Supreme Court of Texas.  All in all the judge's action significantly advance my case for shutting down the State Bar grievance process.  So in a word, the order is meaningless and I am right on track in my efforts to stop the State Bar from harassing anymore attorneys.

So are you going to give this lawsuit a rest now?

> Not a chance.

  I cant imagine any other lawyer taking this case over.  I cant think of one attorney that would take this case after all the havoc you have caused during this situation.

> Wrong again.  I have two attorneys that are willing to step into this case as co counsel.  I hope to complete that paperwork today.  But I will still be the lead counsel.  Your understanding of the law is minimal.  You need to hire a lawyer to explain it to you.

Before I sign off I would like to ask you how is it that the number of questions you claim you have asked the presb_freedom_fighter_ally keeps changing?  You stated in one of your postings that there were 100 then the number dropped to 75 but then you attached them to another one of your postings and there were only 34.

> I thought there were 100 and then I actually counted them when I realized that you people were not going to answer them. They numbered 75, give or take a few under 34 sections.  So some numbered sections had more than one question.  Again you are not paying attention.

  John please stop this madness!!  You continue to lie and stretch the truth so
much that I think you yourself forget what the truth really is. 

> Please, get someone to help you read and understand what is being written.

Another thing is that I can not believe that you take pride in the fact that Richard Jenke has "stopped" this youth group from meeting in our Scout House. That is nothing for you or Richard to be proud of John.  These are disadvantaged children that need a place to go and a place to feel safe and comfortable and a place where they feel they belong and you are proud that you think Richard "Little Man" Jenke has stopped this project and outreach program.  I really hope that Stephanie Potts and Suzy Cisne find a way with the assistance of the Administrative Commission to have this group meet in our church and for our church to help them in any way possible.  I believe that this is a great outreach for our church.  Have a heart John!!

> Well if it is such a great program why were these people asked to remove their great program from Second Baptist Church, Heights Christian Church and one other church?  Oh, Stephanie did not tell you about this did she.

> I really think you need to go back to sleep.
Soon this will all be over and we will see who is the one standing with their head held high!!

> Everyone is losing in this matter.  Everyone.  This is not some kind of trophy for me.  What it is, is a very sad commentary on the state of the Presbyterian Church which only gives lip service to Jesus.  Like Jesus said about the Jews "My father's house has become a den of thieves."

  I will continue to pray for you, your wife, mother and your followers. 

> Thanks.  And by the way, pray for Doug Harper's (Chair of the Administrative Commission).  His wife is in the hospital and that is why he did not attend the very important session meeting with the Administrative Commission at Presbytery  last night.

Sadden Heart

> In the end,


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