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Date: 9/9/2003 5:45:14 AM Central America Standard Time
To: John WorldPeace

Thank you for your replies to previous questions, although they raise further questions.

I have been a member of HPC for many years (no, not 55), and have seen many things. I will not comment on things which I have not seen.

>  Why not.  What is needed at Heights is a complete healing.

Now, regarding the November 2002 session meeting and the question of your mother having a recording device.  I said previously that several members saw her turn on a recorder (which was in her purse). I was one of those members  I know what I saw. No, I did not think to see if anyone else had a recorder, which is possible. 

> I do not know what you saw but I do not see how you could have seen her turn on a tape recorder. 

If you are so concerned with the welfare of our elderly members, why don't you select some items from your growing library and take them to our shut-ins, so they might enjoy a service. Wouldn't your tape of the Centennial Celebration be a good place to start?

> As I have stated before.  There is so much anomosity and tension right now regarding my presence that I think that my visit to anyone would indicate that they are with me and that would subject them to attacks from those of you who oppose me.  I do not think you are as vicious as some.  You do not know what Kay and I and LeAnne have had to deal with.  Surely you can see the pack dog mentality that is directed against my mother.  And Bill Alford has been harassed by both Walter and Patty Ellis for his support of me.   

> No, I think until things chill out a bit it is best for me to stay away from most events.  The only thing we have attended was the fish fry months ago and the spaghetti dinner last Saturday.  I wanted to go to Shelton's Sunday school class but Joe pops in and teaches sometimes when it is not his turn. 

> And when we went to the Fellowship Hall the week before the Centinenial, there was a fight atmosphere, the police were called twice and the locks were changed.  Overall, things got much worse.  Now it was the Ellis and the Grables who were behind all that viciousness.

You admonished Amy about attending S.N.A.P.S. For your information, my wife and I started the organization years ago, and attended regularly for years, until our personal situation made attendance impossible. I doubt that we would even be welcomed now.

> From what I saw, I know you would be welcome.  I have never seen any of the people that support what I am doing attack other members like the Ellis's and Grable's do. 

Where were you years ago (before the Fakes bequest) when we truly struggled to keep the church alive. We requested donations of copy paper, paper towels, toilet paper, etc to supplement the budget. We held fund raisers, and garage sales to add to our meager budget. This, of course, was before Dr Joe. Many dedicated members, including your mother, have given much of themselves so that HPC could survive.

> In 1990, Kay and I moved to Limestone County, to live with her father.  He died ten months later.  Kay had a 50 year old downs syndrome sister who is now deceased living with him on an isolated farm.  We returned to Houston for six months after we settled the estate in 1992 and moved to Houston for six months.  We attended Carmel Temple at that time.  In January 1993, we moved to Colorado to get away from the constant harassment from my ex-wife.   We lived there until March of 1996 after all my children had graduated from high school.  When we returned we went back to Carmel Temple for about a year.

> What is going on at Heights goes on in virtually every church.  It is sickening the fighting that goes on.  However, in the instance of Heights, I have decided to get involved and see what happens.  Actually, I would not have gotten involved had it not been for a strong directive from Jesus after much prayer.

>  I will be there until this matter is finalized one way or the other.  After that, we will see. 

> The lawsuit is at a critical point.  The direction of the suit will be determined by the court within the next few weeks.  After that we will move forward to bring out the truth, go to the appeals process or maybe move the case into the Federal Court.  I have a lot of options.  Just know that I am a fighter and I am not a quitter. 

> And lastly, why don't you take a shot at answering some of the 75 questions that I have asked.  None of the other ghosts are going to do it.  Again, this is just a prime example of who is trying to resolve what.  The ghosts cannot answer those questions without showing themselves to be the real trouble makers and problems at Heights.  It is almost laughable how they hold me to one standard and hold themselves to another.  They cannot play by the rules they have imposed on me.

In His name,

> WorldPeace


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