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 September 9, 2003

 To:       The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

 Re:       Response to Second Interim Report of
         Administrative Commission of the Presbytery of New Covenant

             You need to read this letter along with the Second Interim Report.  I know all of this is very difficult to follow but the reality is that the Second Interim Report, like the First Interim Report, is a lie.  The most obvious question is where is the financial information on 1997, 1998, and 1999? 


             It is a lie that there has been overwhelming support from the congregation of HPC for the Administrative Commission’s analysis and resolution of the Independence Heights Project (IHP) issue.  The issue is not resolved and no members of the congregation have responded except the small group of corruptors; Patty Ellis, the Grables, and a few others. 

             The Administrative Commission has not been responsive nor have they had an open meeting with the congregation because they know that if the IHP were put to a vote, it would be voted down.  This is just a lie in the first paragraph of the first page of the Second Interim Report that sets the tone for the entire report.

             It is a lie for the Administrative Commission to state that the accusations that we have filed in the lawsuit are without foundation.  Nothing that they have responded to within the First or Second Interim Reports has been sworn to.  This is nothing more than the beginnings of a lawsuit where each side puts forth their particular position and allegations. 

             I will keep coming back to this over and over again; the Administrative Commission has operated in total secrecy for the last six months.  Nothing that is legitimate and above board and truthful is conducted in total secrecy.  There are only sixty active members of HPC and there is no reason that the Administrative Commission should be conducting all of these “investigations” in secrecy.  We will see in the course of the lawsuit who is telling the truth and who is not telling the truth. 

 The lawsuit has been expanded due to the fact that the Administrative Commission continues to operate in secrecy, closing off the membership to the church and locking out individuals who have been members of the church for decades. 

 In the mean time, they have now put in a corrupt youth program and given that individual access to the entire church; a person who was asked to leave First Baptist Church, Lakewood Church and Heights Christian Church.  It is absolutely mind boggling what has taken place under the Administrative Commission.  This was Stephanie Potts doing.  Why doesn’t the congregation have a say in this?


            In regards to the conclusion that the Administrative Commission has reached, that there has been no embezzlement, conversion, or theft of the disbursements HPC received from the estate of John Fakes, this is a flat out lie because the Administrative Commission did not even look at the years 1997, 1998, and 1999.  Why?

             This is a joke and an example of the Administrative Commission’s thinking that the congregation is made up of a bunch of third grade fools that are going to swallow every lie that they tell.  The congregation knows that Delgatto has lied about the IHP from the beginning.  Delgatto has never uttered a truthful word in the IHP matter, except to state in open court that he had no authority from the session, congregation, or the Presbytery to obligate the church to that project. 

$659,000 is the difference between the $920,000 received from the Fakes estate plus $150,000 interest income from that money less the $311,000 balance in the church’s cash account.  We are looking at $600,000 of the Fakes money being spent in a period of five years.  This is in addition to the contributions and pledges.  It is absolutely insane that the Administrative Commission would try to tell people that there is no problem when a church of sixty people is spending that kind of money. 

            In the third paragraph, it says that no body has received any money from HPC.  Well folks it seems to me that the money that Delgatto received for pushing through the IHP was not above the table and something that can be easily tracked.  We will have to track that money in different ways.  There is no way that Delgatto would have been pushing this project for nothing.  He is not that type of person.  He is a liar and nothing he says can be trusted.  Everything in this ordeal was cloaked in secrecy.   

Every attempt to get at the truth of the matter was blocked.  Not only by Delgatto and the other members of the church who were involved in it, but also by the six lawyers who are representing the defendants in this case.  Delgatto got money and I will find out where and how.  There has been no explanation as to why Delgatto pushed this project.   

As far as ministering to the people living in the IHP, Delgatto will not even walk across the street to Heights Towers to minister to those people.  It is an absolute joke that he was going to start some kind of crusade to bring people into the church and minister to the people in the Independence Heights.   

Now after sixteen months in this lawsuit and six months with the Administrative Commission in charge, they have finally admitted that HPC cannot spend $120,000 a year, more than HPC takes in, and not go bankrupt.  The thing that has not been said is that the reason that this deficit exists is not just due to overspending, it is due to the worthlessness of Delgatto who does nothing to increase the membership and therefore the economic base of the church.  It is nonsense that a preacher should be paid more money than he can bring in in contributions. 


             The Administrative Commission says that they have looked at every check written by HPC from January 1, 2000, to the present.  There is a very big question here as to why they did not go back to 1997 when Delgatto first came to HPC.  My suspicion is that those records have been destroyed by Delgatto.  There will be testimony that Delgatto did take all of these church records to his home. 

            Even a first grader would suspect there is something wrong in 1997, 1998 and 1999 due to the fact that it has not been mentioned in the Second Interim Report. 

            The second question is why they have only reviewed the Heights Money Market passbook from November 1998 to the present.  The question is why didn’t they go all the way back to 1994 when the first monies were received from Fakes.  The fact that the Administrative Commission is not looking at all of the documents raises questions of its own.  Are the records missing? 

            Regarding the part about the Administrative Commission interviewing people who were knowledgeable about HPC’s financial matters; they did not interview everybody.  They interviewed the people that they knew would tell them what they wanted to hear.  They did not want to interview people who would tell them things that would take them off into a direction that would show the embezzlement and conversion and the bad acts of Delgatto and company. 

            At the bottom of page three, virtually everything that is said by the Administrative Commission is going to be a lie.  Without those particular documents and the documents that support these numbers, you can pretty much assure yourself that the Administrative Commission is spinning the information to their own benefit.   

In a normal accounting process, every number has supporting documents that show how you get to that number.  The problem is that January 1, 2000, is not the place to start.  You do not start an audit of six years at year four because each year in accounting must tie into the prior year.   

The last audit that was completed at HPC was in 1996, the year before Delgatto showed up.  Consequently, the Administrative Commission’s numbers need to be tied into the ending numbers for 1996.  That has not been done.  They are simply starting in the middle.  The question is why start at 2000 and not 2001 or even 1998.  There is a big question here which the Administrative Commission thinks that it will not have to answer.  That is ridiculous and delusional on their part. 


            The dollar figures on page four that are shown for 2000, 2001, and 2002 have been adjusted by removing the $235,000 from the Fakes estate.  It leaves a pretty big question as to how much money is coming into the church.  Even if you do take these numbers as true, you ask yourself why spending in 2000 was $130,000 more than came in.  In 2001, $118,000 more was spent than came in.  In 2002, $118,000 more was spent than came in.  

This is a $10,000 per month deficit for 36 months.  Plus nine months in 2003.  This comes to a monthly deficit of $10,000.  The question has to be asked as to what is causing this budget to be $10,000 over for this period of time.  Later the Administrative Commission says the deficit is only $6,000 per month.  

The total budget was only $76,000 in 1996, one year before Delgatto showed up, where is this money being spent?   

The 1997 projected expenses were $156,000 and the pledge income was $48,000.  The 1996 pledge income was $76,000.  The question is what was the pledge income in 1998 and 1999.  I simply do not believe that the numbers that have been put down as the unrestricted pledge income are in fact pledge money received. 

            I would point out that on Exhibit A of the Second Interim Report the statement for activities for 2000, 2001, and 2002 show investment income of $22,000, $19,000 and $15,000.  If you project this back then you are talking about $15,000 a year for six years which is about $100,000 in interest income on the Fakes money.  That does not seem right on over a half a million dollars in CD’s.   

There is still a question as to the increasing value of the money market account in the years 1997, 1998, and 1999.  There is a loss under realized and unrealized gains on Exhibit A in 2000, 2001, and 2002 showing losses of $45,000, $72,000, and $65,000.  These are substantial losses and the question is why wasn’t that money moved and shifted during these years? 

There has been a rumor that some of the Fakes money was trying to be diverted to the Presbytery Security Fund by David Northcut when he was at HPC.  I want to know exactly where these investments were made and I want to see these investment accounts.  The Administrative Commission did not want to reveal what happened in 1997, 1998, or 1999.  Why? 

In regards to Delgatto’s salary.  I would simply point out that he is making $66,000 a year for the very little work that he does and all the trouble that he is causing.  When the minister does not attend a S.N.A.P.S. event with 60 members, something is wrong.  

There is a question in my mind as far as where these contributions came from.  According to the records for 2000-2002, more money is coming in contributions than Delgatto was making but not that much more.  My understanding is that these contribution numbers are inflated. 


            The question that you have here is how is it possible that the Bank of America investment account could be reduced by $233,000 over a three year period.  There is a question as to why some of these monies were not moved into a different form of investment account so that the principal could be protected even if a lower rate of return would result. 


            There is no conclusion that can be drawn from Ralph & Ralph, CPAs.  They clearly state in their cover letter that they did not complete an audit and all that they did was to look at the numbers that came from the Administrative Commission. 

            Further, there are some numbers missing.  Ralph & Ralph simply put together and balanced all of the numbers that were given to them by the Administrative Commission.  You have to remember that the Administrative Commission has had six months to determine what it was and was not going to hand over to Ralph & Ralph.  The Ralph & Ralph, CPA statement is worthless because it reads as if a three year old was writing this cover letter saying that everything looks ok. 

            That being said, it is true that HPC has been using up its capital investments from the Fakes money to cover the monthly operating expenses. 

            The question is why are the monthly operating expenses so high?  My suggestion is that some of the money is being bled out into places it should not go.   

The other thing that bothers me is that if you look at the difference between 2000, 2001, and 2002, the insurance has increased by $10,000.  That always leaves a suspicion in my mind that some friend of Patty’s is handling the insurance and that is why the amount went up.  Nothing has changed at HPC to require that kind of increase in insurance expense. 

I sold insurance with my dad for five years and I am a CLU and CPCU.  I know about insurance and the last thing the Administrative Commission wants is me looking into this. 

One other thing that bothers me is that every year until 2002 the property maintenance has been $50,000-60,000.  This comes down to $5,000 per month in property maintenance.  I do not see that there has been that long term sustained property expenses.  Another question is who is doing the work and how much were they charging?  

My tendency is to believe that it is friends of Delgatto, Grables, Ellis’, etc. who have been paid and over paid for the work that was done: if any true work was done at all.   

These are the kinds of questions that have to be answered in looking at these numbers and until those questions have been answered we are not really going to know if any money has been bled out of the church assets or not.   

I will give you the prime example of Patty Ellis paying her friend $1,300 to paint cherubs on the wall in the nursery and then covering up some of those paintings with furniture.   

The property maintenance is not going to be as high if the church is not locked to people who are willing to spend the time to take some paint and fix up the things that need to be done.  I cannot imagine monthly repairs at HPC being $5,000.  The question is what is being done with that kind of money?  Supporting John Blanco? 

There is a question about whether pledge income has increased since Delgatto has come to HPC because we do not know what the amounts were prior to 1997.  We do not have the numbers for 1997, 1998, and 1999.  We do know that in 1995 the amounts were $77,000.  Whatever increase there has been is limited.  Again, until we see exactly were this money is coming from we are not going to know whether or not Delgatto has increased anything or not. 

The Administrative Commission says that there is $6,000 per month being drawn out of the capital account to cover the operating deficit.  That is about $2,000 more than I thought it was but $4,000 a month less than the first part of the report says it is.   

The Administrative Commission claims that at the end of 2000 there was $461,000 in assets.  I simply do not believe that number.  There has been other documents that I have seen in the last year that indicated that there was only $195,000 so I do not know where this $461,000 is coming from.  It would certainly be nice if this were true. 


            The Administrative Commission admits that there has been $550,000 of the Fakes money used up on repairs and maintenance and to cover the budgetary shortfalls.  The reason that these numbers do not really add up is because that $550,000 plus the $233,000 that was allegedly lost in the year 2000, 2001, and 2002 comes up to $780,000 out of a $920,000 bequest which would leave substantially less than $461,000 as is alleged to be in the accounts.  Therefore, something is not adding up here and we need to get to the bottom of that.   

            There is a question as to how much money has been actually stolen from the church or wasted.  I would again point out that the Administrative Commission, Delgatto, Presbytery, and the rouge members of the session have gone out of their way to hide and skew the actual numbers.   

At the bottom of page 7 of the Second Interim Report it talks about my pleadings in the lawsuit as of January 2003.  You have to understand that these were just gross guesses that were placed into the pleadings and we are now nine months down the road from that date and more is known.  However, if the numbers that I have put in the pleadings are not accurate it is simply because every avenue has been used to block me from seeing any numbers whatsoever.  The numbers that have been given to the congregation by the session to date have only been budget to budget comparisons; no actual members. 


            Judge Lindsay had a hearing on February 10, 2003, this was two days after Delgatto, Ellis, and other session members on their side, went to Presbytery without telling Joyce Wolter, Irma Jenke, Janet Mahon, and Carol Parker in order to get the Administrative Commission appointed.  This was simply a ploy to divert Judge Lindsay from continuing to let this lawsuit go forward.  Judge Lindsay, on that particular day, did not deny anything.  She simply said that my motions needed to wait until the Administrative Commission had an opportunity to look into the IHP and the missing monies.   

The Administrative Commission says that no monies have been paid by HPC to the IHP project.  The few documents that Delgatto produced actually show that about $15,000 was spent for the project; mostly in renewals of earnest money contracts.  The question is where did that $15,000 come from?  If it didn’t come from HPC, then where did it come from?  There is some serious questions that have to do with illegalities and HUD regulations when money comes from places other than the non-profit sponsor.  Tom Lord does not have, contrary to Reagan Brown’s statement in the First Interim Report, a non-profit corporation called the Housing Corporation of Greater Houston. 

            Judge Lindsay only denied appointing an auditor in February 2003, because the Administrative Commission had only been appointed two days earlier.  It was not that she did not believe that an auditor needed to be appointed.  In fact, she indicated prior to that date, that she would sign an order to appoint an auditor.  She just deferred her decisions until the Administrative Commission had time to work. 


            I would show you that there have been a lot of pleadings that have been put into the lawsuit since April 2002.  I would also show you that not one Defendant has made any effort to show that anything in the petition is incorrect.  If the pleadings are incorrect then it is only because of the refusal of the Defendant’s to produce any documents.   

In fact, all of the Defendant’s attorneys in the lawsuit have filed motions with the court to block any kind of discovery in this matter.   

It is ludicrous for Brown to say that all of my numbers are fabricated and that money is not missing and at the same time file pleadings in the court to stop me from seeing any accounting documents.   

As far as I am concerned, considering the way that things are in the judicial system, until my allegations are proven false, they stand as true.  These things are not baseless and if they were then I would assume that the numbers would have come forward and documentation would have come forward a year and a half ago to prove me to be a liar.  The question is why all of the secrecy?   

The pleadings are not defamatory because all of the statements made in the due course of a lawsuit are immune from lawsuits for defamation, slander, etc.   

There is not a single thing sworn to in this Second Interim Report.  Nothing that is in there can be taken as true because no body has put their John Hancock on the line to swear that it is true.  The reason they have not done so is because they know that the Second Interim Report is just a bunch of lies and half truths.   

What falls on the next pages is simply Brown telling you that you need to believe what he is saying because he is such an honorable and truthful person.  The fact is that he is not truthful and neither is Delgatto.   

Consequently, nothing that you see in the following pages, starting on page 9 is true.  If it was true, then the documents would be open for inspection to me and if what they claim is true then this lawsuit would have been over a year and a half ago.   

I again point out the fact that they have not looked at 1997, 1998, or 1999.  If they have looked at these years, then why have they not reported them?  If they have not looked at them, is it because those documents do not exist anymore?  Because Delgatto got rid of them.   

PAGE 10 

            The Administrative Commission admits that there was $919,000 received by HPC.  I seriously doubt that there would be this admission if I had not gone to the Probate Court and found the inventory of the Fakes estate, which showed $2.7 million to which HPC was to get 1/3.  Up until the time that I produced that document there was a statement that HPC only received $500,000.   


             Based on what it says here, $400,000 was in certificates of deposit plus another $175,000 which is $575,000 which was in CD’s at the end of 1996.   

PAGE 12 

What we do not have at the end of the section on 1997 is exactly how much money was still left in the bank at the end of that year.   

Since the Administrative Commission did not do financial statements at that time, it is very difficult to say how much of that $75,000 was still available at that time.  There were discussions on what would had been used and may have been used to renovate and remodel the building but there is certainly nothing stated as to what was actually done up until the end of 1997. 

The question is why didn’t the Administrative Commission state how much of the Fakes money was in those financial accounts at the end of 1997.  We also have an amount of $48,000 in alleged contributions in 1997 and that is a starting point, if that number is true, to compare what Delgatto has actually brought into the church since then. 

The beginning of the 1998 statement at the bottom of page 12 indicates that there is still about $625,000 left of the Fakes money.  However, at the end of 1998 it seems to indicate that there is only $450,000 left.  There is no number for the end of 1998, but in August 1998 there is $489,000.  This would mean that from the end of 1997 to August 1998 there was already $150,000 of the Fakes money spent but we do not know for what and these numbers are very difficult to track because they are put down in a narrative form as opposed to a financial spreadsheet.   

What the Second Interim Report does not say is that in January 1999 that the monies went up from August 1998 at $489,000 to $538,000.  What this would indicate is an increase in the value of the money market account of almost $50,000.  We do not know whether that is an increase in the value of the stocks or whether that is in fact an increase from unspent income.  We do not know.   

Again we do not have a financial spreadsheet.  We just have narratives and these are difficult to follow; whether or not this $5,000 monthly operating deficit is continuing to come out of these investment accounts.  The question again is if the $5,000 was coming out in 1999 it would be about $60,000 for the year.  At the beginning of 1999 the finances had increased by $50,000 which would mean that the investment account had actually increased by about $110,000. 

The Second Interim Report was written to be confusing.  If they wanted the truth to be known, they would have used an accounting format.  But the truth has never been their goal.


             Things get really interesting here.  It seems to show that at the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000 that the money market account had gone up to $647,000 even after money was allegedly being withdrawn every month to pay the operating losses. 

Assuming all of the numbers are correct, then the ending balance at the end of 2001 on page 15 is $485,000.  If you add $131,000 at the bottom of page 14 plus $73,000 then you come up with a $204,000 reduction in the investment of the account.  Yet the investment was $640,000 at the end of the year.  Then $204,000 would mean that there would be $443,000 at the end of 2001.  Somehow instead of that amount there is $485,000.  The question is where did that additional $40,000 come from?   

Again this is typical of the old saying that “figures don’t lie, but liars figure”.   

Well Brown and Delgatto are two liars and the way that this information is presented is in a way that you cannot track these monies.  Accounting is a very precise thing where every debit has a credit. Every time you add money somewhere you have to take it out of another account.  You cannot simply drop or pick up $40,000.   

You do not take $647,000 and make entries to reduce it by $204,000 coming up with $443,000 and then all of a sudden the balance is in fact $485,000.   

Therefore, the question becomes where did Ralph & Ralph get this number?  They did not look at anything before 2000 and these numbers were given to them by the Administrative Commission.  So they simply plugged in the numbers that the Administrative Commission gave to them to work with.  How typical? 

On top of all that, there is still a question as to the $60,000 of annual maintenance on the building.  The question is who got that money?  Who was the contractor?  Who did these repairs?  Who was it?  Those are the things that have to be looked into.   

Also the $6,000 monthly deficit which did not exist before the Fakes money; the question is whether or not it is in the budget.  The Administrative Commission does not speak to this.  What exactly in the budget increased these monthly operating expenses from the amounts prior to the Fakes money?   

There is certainly a building expense, repairs, and so forth, but these do not have to do with the monthly operating expenses.  These are one time remodeling fees.   

The question is why is HPC operating in the deficit and neither Ralph & Ralph nor the Administrative Commission begins to talk about it.   

One place where money has been bled out of an asset account is where monies are paid to people for more than it costs to do certain repairs.  Insurance costs $10,000 more a year than it really should because it is somebody’s friend who is handling the account.  And so on and so forth.  Not to mention Delgatto’s HPC credit card which does not seem to be mentioned anywhere in the numbers that I saw.  Is that hidden in the miscellaneous amounts?  We do not know, but we need to find this out. 

In 2001, we have some quick shady summary numbers here.  We are told that we start off with $485,000 and we add $185,000 into that investment account which makes $670,000.  This does not make sense when they say that these deposits only increase the value of the investment account to $498,000.  The question is where is the other $172,000.  When you go from $485,000 plus $100,000 plus $85,000 you are at $670,000 then you end up with only $430,000.  The question is where did $230,000 go?   

The numbers on Exhibit A only show a loss in 2001 of investments of $172,000.  The question then becomes at $5,000 a month for repairs you have $60,000.  You take $130,000 from $240,000 then you have a $110,000 drop in the value of the account that is not accounted for.  Note that I did not add the additional $50,000 which they say was used for the air conditioning repair.  There is obviously in the year 2001 $110,000 missing. 

There is no statement at the bottom of page 15 as to how the number on page 2 of Exhibit A, how the $439,000 now becomes $311,000 or $461,000.  It is very difficult to understand when Brown is talking out of both sides of his face.   

There is no debits and credits, no spreadsheets, no showing the transfer of money from one account to the other or monthly expenses.  All of this is very simple to reconcile with a set of computerized accounting books for those months and with the documentation that I have been trying to get for fifteen months.   

I can assure you that this bushwah that Brown is putting out does not even come close to explaining how money has been drained out of the HPC assets. 


             Again we have something very interesting at the bottom of page 16 and the top of page 17.  We are told that in July 2003 there is $436,000 in the investment account.  Now again we were told per page 2 of the Ralph & Ralph report that there was $461,000 at the end of 2002 and in the month of July there is $436,000, so we have a decrease of $25,000.  However, according to these records, $6,000 a month was taken out of the account to pay operating expenses and six times seven would be $42,000.  $42,000 from $461,000 is $423,000 but we have $436,000 left in the Fakes money.  The numbers again do not come back together.   

You might think that we have more money than we thought, but that is simply nonsense.  In accounting, debits have to equal credits and everything has to balance.  When you start pulling numbers out of the air and saying oh well this might be this or that, that is simply not how you do accounting.  Every transaction must balance and everything must be accounted for and it is obvious from this ridiculous Second Interim Report that nothing balances.  Not to mention the glaring fact that there are three years that are not even accounted for.   

PAGE 17 

            Brown says that the Fakes’ money has not been converted, embezzled, stolen, or used to fund the IHP.  That remains to be seen.  The only way we will know that is to look at every single check that was signed and track the money from account to account since 1997.   

It is a very easy process and it can be done within thirty days.  I have been waiting for a year and a half to get my hands on the records so that we can move forward with this.   

But, the Administrative Commission wanted to keep all of those documents hidden and secret.  Now it has put a spin on these numbers which has nothing to do with reality.  There is nothing proven to be false about anything that has been stated in the lawsuit because there is not a single document that has been produced.  Not only that, this Second Interim Report is not signed by a single person in the Administrative Commission and nothing is sworn to by anyone.           

All of the information on page 18 and 19 about monies that are being dispersed is nonsense.  Certainly, everyone knows that money that is being stolen is not always written in a check to the thief.  What you do is take the money out through miscellaneous and you overcharge on certain things.  There are all kinds of ways to get money out.  It is ridiculous that Brown would indicate that since there are no checks written out to any thieves then there obviously cannot be any money stolen.   

No it does not work like that.   

At the same time, Brown’s accounting numbers do not balance and were off tens of thousands of dollars.  Basically what we have is just a bunch of nonsense from Brown and it will remain that until we have an audited set of books for all years since Delgatto arrived at HPC and not just the last three.  Everything needs to be accounted for and this means every check, deposit, and transfer. 

PAGE 19 

            The interesting thing here is that there seems to be no admission regarding monies paid on Delgatto’s HPC credit card, which several people have said that he does in fact have.  The question is why isn’t anything like that mentioned? 

PAGE 20 

            Brown says that the documentary evidence has been set forth and yet there has been no documentary evidence set forth at all.  Brown has entered into court what is called a shorthand rendition.  In other words, a summary of what he says there is.  There has not been one single document photocopied and produced to anybody.  The Second Interim Report is a summary of suppositions, lies and half truths that do not balance.   

As I have already shown, the numbers do not add up.  We are talking about a $1,500,000 that we are trying to account for over the last five to six years.  It is absolutely ridiculous that Brown is making these kinds of statements about the condition of the finances.   

It is also ridiculous for Brown to ask where are the documents that prove all of these embezzlements when Brown and other attorneys filed a motion with the court to stop me from seeing any of these documents.  It is quite funny how he is saying you can’t see the documents, but you do not have any proof.           

The ridiculousness of the statements regarding the Independent Heights, Inc. at the bottom of this page is beyond belief.  There is a potential for monthly operating deficits in the HUD project and Brown has still not spoken to that issue.  To say that HUD is so stupid as to just hand out these contracts and approve these contracts without any intention to try to collect the deficits on these monies is ridiculous.  For Brown to say that now that they have funneled everything into this Independent Heights, Inc. that HPC has no commitment is just a joke.   

PAGE 21 

            It is interesting that Brown would try to lead us to believe that you can set up a non-profit corporation in Texas and no body is responsible.  It just exists.  There are no members, no officers, etc.  They just put it out there and somehow checks get written and money goes in and out and there are no problems.           

The fact that the documents have not been produced leaves a question mark as to whether the Fakes money has been used in the IHP or not. 

PAGE 22 

            There is no question as to the fact that more money is being spent than is coming in.  What is funny, is that the Second Interim Report says that there needs to be a strategy to increase pledge income and yet for the entire time that the Administrative Commission has been in charge, the membership to HPC has been closed.  This shows the total lunacy of the entire Administrative Commission.  How do you increase pledge income without opening the membership? 


            The Second Interim Report has more lies in it than the First Interim Report. 

            Further, on Friday Brown filed another long motion to dismiss the lawsuit.  It is full of more lies.  It also has affidavits from Charlie Windham, Lynn Johnson, Suzy Cisne, and Arlene Boeing who have also lied. 

            I hope to have my response to that to you by the end of the week.




             Again, I am planning on having a meeting Sunday after services to go over this for all those who are interested.  I am sure the Gestapo will try to stop me but that has never worked in the past. 

            A lot is happening in the court right now.  The judge must make some decisions here shortly.  Hopefully, we will get all this moving again so we can get rid of the Administrative Commission. 

            I know this is a long process.  But it is a matter of who is going to run HPC, the congregation, the Administrative Commission or Patty Ellis and company. 

            No one can deny that something must change.  There must be some sanity and justice returned to HPC. 

            There is little question but that Joe must go and the budget must be balanced. 

            We must account for the Fakes money and we must find a minister who will minister and who will grow the church. 

Very Sincerely,

  John WorldPeace


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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